How do I set a verified buyer label for a review

Hi! In this short tutorial, we will explain you how to mark a review with the "Verified buyer" label.

Important:Please note that you can mark as verified only those reviews that were left by people who confirmed their email address. Anonymous reviews or reviews with unverified email cannot be marked as verified.


Video tutorial

For an easier way to find out how to set the "Verified buyer" label, you can watch the following video tutorial or follow the steps below it.


How to set the "Verified buyer" label

So you've got a new review. Once you open it in the dashboard, you can see your review details. First of all, you may note that the email status is marked as "Verified" (pin 1). It means that your customer confirmed the email address. Now to mark this review to as verified, at the lower right corner just enable the "Verified buyer" option (pin 2). After that refresh the page where your review is being displayed and check. It should be marked as verified.


How to ask a customer to confirm email address

If you enabled the "Verify review email" option in your dashboard, then every customer who leaves a review will instantly get a request to confirm the email address. As you already know, to mark a review with the "Verified buyer" label,  the reviewer's email should be confirmed. In the image below you can see an example of a review with "Unverified" status. To ask again your customer to confirm email address just press on the "Unverified" link (pin 3).

In the opened pop-up window just confirm that you want to send a verification email.

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