How to Setup Past Orders Review Request in Squarespace Plugin

Welcome to Wiremo! We know that many of you had a lot of past orders before start using Wiremo. That's why we've created the possibility to ask your past orders for review. Below we will explain to you how to setup a Review Request campaign for your past orders in Wiremo plugin for Squarespace.

Important:1. To use Past Orders Review Request you should have a “Commerce - Advanced” Squarespace plan.

2. To enable and use Past Orders Review Request with Wiremo plugin you should create a Review Request template in the Wiremo Dashboard. Go to Wiremo Dashboard, then in main menu go to Review Request -> Automated RR and press the "New Template" button. For more details please read this tutorial: How to create an email template for automated review request 


Note:If you are using ARR for past orders, it is essential to know that we take all the information and the product ID itself from the order form. If you deleted that product and created a new one back, the review for the old product will not appear on the new product. Is not a lost review, you can migrate it.


Video tutorial

For an easier way to use Wiremo Past Orders Review Request on your Squarespace website, you can watch the following video tutorial or follow the steps below it.


Start Past orders review request campaign in the Squarespace plugin

Once you've created a template in Wiremo dashboard, go to Wiremo Squarespace Plugin Dashboard. As you can see from the screenshot below, there are some special settings to enable the review request for your past orders:

  • Create and paste a Squarespace Orders API key to the "Squarespace Orders API key" field (pin a). Below, in this tutorial, you can find how to create a Squarespace Orders API key in your Squarespace Dashboard.
  • Choose the Start date (in the past) of the period of the past orders that you would like to ask for reviews (pin b)
  • Also, select the end date of the period (pin c)
  • Once you've selected the period, our plugin will show you how many orders have been selected for review request (pin d).
  • You can send your emails gradually by choosing the emails number in "Emails per day" option (pin e)
  • Choose the Email template name that you've created in Wiremo Dashboard (we recommend to create a separate template for past orders review requests) (pin g)
  • To start the campaign press on the "Start ARR campaign" button (pin h)

Note:Start date can be any day in the past. Also there are no limits for past order number or time period.


Once your campaign is started you can see some basic information regarding the emails to be sent in the table below the ARR settings. All the emails will be sent according to your Review Request Template settings and gradually as you've set up in the "Email per day" setting. Detailed statistics of your campaign you can find in Wiremo Dashboard.


Create a Squarespace Orders API key

To create a Squarespace Orders API key, please log in to the Squarespace dashboard and go to "Settings -> Advanced -> Developer API Keys". Then press the "GENERATE KEY" button (pin 1).


Now type a name for your key, for example, "Wiremo Order Key" (pin 2) and tick on the "Inventory" and "Orders" checkboxes. Then select the “Read Only” option for both of them (pin 3 & pin 4). 


Then scroll UP and click on the "GENERATE KEY" button (pin 5).


In the next window copy the created key and paste it in the Wiremo Squarespace plugin.

Note:To keep your data secure, you won’t be able to access this key again once this dialog is closed.


Exclude products from the Past Orders Review Request campaign


Important:You can exclude specific products from your Past Orders Review Request campaign by using the Exclusions option in the Wiremo plugin for Squarespace. For more details please check this tutorial:

How to exclude products from review requests in Wiremo Squarespace plugin


Thank you for choosing Wiremo.