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Best Customer Review Tips for Restaurants

Restaurant businesses, just like any other business, are greatly influenced by what the customer says. An online customer review is important because it shapes the mental picture potential users will have about your business and your brand; it also determines if potential customers will leverage your service or not. According to a Zendesk survey, positive online reviews influenced the buying decision of 90% of the participants while negative reviews influenced the buying decision of 86% of them. Read more →


How to create a VIP segment of your audience?

Rewards and incentives are some of the most powerful marketing strategies businesses need to keep tabs on their customers and also attract prospective ones. However, every business would want to reward dedicated customers more than lousy and undedicated ones. To do this, businesses need to identify their top customers; this can be easily done by creating a VIP segment for your audience. Read more →


Customer Loyalty is Overrated Nowadays

A lot of money is spent by marketers in campaigns and efforts to market products and services to customers. The primary objective of most marketing effort is to gain customer loyalty. Several analyses on customer loyalty of customers both within and outside the United States abound. For instance, statistics show that 84% of U.S. adults are loyal to their retailers while 82% are loyal to their brands. However, it appears that customer loyalty is somewhat overrated. Read more →


23 great examples of social proof in marketing Part 2

The world is becoming more and more interconnected by day. Globalization affects virtually all aspects of life but most especially retailing, online services and product sales. People want to get the opinion of others before purchasing a product and it is becoming increasingly easy to do so. Social proof is simply a way to get other people’s opinion. Read more →


23 great examples of social proof in marketing – Part 1

There are basically five sources that stem social proof. These include experts, celebrities, users, the wisdom of crowds and peers. People tend to evaluate the quality and their likeness of a product based on these sources. Social proofs are action triggers. They help consumers to take action even when they have not experienced a product or service for themselves. Several social proof examples abound. Here are 23 great examples of social proofs and each of these social proofs fall into one of the five categories mentioned above. Read more →


How to Get Stars in Google Search Results Without a Penalty

Getting a high click-through rate in Google is surely one thing every business aims for. But how exactly can that be achieved? While there are many means to achieve this, one important approach is to get stars in Google search. As with most SEO techniques, this can be achieved either through black hat or white hat SEO approach. The black hat SEO technique is easy to perform, but it is surely not a recommended approach because you can be severely penalized and lose what you have spent years building. Read more →


Can a company legally put restrictions on customer’s review?

Whether you are a customer who is unsure if leaving a negative review will cause any trouble or you are a business owner who is curious if some reviews can be restricted, we try to provide you all the information on this topic, which is not as clear as it first seems. There is a contradiction between freedom of speech and the right to protect your business, but we try to do our best. Read more →

The Most Ridiculous Reviews of All Time 1

The Most Ridiculous Reviews of All Time 4

It is obvious that positive reviews are vastly valuable. They are one of the direct sales tools nowadays, with their credibility and authenticity. They can change the decisions of your future customers without you having to do anything.

Read more →

The Most Ridiculous Reviews of All Time 2

The Most Ridiculous Reviews of All Time 3

This is the third part of our series. You would think that we would have already run out of hilarious customer reviews found on different sites after the first and the second posts, but you couldn’t be more wrong. We posted an article about the type of consumers who leave reviews. Well, these were mostly left by the Funny Ones. Read more →


How to turn the negative reviewers of your competitors into your customers

We have already told you how to find negative reviews of your competitors. In that article, we shared some hints about what to do when you find them. This post goes a bit deeper in the topic by showing what you should do the improve your service and get new customers.  Read more →