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Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have 14 days to setup, configure and test Wiremo. By the end of the free trial period or during your trial you can upgrade to our Essential, Professional or Custom plan.

You can upgrade at any time. Log in to Wiremo dashboard. Then go to Settings -> Billing and press the Upgrade button under your plan details.

If you didn't upgrade and the Wiremo widget is still active on your website, the review widget will be replaced with the message “Payment issues”. Please make sure you've upgraded or removed the Wiremo plugin/widget from your website before your free trial ends.

Our idea is to provide a great product at the lowest price. We are doing our best to upgrade our service day by day.

Yes, you can change or cancel your plan at any time. You can do it under your dashboard.

If you forgot or lost your login details for Wiremo Dashboard, please follow this link to reset your password.

In order to change your Credit/Debit card details, log in to Wiremo Dashboard, then go to Settings -> Billing and click on the Credit/Debit tab. Edit your card details, then press the Save button.

In order to change your password, log in to Wiremo Dashboard, go to Settings -> Billing and select the “Client Password” tab. Type your current and new password, then press Save Changes.

There are two ways to import reviews to your Dashboard – manually, or by using a .csv file. To import a review, log in to your Dashboard then go to Reviews. In the top-right corner, press the Import Reviews button. Then choose your desired import method.

To restore default Wiremo app design, log in to Dashboard then go to Customize and choose App design tab. Scroll down and press the Restore Default button.

To Accept, Decline or Reply to a review, please log in to Dashboard then go to Reviews. Choose the review you want to make an action with, then at the right side of the review find and click on the settings icon. Then, choose the action you want to perform.

By using conversation, you can contact your customers privately to help them or ask them something. This can help you increase your rating and customer loyalty.

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