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Wiremo, The Only Ryviu Alternative You’ll Need


How, you may ask!

More Reviews - Wiremo gives you the opportunity to get more Positive reviews than Ryviu ever could.

Natural SEO - With keyword-rich reviews, Wiremo will help you rank above your competition without extra charges.

Get Returning Customers - Coupons, promos, and other promotions, via Wiremo, will help you convert one-time shoppers into returning customers.


Wiremo VS Ryviu

Features That Actually Matter Wiremo Ryviu
Ease Of Getting Reviews
SEO Friendly Without Extra Charges
Customizable Emails
Automatic Reply To Reviews

More Reviews, Less Hassle

less hassle
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AI For Swift And Accurate Results

Wiremo, the best Ryviu alternative, allows you to analyze the reviews that your customers left on the product with AI. This helps categorize the reviews automatically, based on the type of response and specific keywords. As AI evolves, it will ensure accuracy and swiftness so you can relax and focus on making the products even better.

Ryviu doesn’t use AI to categorize the reviews, which makes it unsuitable for a future where AI will be the go-to solution for such tasks.

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Automatic Reviews

With Wiremo, your customers will get an email that will entice them to leave a positive review, thus helping your brand get even more exposure. This process is automated, and yet the emails are customizable, so your customers feel a personal connection with the brand. Don’t leave your customers hanging, give them a personalized email with Wiremo for increased engagement.

This customization is what’s absent from Ryviu, making it relatively obsolete in converting the majority of customers.

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Customizable Widget For Even More Personalization

Unlike Ryviu, Wiremo has a completely customizable widget that you can personalize with ease. It will become a part of your brand without sticking out like a sore thumb and make you look even more professional in your customers’ eyes.

Personalization leads to conversions! However, Ryviu lacks this feature, which makes the widget appear out of place, giving the product page an unprofessional look.

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Boost Engagement With Replies To Reviews

With Wiremo, you’re sure to get a review of your product and learn what your customers really think about your product. However, Wiremo has given you an extra feature to make customers care about your brand even more. It’s a reply feature, lacking in Ryviu, which should help you engage with your customers even more by asking relevant questions or just Thanking them for their honest opinion.

Ryviu lacks this feature and thus makes the whole experience dull and off-putting.

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Bring Back Long-Forgotten Customers

Wiremo gives you a unique opportunity to bring back old customers in your current circle by asking them to leave a review. As Wiremo allows you to customize the emails’ text, you can reach out to your old customers and make them feel like they’re an integral part of the community. This will tempt them to leave fantastic reviews and hopefully return for more.

Ryviu can’t compete with this because you’re not able to customize the emails to cater to your older customers.

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Real-Time Stats For Actual Results

Stats are the key to success in this fast and ever-growing market, and Wiremo keeps you updated with real-time stats. Unlike Ryviu, Wiremo has a specialized monitoring system that allows you to see which product is getting the best reviews and which isn’t, thus helping you focus your resources.

Ryviu falls short in this department as it doesn’t give you any data, essentially blindfolding you to so many important stats.

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Facebook and Google Reviews

When you’re searching for something online, what’s the first thing that you actually pay attention to? Google Reviews! The same goes for Facebook.

Wiremo will ensure that these reviews are also visible on your product page without any hassle. Wiremo will simply import the relevant reviews from these websites, and your customers will be able to see what people are saying about you, outside your own website or the product page.

Ryviu lacks here, too, which makes it challenging to work and convert with.

Features That Actually Matter Wiremo Ryviu
Getting Reviews made easier
Uses email to engage customers
Uses AI Efficiently
Customized Text in Emails
In-Email review requests for boosted engagement
Uses email to engage customers
Helps with SEO
Searchable Reviews
Customizable Widget
Bringing past customers in the loop
Automatic triggers for a smooth experience
Manual review requests from all over the internet
Review Badges
Customizable Carousels
Import Facebook and Google Reviews

Ryviu Alternative You Were Looking For!

Wiremo the best
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Impeccable Technical Support

No need to worry about anything as our experienced staff will guide you through everything in detail.

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Multilingual For Holistic Approach

With support for multiple languages, you can use it to show reviews in your native language and engage local customers.

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Powerful Solutions

No matter what kind of product you have, Wiremo has got the best solutions for you to engage and get more reviews from your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What platforms are supported by Wiremo?

Currently, we support Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, WordPress, Tumblr, Drupal, and BigCommerce. We plan on expanding our reach even further, so keep an eye out.

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Do you have a free trial or something like that?

Yes, we do! You can opt-in for our 14-day free trial to see how Wiremo works for you. Once satisfied, you can choose from our affordable packages without hassle.

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I want to talk to someone before making a decision. Is it possible?

Yes, of course. You can reach out to us via email or contact us directly at our Contact Us page. We usually reply within minutes.

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How does your pricing work?

It’s pretty simple. You buy one package for a month, and when the month ends, you’ll pay for the package again, like Netflix. But unlike Netflix, Wiremo will bring you new customers, with ease.

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You mentioned personalization a lot, what does that mean?

Customers are not obliged to leave a review; that’s why it’s essential to customize your approach for each customer, so they feel special and leave a review. Wiremo helps you do that with customizable emails, text, widgets, etc.