The Feefo Alternative You Were Looking For

Feefo is a great extension that helps you get reviews from your customers. However, there are alternatives that can do it better; Wiremo is at the top of those alternatives. Wiremo has a set of features that will not only increase the review-count but also help you increase your sales. Wanna give Wiremo a try?

The Feefo Alternative You Were Looking For
The Feefo Alternative You Were Looking For

The Only Feefo Alternative You Need!

How? You may ask!

Genuine Reviews

Wiremo is designed to make your reviews genuine so only verified buyers, and not any shady person, can leave a review.

Easy SEO

When more and more people use your keywords in the reviews, it automatically helps with the SEO.

New Customers

Wiremo helps you acquire new customers while retaining old ones, with custom emails, offers, coupons, etc.

Wiremo VS Feefo

Features That Actually Matter Wiremo Feefo
Ease Of Getting Reviews
SEO Friendly Without Extra Charges
Totally Customizable Emails
Auto Reply To Reviews
Automatic Triggers

Genuine Reviews, No Fluff

The Feefo Alternative You Were Looking For
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Wiremo For Seamless Reviews

Wiremo uses AI to make getting reviews process smooth as butter. You can categorize the products, services or reviews based on your own criteria and specify certain triggers whenever someone buys or leaves a review. This will help you get new reviews even when you’re sleeping.

Feefo isn’t up to the mark here as it tries to do too much and fails at many of the things, including getting reviews with ease. 

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SEO For Better Reach

Wiremo has been optimized for SEO so it will be integrated with your website seamlessly and will help you get better SEO with constant reviews. With Wiremo, your reviewer can leave reviews with certain keywords that will help your website get a higher ranking in Google SERP. It not only solidifies your position as a trustful vendor but also boosts your reach so you get even more customers from Google.

Although Feefo has an inherent system that also helps with SEO, it simply doesn’t compare with Wiremo’s.

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Custom Response For Better Engagement

People appreciate a custom touch in everything as it makes them feel special. Same is true when it comes to selling services. That’s why Wiremo allows you to reply to reviews with automatic replies or custom ones, based on your preference. This helps you retain even more customers, while attracting newer ones as they’ll see how friendly you are. Overall, Wiremo has a system in place that not only helps you get reviews but indirectly boosts your revenue in the process. 

Feefo doesn’t allow custom replies to reviews which makes it harder to interact with customers, making the whole process dull and dry.

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Widget that Works with You

Wiremo comes with a totally customizable widget, which is perfect for every kind of website. You can have the world’s most unique art style on your products’ page, and Wiremo’s widget will adjust accordingly.  You have the freedom to choose the style, color, size, and other features making it the go-to tool for getting reviews from any one of your customers. Overall, this personalization will lead to conversions.

Feefo also has a decent widget but it doesn’t have the same level of customizability as Wiremo, making it a less exciting option.

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Convert Your First Customer Again.

You thought that your very first customer was a lost one? Let us correct you by telling you that you can convert them again with custom emails. Emails, although primitive, are still the best way to convert even the hardest customers. You can send a custom offer or a coupon their way, via an email from Wiremo that will entice them into returning to your store for even more. This will make them part of your customer cycle again, thus adding to your revenue stream.

Feefo can’t compete with this because you can’t send emails to your desired customers without going through a number of tedious steps.

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Stats For A Clear Vision

Numbers don’t lie. It’s not always true, but in terms of online sales, it is. You need to see your ROI and decide if the investment is even worth it. That’s where Wiremo helps you out. We keep you updated with proper stats that don’t confuse you, but help you get a better picture of what is currently working and what isn’t. If you see any product that’s not getting reviews or getting lesser reviews than before, you can revamp it. You can add a coupon or just rebrand it to make it more enticing.

Feefo alternatives don’t have these features as they’re more focused on crude results which can lead to disaster.

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Facebook and Google Reviews

Two internet giants that practically have all the info about you and your products. And most of the people are getting their things from these giants by searching here or by ads. So it’s impervious that you have a positive impression on your potential customer when they come to you from these platforms. And how will you get that impression?
With positive reviews. 

Google and Facebook reviews are a major driving force in many businesses’ success, and yours can be next with Wiremo. We’ll import all the Google and Facebook Reviews to your product page so your customer never has to leave your page and will get all the positive hype from this single source.

Feefo doesn’t allow you to import these reviews, which makes your business less welcoming from the get-go. If you want to make an impression on your customers, you need to switch from Feefo to Wiremo or you’ll end up losing more than what you’ll gain from reviews.

Features That Actually Matter Wiremo Feefo
Getting Reviews made easier
Uses email to engage customers
Uses AI Efficiently
Customized Text in Emails
In-Email review requests for boosted engagement
Helps with SEO
Converts Old Customers
Totally Customizable Widget
Automatic triggers for a smooth experience
Manual review requests from all over the internet
Real-time Sync of Products and Reviews
Timely triggers for better engagement
Import Facebook and Google Reviews
Real-Time stats on review requests
Additional Questions for better understanding
Customizable Carousels

Wiremo, Boosting Your Reputation!

The Feefo Alternative You Were Looking For
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Impeccable Technical Support

Wiremo has the best technical staff on board. All of your difficulties will be resolved without any delay.

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With Wiremo, you can get reviews in any language you and your customers prefer. This allows you to reach the heart of your customers without even trying.

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Perfect Solutions

Wiremo has the best team backing it and caters to your requirements perfectly, so you get the best reviews without any lag.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Feefo Alternative You Were Looking For
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Does Wiremo Support Squarespace?

Yes, Wiremo supports Squarespace. In fact, we support Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Tumblr, Drupal, and BigCommerce. Our goal is to reach even more platforms so you get the best reviews everywhere.

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Is there a free trial?

Yes, there is a 14-day free trial for you. You’ll enjoy all the perks for the first 14 days, without any credit card info because we know you’ll return for more.

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I want to talk to someone before making a decision. Is it possible?

Yes, of course. You can reach out to us via email or contact us directly at our Contact Us page. We usually reply within minutes to any query you might have.

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How does your pricing work?

Our pricing is pretty simple. You buy one package for a month, and when the month ends, you’ll pay for the package again, like Disney+ Max. But unlike Disney+, we don’t have The Mandalorian! We have something better; non-stop reviews each month.