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Shopify Pricing Calculator [2022]

Shopify holds the lion’s share of the eCommerce platform market. Ecommerce platforms are websites that provide hosting and design services to businesses looking to establish online stores. They have unique features and are often more favorable than Shopify.

But then again, these alternative eCommerce platforms exist and thrive because market giants like Shopify are too pricey for all businesses. This article looks closely at the charges that come together to make up your Shopify bill and the factors that may drive it up or bring it down. 

If you are looking for a Shopify pricing calculator, this article will give you all the information you need to gauge your expenditures once you set up shop on Shopify. 

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Top 13 Shopify Competitors And Alternatives

Shopify is probably the most-used online store hosting service today. The tool fills an incredibly lucrative niche in the eCommerce services market. Shopify’s user-friendly plug-and-play functionality allows store owners to get their online retail platform up and running in a few hours. It is considered a blessing by most online vendors who do not have technical training.

However, some users dislike how expensive Shopify has become, while others don’t find the designs they want among the gallery of templates on the website. Luckily for us, Shopify still has to make itself the best option out of a surprising number of competitors, which most people sadly overlook.

Now, let's dive into this article to find out what are the top Shopify competitors.

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12 Squarespace Wedding Examples Websites [2022]

Can you hear that? Wedding bells are ringing, which means that the absolute chaos of planning a wedding is about to commence.

Wedding planning, in general, is very stressful especially communicating with wedding guests and telling each one of them about the venue, the date, the time, and the existence of a gift registry.

However, technology has advanced, and this chaos can totally be avoided through a Squarespace wedding examples website.

Making a beautiful website for your future wedding is a terrific choice, but it must be attractive and have wonderful colors that draw viewers into your tale. 

Drawing inspiration from people who have made remarkable wedding websites is one way to create a cutting-edge wedding website.

You can find many website examples in this article to use as inspiration. 

You will discover one or two website examples that will inspire countless ideas and assist you in creating that beautiful wedding website for your lovely tale.

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Why Is My Google Review Not Showing Up? 10 Reasons Why

What is the first thing that you do before making a purchase? You read its reviews on Amazon or other eCommerce websites. If a product has a solid rating with mostly positive reviews, you are more likely to purchase the product. You trust your peer’s review more than the high-quality, fancy photographs posted by the brand. This is because a review genuinely shares the customer’s experience and feedback.

Similarly, when you want to visit a restaurant, cafe, or a new store that has recently opened in town, you look up its Google reviews to decide whether it's worth a visit or not. If a business has mostly negative reviews, you will not waste your time there, and if it has many good ones, you’re definitely paying it a visit. 

Businesses - big or small - essentially rely on Google reviews on their Google Business Profile (formerly called Google My Business) to attract more customers and increase their clientele. But what makes Google reviews so important? 

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Top 15 Inspiring Shopify Jewelry Stores

Looking for inspiration for your Shopify jewelry store? Want to know what works and what doesn't? You have come to the right place!

There have been a plethora of jewelry stores emerging lately with all kinds and styles of jewelry suitable for all styles and aesthetics.

In fact, with the pandemic, many jewelry stores have switched to an online store instead of a physical one which costs more in the long run, so online stores have proved to be more beneficial for all.

With the rise of eCommerce, it has increasingly become very simple to set up a store of your own, especially with Shopify.

Because of these reasons, Shopify is increasingly becoming the leading choice of online business owners. With over 800,000 stores being powered by Shopify in 2022, it is surely one of the best choices to start your Shopify jewelry store with. And in this article, we’re going to go through the top 15 inspiring Shopify jewelry stores.

Let’s start!

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WooCommerce Vs BigCommerce [2022 Complete Review]

If you haven't moved your business online, now is the time. 

Over time, selling goods and services online has gotten simpler than ever. Entrepreneurs have countless eCommerce platforms to choose from. You need to make various decisions when you break into eCommerce, including your business model, what to sell, and how to market your business to the right audience. 

One of the most important things to decide on is the eCommerce platform to build your online store. BigCommerce and WooCommerce are popular for hosting large numbers of online businesses. These website builders help you establish, design, and run online stores. 

Many people on the internet are confused if  BigCommerce and WooCommerce are the same services. You're in the right place if you seek clarity on the topic.

In this article, we’re going to cover the complete review of WooCommerce vs BigCommerce 2022. Let’s start!

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Big Cartel Vs Shopify: Who Is The Winner? [2022]

Most businesses, regardless of size, have moved online. Today online sales have exceeded high street retail sales. The latest trends highlight the need for eCommerce websites for businesses of all sizes. These websites serve as online storefronts and as essential marketing resources.  

The functionality of websites is no longer limited to marketing. Today, standard websites are deemed incomplete without eCommerce elements. Therefore, companies are investing in powerful websites to capitalize on major eCommerce opportunities.

Are you in the process of starting up a retail or services business online? As you've most likely found out by now, there are several options for choosing an eCommerce platform to design and host your store’s website. Shopify and Big Cartel are two big names on the list. But which of these is the better choice for your business? 

That is the question you will see answered as you read the article below. Scroll down and try not to miss anything. 

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Complete List: All The Squarespace Fonts Guide

User Interface is an important component of web design. It shapes the experience visitors have on a website. The UI combines striking visual elements, including transitions, animation, and screen layout. Websites are designed to convey the business’s message to its target audience. 

Typography completes a web design and gives meaning to visuals. Along with visual hierarchy, typography guides the visitors through the webpage. This component makes up 95% of a web design.

Choice of font plays a crucial role in building an exceptional online user experience. Designers keep various aspects in mind while choosing typography for a webpage design, including text length, size, and font choice. All these aspects enable visitors to read and understand the business message.

In this article, we will learn about different types of Squarespace fonts and how we can use them to bolster a website’s readability and user experience. Scroll down and see for yourself! We’ll be giving you all the details you need to decide on the best font or font combination for your business.

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Simple Review Responses Examples [Templates]

The advent of technology has empowered customers. Unlimited access to information has immensely influenced their decision-making power. Today, customers have a bigger voice and an integral role in shaping a brand’s image, all thanks to social media. 

Consumers go straight to the customer reviews tab whenever they look up a business on Facebook or Google. 

This makes customer reviews powerful enough to make or break a brand’s reputation. 

Online reviews have now become a major focus of social media marketing strategies. They influence customers’ opinions by closing the gap between traditional word-of-mouth and the new feedback form.

This article lists great ways to respond to a few common reviews. So, let’s have a look at some review responses examples.

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30 Top eCommerce Experts Blogs You Must Follow in 2022

Are you just stepping into the world of eCommerce? You are likely overwhelmed with all the information coming your way and are bombarded with advice from just about everyone.

Fret no more!

All thanks to the blogs written by successful eCommerce experts, you too can learn how to run a profitable online store.

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