Site and product review plugin for Squarespace

Simply install the Squarespace review plugin with a fully customizable alternative that fits your design perfectly and takes the pain out of collecting customer reviews for your Squarespace website.

Effortlessly Get Tons of 5-Star Reviews

Unfortunately, you’re far less likely to hear from happy customers. So why not give them that extra push for a stellar review - automatically? Now you can easily send them automated review requests in email or on-landing. Save time & constantly get a steady stream of high-quality reviews!

React to reviews immediately!

Lightning-fast Responses to Reviews

Instantly become interactive & personal with “Wiremo Triggers” - the fastest and easiest way to say “Thank You”, reward with a promo code or get 1on1 to solve a customer’s issue ASAP. They will no doubt LOVE you for it!

Want More Free Advertising? Let Your Customers Do It For You

With Wiremo, they can easily upload persuasive product photos and show others how much they love you - increasing your conversions by up to 25%! How’s that for social proofing?

Show reviews in the way you like

Highlight Your Best Reviews on Any Page, Anywhere, Any Way You Like

Got a lot of incredible 5-star reviews? Use them strategically! With Wiremo Carousel, you can intelligently highlight your most persuasive reviews anywhere on your website for maximum impact. Plus, this will do wonders for your SEO efforts!

Organic SEO without charges

Google will like your site and attract the organic traffic - without charges to you and investments from you. Your customers will create unique content automatically and will mention your brand more frequently. You will not be charged for SEO and copywriting if you have Wiremo review platform.

Taking care of your SEO
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Highly Customizable and Addictively Responsive

With Wiremo Carousel, you can show your customer reviews on any page, anywhere, any way you like.

Complete Squarespace integration

The Wiremo review plugin integrates perfectly with Squarespace and is designed to get you more sales and social reviews. Plus, you can easily import your old reviews.

Conveniently Get Stellar Reviews in No Time

Wiremo Campaign is the easiest and fastest way to get social proof from your customers.

Easy as 1,2,3

Why overcomplicate things? Wiremo makes everything like child’s play. Reviews are collected quickly and painlessly for both you and your customers.

Squarespace Setup in Under a Minute

Configure everything in no time. Import your existing reviews and start automatically getting new ones. Show your top rated reviews and get more sales!

Ask for help, anytime

Having a problem? No problem. We’re just a minute away, 24/7/365. Ask us anything and we’ll be delighted to help you.

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With Wiremo you will get and convert customers through their reviews. Your existing customerexperience is the key for your future new customers.