Enable Review Keywords And Search in Reviews. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Wiremo Keywords Feature

As you already know we've implemented a new feature - Analyze review sentiment using Artificial Intelligence (AI). It helps you check what the text of the reviews is expressing, is it neutral, positive or negative. Now we would like to present to you the second option to use the AI to help your potential customers to see the main review keywords that were used in your customer reviews. We are proud to present you the Review Keywords feature.


What is Review Keywords feature and how it works

Same as the Sentiment Filter feature the Review Keywords feature is a special one and we use Google AI for it. Using AI, we provide you the possibility to check, find and show the most used words from your latest customer reviews. We call them Review Keywords. Below are some examples of how it works in the widget.


Review Keywords

As you can see from the screenshot the review keywords are placed in a separated block "Read reviews that mention" (pin 1). Below are displayed the most used review keywords from your customer reviews. Once your customer press a review keyword (pin 2) the reviews will be sorted and will be shown only reviews that contain the selected keywords. The selected review keywords will be highlighted in the sorted reviews (pin 3). Your customer can select multiple review keywords at the same time. To clear the sort results and start sorting again there is the "Clear all" link (pin 4).Untitled 2 1


Search in reviews

Also related to review keywords, there is the search option. For example, your potential customer didn't found the desired review keyword in the list and want to filter using some special review keywords. For this, we've added the search input. It works the same as by pressing a review keyword. The results are displayed in the same way. The input process is easy, just type a review keyword and press enter.

If you use search before selecting review keywords it will search in all shown reviews, in case the keyword was selected the search will work only for selected reviews.

Untitled 3


Search + Keywords

Important to mention is that the keywords and the search option can be used at the same time.

image 42 1


How to enable the Review keyword filter feature

To enable the feature go to Customize->App Design->General Settings. Scroll down to the final block. Here you can find 2 options

  1. Show review keywords - it will enable showing the most used review keywords in the widget.
  2. Show search - it will enable the search input in the widget.

You can use them both at the same time or use them separately.

Untitled 6


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask our support team through live chat on our website. We are always here to help you. Thank you for choosing Wiremo.


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