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Why is It Worth to Pay Someone To Manage Your Reviews?

If you have your own enterprise chances are that you are involved in it both financially and emotionally. Most of the time this emotional involvement is the key to your financial success, but it is also the reason why you shouldn’t deal with customer reviews personally. Read more →


Product Reviews: Best Practices

By now everybody in the e-commerce industry and in the app development scene knows that having product reviews on their landing pages can boost conversions and sales. Unfortunately, not all of them know the best practices when dealing with on-site reviews. The ones who follow them are ahead of their competitors in achieving SEO benefits, increased sales conversions, increased average basket values, increased customer loyalty, and fewer product returns. Read more →


The Future of Customer Reviews

To see into the future of customer reviews we have to take a look at their present. Nowadays customer reviews are one of the most important decision making factors. 9 out of 10 customers will read reviews about a given product or service before checking out. Read more →


How Reviews and Customer Service Can Help Your Marketing Plan

When you put together your marketing plan, it’s easy to forget that the best evangelists for your brand can be your own customers. In a mostly digital world, word of mouth advertising is something you should consider using. One thing to know: instead of fake positive reviews use authentic ones.  Read more →


How to create an email template for automated review request

It is crucial to have an automated review request system for an eCommerce website. In this post we explain how in a few minutes to create an automated review request email campaign and start asking for reviews immediately. Read more →


5 Ways to Earn Trust from Customers

Trust is the single most important thing in the world of business. Believe it or not, 83% of customers would recommend a company they trusted to others. In this short article, we show you five great methods to earn trust from customers, that your company needs to grow. Read more →


How Service Companies Can Earn Customer Trust and Sustain It

Service companies have a different approach to customer reviews and they need different methods to build and sustain customer trust than other businesses. Since services are provided by people, trust plays a more important role than in the case of physical products. Read more →


How to Build Your Online Customers’ Trust

Your website can have any sort of call to action, nice design or quality blog, but if your site doesn’t inspire your potential customers’ trust or it gives people doubts about your trustworthiness, they will bounce right out and never come back. It’s especially important in the B2B sector where the lack of trust can be deal-breaking. Read more →


The Main Reasons Why an Online Business Needs a Customer Review Platform

Nowadays, customer reviews are becoming more and more fundamental for businesses. A few years ago, they were mostly used only in e-commerce, and client testimonials in the B2B arena, but now it’s easy to see how every business can take advantage of them. It’s easy as pie. User reviews increase your conversion. People like to check other customers’ opinions and are 63% more likely to make a purchase from a website if it has customer reviews. Also, customer reviews are almost 12 times more trusted than a description that comes from the producers or website owners (eMarketer, February 2010). Read more →


Why User-Generated Content Is the Real King of Content Today

When Coca-Cola brought out their personalized Coke bottles, the world went crazy for them. Dubbed the “Share a Coke” campaign, it took off all over the world with bottles named after people in every different destination. To keep the momentum going, customers were asked to share pictures on social media of themselves enjoying a drink with their personalized Coke bottle. The result? Coca-Cola’s customers stepped into the role of advertiser. This was one of the first user-generated content in marketing.  Read more →