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How to get more reviews with Wiremo
BusinessFebruary 15th, 2019

How to get more reviews with Wiremo

Many sellers agree that the importance of reviews in eCommerce becomes more relevant and obvious. But the problem is that customers simply do not want to participate in the life of online stores. According to estimates of various experts, reviews are left by 7 to 17% of online stores’ customers.

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BusinessFebruary 11th, 2019

What drives the consumer to make a purchase Part 2

If a person comes to your website, it does not mean that he will make a purchase. According to statistics, the majority of online stores have a bounce rate of 50-60%, although according to experts in the field of internet marketing, it should be 20% to 40%.

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Working case of increasing conversion with reviews
BusinessJanuary 22nd, 2019

Working case of increasing conversion with reviews

We tell a lot to our customers and partners about the benefits of reviews in eCommerce and today we want to talk specifically about how to use feedback to increase conversion.

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BusinessJanuary 16th, 2019

The 21st century generation: how to work with consumer

ХХI century in marketing is rightfully considered to be the consumer century. All business participants are forced to think about the client above all. It is not enough to think about what needs customers have and what desires they want to satisfy with the goods they purchase.

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BusinessJanuary 3rd, 2019

What makes the consumer do shopping. Part 1

If you want consumers to forget about your competitors and go for shopping on your website, you must learn to understand how they make purchasing decisions.

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BusinessDecember 28th, 2018

Marketing and SEO: 2 in 1 with Wiremo widget

Commercial SEO is one of the most competitive areas in digital marketing. If you are promoting an online store, in order to beat the competition, you will have to work on a number of factors.

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BusinessDecember 26th, 2018

Wiremo platform for working with negative reviews on the website

It's not too bad if customers periodically scold the company. The problem arises at the moment when employees or owners of companies react to criticism incorrectly or leave it unattended.

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BusinessDecember 14th, 2018

Protection against unscrupulous competitors

The transition of business to the Internet did not prevent unfair competition. On the contrary, many companies have new tools to influence consumer opinion and remove competitors. This trend is observed in the field of eCommerce, where every day hundreds of people leave their reviews about sites and products and help other users to form their own opinion.

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BusinessDecember 11th, 2018

How ratings and reviews affect conversion rates in eCommerce

The ability to quickly share your opinion with others and even with strangers on the Internet has drastically changed our lives, especially the lives of people involved in eCommerce. Read more →

BusinessDecember 8th, 2018

Reviews on the websites: can you trust them? Safety and honesty of Wiremo reviews

Customer reviews and feedback are a powerful marketing tool. Social proof plays an important role in shaping customers’ trust towards the brand. The more people note a high reputation of a company or brand, the more it attracts new customers. Read more →