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Welcome to Wiremo Customer Review Widget v2

It is our great pleasure to announce the official launch of our second version of Wiremo Customer Reviews Widget. In this post, we will try to cover all the information about all new features and options and how your business can benefit from using Wiremo. Read more →


How to customize Wiremo widget v2

Welcome to Wiremo! We are proud to present you the second version of Wiremo Customer Reviews Widget. We made it much more friendly, flexible and easier to customize. As before, you can adjust every element of the widget, but now we made this process much more powerful. Let's see how it works now. Read more →


Using the CSS Editor

If you have coding knowledge and want to customize your review widget beyond the adjustments you can make it in Customize -> App Design -> Other Settings you can add CSS code using the CSS box.

Read more →


The Best Tips on How to Get More Customer Reviews – Part 2

Customer reviews and testimonials are two of the most important sales tools any business can leverage. These sales tools serve as a remarkable social proof that improves the way potential customers view your products and services.   Read more →


The best tips on how to get more customer reviews - Part 1

In this internet and social media era, online customer reviews serve as customers’ badge of approval on a business. If the customer reviews are largely positive, it simply means shows how satisfied customers are with the business, product or service. The reverse is the case with negative customer reviews. Read more →


How the Upcoming GDPR Changes Affect Your Business

Do you know that the way your business handles data privacy and security issues is going to change dramatically from May 25, 2018? The upcoming GDPR changes to be implemented in the EU law would enforce this. Read more →


The guide to getting awesome B2B testimonials

Service oriented businesses sell invisible products. It is usually difficult to prove to the customers or clients that you can deliver what you claim. This is why you need a form of proof or evidence to convince potential clients. Interestingly, B2B testimonials are among the most common way to influence buyers. Most businesses make use of advertising, but advertising is the least trusted form of business promotion but testimonials are the most trusted forms of promotion. Read more →


The 10 best types of social proof - part 2

Every potential customer wants to know which product or service will accord them the best benefit, value and at the best price. This may not be easily achieved especially with a lot of products from various providers out there online and offline. Social proof is one of the most effective ways by which potential customers can determine the right product for them. Read more →


The 10 best types of social proof - part 1

Online customers greatly rely on the testimonial, reviews or references by other customers before purchasing a product. This is very important especially with the ubiquity of similar services and businesses out there. Businesses seek customers and strategize various ways to get the attention of customers but the easiest way to do this is through social proof. Read more →


The Positive Effect of Social Proof on Your Business

The buzz around social proof has put virtually every business on its toe to obtain substantial validation from its customers. It is well-known that customers wield the absolute power in the business world today. A social proof gives businesses great leverage and makes them stand out. However, in some cases, the real positive effects of social proofs are not known. Here are some important effects of social proof you might really desire for your business. Read more →