How to Setup Wiremo Widget - Universal Code


If you don't use one the platform listed in our support page then follow next steps to setup wiremo widget on your website.

1. First you need to login to Wiremo Dashboard and select “Install Wiremo” (pin 1) in the main menu. Type your domain URL (pin 2) and press the “Next” button (pin 3).


2.  Now press on the “Install manually with Universal code” button


3. Then in the opened page, under the point “2”, copy the script by clicking “Copy code” button


4. Open the page, where you want to add Wiremo widget, in HTML editor mode and paste the script at the top of page.


5. Now go back to Wiremo Dashboard (same place as it is shown in point 3 of this tutorial) and copy  the div <div id=”wiremo-widget”></div>


6. Place the copied code in your HTML code exactly where you want Wiremo widget to be displayed.


7. Save all changes that you've made in HTML. Refresh the page and check the widget!

Thank you for choosing Wiremo!