How to ’Borrow’ Reviewers to Help Your Growth

How to ’Borrow’ Reviewers to Help Your Growth

There are several ways to improve on your endorsements and customer reviews. We show you how you can ’borrow’ reviewers to get more high-quality reviews but let’s check the most efficient methods before.

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Before you start to borrow a well-known reviewer

First and foremost you should ask for reviews. In a restaurant, the waiter usually asks you whether you like the food but it’s not a common practice in the online world.

You should always ask your customers if they’re happy with your products and services. One way is to send a follow-up email after they bought your product or service. You should politely thank you for their purchase and ask for their opinion.

Timing is important here, it depends on your business. If you have an E-commerce company, you should wait a few days to ask until your customer receives the product and starts using it.

You can also use incentives to attract reviewers. You have the opportunity to give them free content or premium offers. However, it’s not a good tactic to offer free products or to give discounts for reviews. This gives you a bad reputation in the long-term.

The ’borrow a reviewer’ strategy

One of the best incentives for customers to write and give reviews is to open up the opportunity to stand out of the crowd.

If you haven’t done it yet, the obvious first step is to showcase the reviews on your website and let visitors write their reviews directly onto your website. Don’t panic if you are not in e-commerce, it’s work even for B2B (business-to-business) service companies.

Then, you should differentiate your reviewers. According to several surveys, the best incentive among reviewers is the possibility to get status and stand out of the big crowd of customers.

For example, you can give a silver medal to customers who write you reviews and you can give a golden medal to the ones who provide the most or the best reviews.

You can also announce the ’Customer of the Month’ or ’Reviewer of the Month’ competition. Therefore, you give a high status to certain customers.

You can also borrow reviewers. For example, Amazon lists their top reviewers and many of them have listed their email addresses here. Here you can browse the list looking for reviewers fitting your needs and ask them to write a review to you. You should arrange personally whether they want any compensation from you.

Also, you can go to one of your competitor’s websites and check their reviews. You should look for their reviewers and approach them to review your product or service. Lots of E-commerce businesses use this strategy.

It’s quite like influencer marketing. You have to connect with the best reviewers, do some wheeling-and-dealing, and finally enjoy the positive effects of positive reviews by influential reviewers.

Before you reach out to new reviewers, you have other opportunities to think about. Offer different incentives and test all of them. Afterward, come up with giving high status to your top reviewers. You can also use the borrowing strategy to gain more exposure.


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