Analyze Review Sentiment Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Sentiment Feature

The Wiremo auto-approve feature is awesome. This is very important to save your time and focus on your business. Also, a very useful and important thing that you can use nowadays is the AI (Artificial Intelligence) to analyze your reviews. We are proud to announce that now you can use it with our new Sentiment Filter feature. Below we will explain what is this, how to use it and why you need it.

As you already know you can enable auto approve reviews with a specific rating. And sometimes people can press the wrong rating or even be a reviewer with bad intentions. Also, at the same time, it's very important to show your customer experience. Here comes the sentiment filter to help you. Using AI we can check what the text is expressing, is it neutral, positive or negative.


What is sentiment filter

The sentiment filter feature is a special feature that provides you the possibility to analyze all the reviews you are getting. Using Google AI, we provide you the possibility to check, understand and show what your customers think about your service or product and help to manage your reviews. For example, below are some cases to explain how it works:

  1. A review with 2 rating stars but with an awesome and positive text. It could be a simple mistake while choosing the rating. 2 1

  2. A review with 5 rating stars but with negative feedback. In this case, it could be just an angry person or one of your competitors. But if you have enabled the auto approve for 5 stars with the sentiment filter, it will not be accepted.3 1 1


The AI will check the text and will provide you a general feedback regarding the used words in the review. This way you get two great features in one:

  1. You can show the general impression about your product or service in percents and understand if something goes wrong.
  2. And filter reviewers with bad intentions or those engaged by your competitors.


How the sentiment statistics are shown in the widget

We knew that it is an important feature, and that's why we placed it in the top of our widget (pin a). Below you can see a screenshot from the website of one of our clients. 5687 reviews were analyzed to provide information about how many reviews are positive. 78 % it is a very good result.



How to enable sentiment filter feature in Wiremo widget

To enable the feature go to Wiremo Dashboard->Customize->App Configuration. Scroll down to the final block. Enable Auto-approve reviews option ( pin 1 ). Now once you've enabled the auto-approve option you can activate the sentiment filter (pin 2). Also, you can enable the email notification when the sentiment filter is triggered (pin 3).



How to enable sentiment statistics in the Widget

To enable showing the sentiment statistics in the Wiremo widget go to Customize->App Design->General Settings. Here you can enable the "Show sentiment statistics" option (pin b). Also, an important feature is that you can set the statistics range from which the sentiment stats will be displayed in the widget (pin c).



How to check the review sentiment it in dashboard

The sentimental filter for every review is displayed in the review tab and also in the sidebar info of every review.  Below you can see some examples.

  1. The estimated sentiment in the review list (pin4)1 1

  2. And the sentiment filter in the sidebar (pin 5)image 36


Why it is worth and important to use sentiment filter

We already mentioned some cases why this feature is important, but let summarize:

  1. It helps you understand the general impression, about your products or service, that your customers provide through their reviews and help you to keep in touch.
  2. It provides you a shield from reviewers with bad intentions or a wrong chosen rating.
  3. The most important that you can show this general sentiment in the Wiremo widget on your website and your potential new customers can see that.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask our support team through live chat on our website. We are always here to help you. Thank you for choosing Wiremo.



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