How to Upload Your Shopify Product Reviews on Google Shopping Feed

Welcome to Wiremo! In this tutorial, you will find out how to enable the Google Shopping feed and generate XML files under the Wiremo dashboard.

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How to upload your Shopify product reviews on Google Shopping feed

Important:Before you start you need to meet the following requirements:

    1. Have a Google Merchant account and a Google Ads account.
    2. Have an active Wiremo Professional or Custom plan.


How To Enable Google Shopping Feed And Generate XML Files

1. In your Shopify Dashboard go to App (pin 1) and select the Wiremo app (pin 2).

Shopify Wiremo dashboard


2. Under the Wiremo Dashboard, select Customize (pin 3) and then Google Shopping Feed (pin 4).

Customize Google shopping feed


3. To enable Google Shopping Feed just move the slider to ON for activation (pin 5).

Enable Google Shopping Feed


4. On the next screen, you will be noticed that the XML files will be generated in 12 hours.

XML files will be generated in 12 hours


5. This is very important! Please don't forget to click on the “Save” button. (pin 6).

Save changes Google Shopping feed


6. Once you got back, you will find 2 XML files “Products feed” (pin 7) and “Reviews feed” (pin 8). Use these links for further work in your Goggle Merchant account.

To re-sync your current customer reviews on the “Re-sync products now” (pin 9). Once clicked you will get a notification “We are working to generate your XML.” (pin 10).

Important:The XML files will be ready in the next 24 hours.

The XML files will be ready in the next 24 hours


The next step is to upload your products and reviews on Google Shopping


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