How to Get Stars in Google Search Results Without a Penalty

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Getting a high click-through rate in Google is surely one thing every business aims for. But how exactly can that be achieved? While there are many means to achieve this, one important approach is to get stars in Google search. As with most SEO techniques, this can be achieved either through a black hat or white hat SEO approach. The black hat SEO technique is easy to perform, but it is surely not a recommended approach because you can be severely penalized and lose what you have spent years building.

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The black hat SEO technique here can be achieved simply by manipulating the structured data or Schema markup. One of the easiest kinds of Schema markup to manipulate is JSON-LD. It works perfectly and it is very easy to implement. The schema codes just have to be integrated into any page on the site where you intend the star to show, with the exception of the homepage.

The above “black hat” technique is considered spam by Google and therefore attracts a penalty. It is important to note that Google is constantly looking out for sites defaulting their SEO standards and such sites will be penalized. It is better to go for the white hat SEO technique even though the later might be a bit more difficult to achieve.

The Right Way to Get Stars in Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)

To get stars in Google search engine result page, each of the pages will need to have a field in which users can input reviews, the review rating which should be a 5-star rating, and you need to prove the right markup for each of the reviews in the page.

One of the major problems with this method is that it could be tedious to write the associated code. However, businesses can easily outsource such service to developers to ensure the best result, while focusing on more important things in their business.

Moreover, content management platforms like WordPress come with a ton of plugins and features that can enable you to add the required markup to your page and get stars in the Google search engine result page. However, the process does not end by just setting up the SERPs and providing the required markups, you also need to make sure that your customers provide reviews on the page.

Getting customers to add reviews to your page is a core marketing goal. This can be done in several ways, such as making the review page easily accessible to them, giving them incentives to encourage them to leave reviews on your service (not just positive reviews), improving your engagements with the customers and so forth.

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Furthermore, you can increase your click-through rate when you get stars in Google search. This will go a long way to improve your organic traffic and also improve your business. The black hat and white hat approaches are available for you to leverage but it is recommended to use the white-hat method to avoid Google’s penalty.

The right and the easiest way

In addition, the Wiremo widget provides the most efficient way of getting stars in Google search. You only have to use Wiremo plugin or use the widget and then Google and other search engines will see all your reviews. The logic here is pretty simple. On using the widget, Wiremo will automatically create the schema.org for your page and/or product, this makes it easy for the search engine to see your reviews, ratings or stars.


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