Show All Reviews on a Dedicated Page on Your Shopify Store Using Wiremo

Vladimir P.

Welcome to Wiremo! Below we will explain to you how to show all your customer reviews on a dedicated page on your Shopify store using Wiremo!


Video tutorial

For an easier way to show all reviews on a dedicated page on your Shopify store, you can watch the following video tutorial or follow the steps below it.


Step by Step Tutorial

First, you need to login to your Shopify Store and select Online Store -> Pages (pin 1 and 2) and then click on “Add page” (pin 3). 


Add a name to the created page. For example: “Customer Reviews”. Bellow, in the Content section, click on the arrows to edit the HTML code and paste the Wiremo Optional and the Universal code:

Note:To show all your reviews from your website then use the * symbol for the 

- this.reviewSource = '*'; 

or you can select which reviews to display, by product ID for example:

- this.reviewSource = '1355435835494,1335854878521,1256489754545,1225145217445';


And this is the script your should add

<!-- Start of Wiremo script -->
<script>// <![CDATA[
window.wiremo_config = function () {
            this.reviewSource = '*';
// ]]></script>
<!-- End of Wiremo Script -->
<!-- Start of Wiremo script -->
<script>!function(){var e=window.wiremo_config?new window.wiremo_config:{},t={reviewSource:location.pathname,identifier:location.pathname},n=document.createElement("script");for (var attr in e) {t[attr] = e[attr];} n.type="text/javascript",n.async=!0,n.src="https://wapi.wiremo.co/v2/script?k=598acba9890cdc659c68f8eb&w="+encodeURIComponent(JSON.stringify(t));var o=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];o.parentNode.insertBefore(n,o)}();</script>
<!-- End of Wiremo Script -->
<div id="wiremo-widget"></div>




Check if your customer reviews are displaying on your created page, by clicking on “View page” link (pin 4).


Here is an example of how it should be displayed.


Then, you will need to add your created “Customer Reviews” page in the Main Menu, by going to the "Navigation" tab (pin 5) and add your page to the main menu (pin 6). Please don't forget to press the "Save menu" button.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask our support team through live chat on our website. We are always here to help you. Thank you for choosing Wiremo.