How to Use Wiremo Conversations And Why

The most important thing for an eCommerce website is to get more money, constantly get reviews and to keep in touch with the customers. That's why we've designed Wiremo Conversations. Below, in this tutorial, we will try to explain why this feature is so important to use and how to do it.


What is Wiremo Conversation and why to use it?

Wiremo Conversation is an important feature developed to help you keep in touch with your customers privately. There can be different situations when your customers could have some issues with your product or services and that is the point when you need a private discussion to get in touch and solve the problem.

This way you will not only find the problem and help your customer but what is most important, will increase your customer loyalty. Afterward, you can ask for a review update, so everyone could see that you care.


How to use Conversations?

To access this feature login to your Dashboard and press on "Conversations" in the main menu. As you can see in the screenshot below the "Conversations" are very similar to our main feature "Reviews". You can find the customers' name, the short preview of the message, when was the last update, the current status (Open, Answered, Customer-Reply or Closed (pin 1)) and the settings gear. You can filter the conversation by "Last Update" or "Status" using the filter icon (pin 2).

How to use Wiremo Conversations and why


When you open a conversation you can see all the main information.

  • Conversation status (pin 3)
  • Main options - you change the conversation status when you think it's done or you can delete it (pin 4)
  • In the sider bar, it's listed the main info - the Customer name, email, link to the written review and review rating (pin 5)
  • Conversation message (pin 6)
  • Customer answer (pin 7)
  • Message status - "Seen" or "Not yet seen" (pin 8)

How to use Wiremo Conversations and why


A conversation can be created in 2 ways:

  1. Automatically open a conversation using Wiremo Triggers.
  2. Open a conversation from the Reviews tab under a particular review, using the settings gear. A conversation is always assigned to a review.

It is important to mention that we've designed this feature to be user-friendly. For example, you as well as your customers can reply directly from the email, even attach files which will be shown in the conversation.
At the same time, once a Conversation is opened, your customers get the email notification with the "Reply" button. By pressing it the customers will be redirected to a landing page where they can read and reply to the conversation. Also, your customers have the possibility to attach files like images or other ones, so you could better understand the problem. Below you can see an example provided by one of our customers.

How to use Wiremo Conversations and why


If you have any questions regarding Wiremo Conversation or any other features don't hesitate to contact our support team through live-chat or submit a ticket.

Thank you for choosing Wiremo.