How to Create a VIP Segment of Your Audience?

VIP audience

Rewards and incentives are some of the most powerful marketing strategies businesses need to keep tabs on their customers and also attract prospective ones. However, every business would want to reward dedicated customers more than lousy and undedicated ones. To do this, businesses need to identify their top customers; this can be easily done by creating a VIP segment for your audience.


Who are You VIP Audience

The first thing to consider in creating a VIP segment of your audience is who constitute your VIP audience. Once you have determined this, the rest of the process is easier. Your VIP customers will depend on your preference and criteria. In other words, what constitutes a VIP audience for business A may not constitute a VIP audience for business B. It is entirely subjective.

However, most businesses determine their VIP audience based on the following two criteria.

  • Customers who spend a given limit of amount of money in a given space of time.
  • Customers who purchase a given number of goods, products or services within a given space of time.

In creating a VIP segment of your audience, it is very important to specify a specific time reference to ensure you capture only VIP and not inactive customers.

With these criteria laid up, your VIP segment can be created easily on any platform of your choice. The technical details for the creation are entirely dependent on the platform in use.

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Benefits of Creating a VIP Segment of Your Audience

The important question is: Why should you create a VIP segment of your audience? Is it entirely necessary?

As pointed out above, creating a VIP segment of your audience makes it seamlessly easy for you to easily identify your valuable customers. This is important if you want to market to those customers to ensure their undying commitment to your product, brand or service.

Losing a single VIP audience could cost a business much more than losing 10 irregular audiences. Thus, businesses should understand what the preferences of their VIP audience are and market their products better in order to attract similar kinds of dedicated customers and hence market their products with a better temerity, precision, and ease.

Another important reason why you might need to create a VIP segment of your audience is to reach out to look alike audience. One way to do this is by synchronizing your VIP audience segment with a Facebook Custom Audience. It is very easy to set up the Facebook Custom Audience. Once this is done, you can easily market to similar potential customers and have a wider customer reach with your products and services. You may also want to synchronize your VIP audience segment with some other social networks to drive greater participation and higher volume of traffic.

In general, you can improve your VIP audience participation by creating a segment for them. This will help you to better market your products to them, offer them better rewards, recognition, and benefits. Such incentives will go a long way to incentivize your entire audience and reassure your VIP customers that you care and ultimately help you to draw a larger volume of traffic to your business.


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