3 Tips to Reuse Your Testimonials Offline

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You may have an online business but you shouldn’t restrict yourself to use your endorsements and customer reviews only online. We show you three great ways how you can use them offline to build trust towards your customers.

Conferences and trade shows

When you go to a conference you want to meet the cream of your industry. You also want to show how you serve your clients in the best possible way. You can use some nice testimonials in a screen to make a great first impression on your audience. Some thankful notes are always welcomed and thrill your prospective clients.

The simplest place to do it is through a digital screen. One of the best methods is to use ScreenCloud. With ScreenCloud, you can easily put any type of content on your screen and let it run while you do your thing. It can also run in real-time, so you can show your best testimonials on a screen.

Another opportunity is to use video testimonials. They stimulate your clients’ brains more powerful and convey the message more effectively. To give even more credibility, we recommend that you shouldn’t edit these videos.


Print materials

You should consider your testimonials as a form of advertising. Such as in the online world, there are a great number of ways – if not even more - how you can benefit from your testimonials.

Some companies use them on their business cards. Surprising idea but pays off.

You should never miss them from your brochures and sales letters. We’re always amazed when we come across a sales letter and there are NO testimonials. If you don’t include them you leave a serious amount of cash on the table. Reviews are one of the best conversion boosters and easy to implement. Simply by using them, your conversion automatically increases.

You can also use your customer reviews on your product’s package or you can use even more revolutionary ideas such as Amazon did. They printed their online reviews and placed them next to their products in brick-and-mortar bookstores. They also used their floorspace as advertising space for online customer reviews.

In case you don’t have enough space for your testimonials, you can add the URL or QR code of your testimonials page with a text like: ’’Don’t take our word for it.’’ or ’’See how we’ve helped.’’ In the real world, people can’t click but they’re still curious to check it up.


In your office

It might sound astonishing but you can use your reviews in your daily workspace too. It can really motivate you in difficult moments or when you are utterly tired to continue working. It’s great to see every day why you’re in business.

Also, this is the place where your business partners and potential customers come in to negotiate and close a deal with you, and these positive comments can influence them before their buying decision. You should never come up with these testimonials as a bragging, let your visitors notice them and compliment.

As you can see, you have several opportunities to use your reviews out of the online world. There are no limits, you can use them wherever you want, you can always come up with new ideas. By using them, you can influence your partners and prospective customers building credibility and authenticity which always helps your sales and ultimately your business’ future.


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