About Wiremo

How it started

We started back in December 2017 as an idea to provide every online service or eCommerce website with the possibility to get customer reviews in the easiest way. This idea came to us back in 2016 when we were searching for a customer review plugin or widget for another one of our projects. After testing tons of services, we couldn't find an affordable and simple one that could help us. So, we started developing Wiremo.

Our Promise

We promise to do all that we can to provide our users with fair and uninterrupted access to our services to allow you to get more and more customer reviews and increase your customers’ loyalty. We promise to do everything we can to deliver the best service and customer support that you have ever used.

Our Team

Bogdan Fermas

Customer Support Manager

Octavian Ciorici

Customer Support Manager

Vitalie Jimbei

Customer Support Manager

Silvano Condrea

Customer Support Manager

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