How to Setup Customer Reviews Platform on Shopify With Wiremo App

How to Setup Customer Reviews Platform on Shopify With Wiremo App


Welcome to Wiremo! In this step-by-step tutorial, you will find out how to set up and use our customer reviews app for Shopify.


Video tutorial

For an easier way to install the Wiremo app on a Shopify store, you can watch the following video tutorial or follow the steps below it.


Setup Wiremo app for Shopify

Open the Admin page on your Shopify Store. Go to Apps and visit the Shopify App Store.

Wiremo app Shopify apps store


Search for Wiremo and add the app to your store. For an easier way to find the app, please type "Wiremo", or use the direct link: https://apps.shopify.com/product-reviews-app-by-wiremo

Add Wiremo app Shopify


On the next page click on the “Install app” button to proceed with the installation.

Install Wiremo app for Shopify


We will proceed with the installation. Wiremo app charges you on a usage basis, you will pay only for what you use, you can check the Wiremo Growth plan prices by accessing the Pricing page for Shopify.
Once you are ready click on the “START FOR FREE” button (Pin. 1). If you are on a development store, you will have the option to skip to 14 days Trial (Pin. 2).

Skip to 14 days free Trial

On the next screen, you will need to Approve your Wiremo subscription by clicking on the "Approve" button.

Approve Wiremo subscription Shopify

On the "Wiremo Setup", choose one of the options to continue the installation. You can select either Automatic (Pin. 3) or you can choose Manual installation (Pin. 4).

Further, we will proceed with Automatic installation. Click on “Let’s get started” (Pin. 3). For manual installation refer to the last step of this guide.

How to Setup Customer Reviews Platform on Shopify With Wiremo App


Wiremo Installation

Select which of the widgets you would like to install. By default, the plugin will install all of the widgets available (Pin. 5). They are as follows:

  • Install widget on product page - this will install the review widget on all of your product pages.
  • Widget lite on product page - it will install the rating widget (stars) on your product page.

Next, we will proceed with plugin installation by clicking the “Install Wiremo” button (Pin. 6).

select the widget to install Shopify


Personalize your review widget

In this step you can change the color of your Main buttons (Pin. 7), Star rating (Pin. 8), and widget background (Pin. 9). Also, the Star size can be changed to Small, Medium or Large (Pin. 10). 

Next, select the Widget Layout “List or Grid” - this will be the design of the review widget (Pin. 11).

Once done, click on the “Continue” button (Pin. 13).

You can skip this step and customize these later under your Wiremo dashboard (Pin. 12).

How to Setup Customer Reviews Platform on Shopify With Wiremo App


Personalize your review request email

This setting allows you to set up Automated Review Request which will automatically send a review request to your customers after purchase from your store.

  • Send email in: Select the number of days after purchase (the order should be marked as fulfilled) you want to ask your customer for review (Pin. 14).
  • After: The review request email will only be sent after fulfillment and according to the selected days in the “Send email in” option (Pin. 15).
  • Email sender name: You should type your Business name (Pin. 16). 
  • Email from: You should avoid using public domains for the email field. Your emails are likely to go to the SPAM folder. Using a private domain provides easy identification to your customers (Pin. 17).
  • Email subject: Enter a subject for your review request email (Pin. 18).
  • Email text: You can use the default text or change it to your preferred (Pin 19), you can also add variables (Pin. 20).

You can send a test email (Pin. 21), and if it’s all good, you can click on the “Continue” button (Pin. 22).

You can always change these later under your Wiremo dashboard.

How to Setup Customer Reviews Platform on Shopify With Wiremo App


Installation Instructions

The Wiremo review widget has been already installed on your Shopify store and you can check it by clicking on the product page (Pin. 23). Also, you can change the notification email (Pin. 24).
If you are happy with the Wiremo installation click on the “Yes, all good” button (Pin. 25).
Use “Skip or reinstall the plugin” if you do not see the Wiremo widget installed on your store (Pin. 26).

check Wiremo widget on Shopify product page


Great! Wiremo is Installed

On the next page, you can go to the Wiremo dashboard (Pin. 27), Import reviews (Pin. 28), or go to the plugin settings (Pin. 29). All the next changes can be done from your Wiremo dashboard. 

go to Wiremo app settings Shopify


Shopify App General Settings

  • Hide Stars when no reviews: allow you to hide widget lite ( rating star widget ) when there are no reviews associated with the product.
  • Automatic authentification for customers: your customers won't need to authenticate their reviews as it will be done automatically.
  • Sync product statistics: this function is used to synchronize review statistics with your website, in case you have imported your reviews from other platforms.
  • Reinstall the Wiemo app: this allows you to delete the Wiremo app and start the process from scratch.
  • Notification Email: set an email on which you will get all the notifications about new reviews, Q&A, or conversation emails.

How to Setup Customer Reviews Platform on Shopify With Wiremo App


Here is an example of the Wiremo review widget on a product page.

Wiremo widget on Shopify


Manual installation

This type of installation gives you full control over the widget placements in your store. These are shortcodes used to make the display of Wiremo widgets. Each of the options is followed by instructions. Once you are done you can click on “Installed successfully” which will trigger plugin installation on your store.

How to Setup Customer Reviews Platform on Shopify With Wiremo App


If you are looking at how to Uninstall the Wiremo app from your Shopify store, then please, follow this tutorial: https://wiremo.co/wiremo-support/how-to-remove-wiremo-shopify-app/


Thank you for choosing Wiremo!