How to migrate reviews from Squarespace to Shopify

If you are moving your website from Squarespace to Shopify you can easily migrate your existing reviews. Login to Dashboard and go to Reviews (pin 1). In the right corner of the tabs press on the "Migrate Reviews" button (pin 2).


In the opened pop-up window please fulfill all the fields to be able to migrate your reviews: 

  • “Old identifier”: Find it under your Wiremo Dashboard -> Reviews, click on the review you want to migrate and then check the identifier.  

The identifier can be either URL path or product ID:

Ex. /shop/product1/ or 56c449e28a65e2pop48300bc

  • “New identifier”: Will be the Product ID of the product page you want to migrate the review(s).

Ex: 624016621615

  • “New URL”:  The URL where your review will be migrated. Ex:

Note:For Shopify products the identifier is the “Product ID”. If you migrate review to a non-product page use URL path as identifier.


To find your Shopify Product ID  go your Shopify admin page and click on Products


Select the product in your Shopify store you want to migrate review to (pin 4)


 Go to the URL at the top and copy the number that comes after ‘…/products/’ as it is marked in the screenshot below. Use this product ID as identifier for this product page.


To start the migration process please press the "Migrate" button in your Dashboard.  Below you can see an example of the migration pop-up window with all the fields fulfilled.


Once the process is finished you will be notified. If you have any question our support team is always online to help you. Thank you for choosing Wiremo!