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Squarespace Wiremo integration plugin

In this step-by-step tutorial you will find out how to setup product reviews plugin on Squarespace. Read more →


Why Customer Loyalty is So Important Today

Customers are important components of every business venture. A business must understand and appreciate the role and place of its customers in order to breakthrough. Most businesses are constantly seeking new customers. But rather than seeking new customers, businesses could leverage on customer loyalty and perpetuate their already existing customers. Read more →


Online Customer Reviews for Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping business involves selling products without even seeing or handling the stocks. It is an innovative eCommerce business that has helped to explode the eCommerce industry. Several flagship eCommerce retailers such as Alibaba and even Amazon make use of the concept of dropshipping. Read more →


7 Customers reviews to show you why online stores are the best – Part 2

Online shopping allows you to have a picturesque view of virtually every product you crave for in online stores. Shopping is also made easy since the products are only a mouse click away from you. Read more →


7 Customers reviews to show you why online stores are the best – Part 1

Online stores have made life easier with its rich and exuberant customer reviews. Buying online is obviously a lot better than buying offline. The ease, convenience, efficiency, and security offered by online stores nowadays make them must-use by shoppers. Besides, international trade and relationship have been fostered by online buying. Read more →


What Customers are Most Likely to Leave Online Reviews

In the intensely competitive online platforms today, online reviews are probably one of the most exclusive ways to distinguish first-class services from inept and inefficient ones. To garner online reviews, a lot of businesses go as far as employing several crook approaches to generate reviews. The essence of online reviews is clearly to attract prospective and new customers to the service. No doubts good online reviews connote good reputation and would most likely draw tremendous traffic to you. Read more →


How to setup and use Wiremo Badges

Below you will find a detailed step-by-step tutorial how to setup and use Wiremo Badges. As any other features at Wiremo, our Badges are very easy to setup and use.

Read more →


Great tips to leverage the power of customer reviews

In the 21st century, customers are no longer passive onlookers, they are active participants in businesses. The internet has armed even the least of all customers with the ability to influence and impact on businesses, whether positively or negatively. The earlier businesses recognize the power wielded by their customers, the better for them. Customers can influence a business primarily through their customer reviews and ratings. The power of customer reviews cannot be overemphasized. It can downthrone a thitherto flagship business within a twinkling of an eye and it can make a startup suave and debonair. Read more →


Best Customer Review Tips for Restaurants

Restaurant businesses, just like any other business, are greatly influenced by what the customer says. An online customer review is important because it shapes the mental picture potential users will have about your business and your brand; it also determines if potential customers will leverage your service or not. According to a Zendesk survey, positive online reviews influenced the buying decision of 90% of the participants while negative reviews influenced the buying decision of 86% of them. Read more →


How to create a VIP segment of your audience?

Rewards and incentives are some of the most powerful marketing strategies businesses need to keep tabs on their customers and also attract prospective ones. However, every business would want to reward dedicated customers more than lousy and undedicated ones. To do this, businesses need to identify their top customers; this can be easily done by creating a VIP segment for your audience. Read more →