Insights and tips for the review community

BusinessDecember 11th, 2018

How ratings and reviews affect conversion rates in eCommerce

The ability to quickly share your opinion with others and even with strangers on the Internet has drastically changed our lives, especially the lives of people involved in eCommerce. Read more →

BusinessDecember 8th, 2018

Reviews on the websites: can you trust them? Safety and honesty of Wiremo reviews

Customer reviews and feedback are a powerful marketing tool. Social proof plays an important role in shaping customers’ trust towards the brand. The more people note a high reputation of a company or brand, the more it attracts new customers. Read more →

BusinessNovember 29th, 2018

How photos in reviews affect purchase decision

Your customers have great power because they can manage not only the rating of the product but also your company. Thus, if you give your client the opportunity to leave feedback with photos, it will receive a positive response and increase the credibility of your site. Read more →

BusinessNovember 6th, 2018

Why choose reputation marketing instead of reputation management

Reputation management is often associated with crisis management. A lot of business owners think reputation management is something they do when a problem already occurred. This definition of reputation management does not produce the highest level of reputation.  In fact, reputation management providers often instill fear into business owners just to come in as saviors to salvage the situation they caused. Read more →

BusinessNovember 2nd, 2018

5 powerful strategies to improve your reputation marketing today

Your reputation is one of the most important assets for your business. Without it, your business could become faceless and your customers may turn elsewhere. For long, businesses have focused on managing their reputation rather than marketing it. However, reputation marketing has become a buzzword today because of the relevance it holds for businesses. Read more →

BusinessOctober 17th, 2018

Are anonymous reviews Good or Bad?

Since the majority of customers rely on customer reviews to make a buying decision, businesses rely so much on customer reviews to attract potential customers and for their marketing campaign. However, a customer review will only serve its purposes if it carries the required credibility. Read more →

BusinessOctober 12th, 2018

React to Negative Reviews in Squarespace

It is no longer news that online reviews carry great potency to attract customers to your page. Sadly, it can equally dissuade customers from your page and from purchasing your product. Studies show that up to 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from their best friends. Read more →

BusinessOctober 11th, 2018

Squarespace SEO page for reviews

Search engine optimization is very important to businesses that want to rank high in the search engine, and Squarespace users are a huge part of them. With the advance in technology and artificial intelligence, Google has ramped up its search algorithm, making it more robust, less predictable and more reliable. This has even made SEO more serious and businesses need to relearn their SEO practices to stay relevant in the intensely competitive online market. Read more →

BusinessOctober 10th, 2018

What You Should Know about Squarespace reviews carousel

Potential and new customers want to know what other customers are saying about a product or brand before putting in their money to purchase the product or service. This is why customer reviews are so important in online business today. One way to reassure your customers that they are in the right place is by letting them know what other customers are saying about your product or service, this is where Squarespace reviews carousel comes in. Read more →

BusinessOctober 9th, 2018

How to ask customers for reviews in Squarespace?

The importance of customer reviews to businesses cannot be overemphasized. Having realized the immense relevance of customer reviews, businesses seek ways to make the most of reviews from their customers in order to boost their services. Read more →