How to Remove Wiremo Shopify App

In this short tutorial, we will show you how to remove Wiremo Shopify app from your website.


Important:Please, note that once you'll delete the app you won't be able to access Wiremo Dashboard to retrieve your Customer Reviews or/and Q&A.
We'll send your Customer Reviews and Q&A, exported in a CSV file and will delete your Wiremo account in 48h per Shopify GDPR rule.
If you want to migrate to another platform please, contact us immediately after you have deleted your Shopify app. 


First, go to your Shopify Admin page and then select Themes (pin 1).

Screenshot 1 1


In the actions drop-down menu choose the “Edit code” option to access your active theme’s files (pin 2).

Screenshot 2 1


Search for “Wiremo” in your theme files (pin 3) and delete all Wiremo snippets and Assets (pin 4).

Screenshot 3 1


For that, you need to open every file starting with "wiremo" in separated tabs (pin 5) and click on the “Delete file” button for every file separately (pin 6). Once done click on the “Save” button. After that refresh the Shopify dashboard and repeat the search for Wiremo files to make sure that there is nothing more to delete.

Screenshot 6


Below is the list with files and codes you have to delete:

collection.liquid - remove this code:

{% include "wiremo-script" %}

index.liquid - remove this code :

{% include "wiremo-script" %}

product.liquid - remove this code :

{% include "wiremo-microdata" %}

Sections folder -> product.template.liquid  - remove these codes : 

{% include "wiremo-widget-lite" %}

{% include "wiremo-widget" %}

{% include "wiremo-script" %}

Snippets folder -> product-card-grid.liquid -  remove this code : 

{% assign wiremo_widget_lite_product_url = product.url %}{% include "wiremo-widget-lite-collection" %}


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask our support team through live chat on our website. We are always here to help you. Thank you for choosing Wiremo.