Marketing And SEO: 2 in 1 With Wiremo Widget

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Commercial SEO is one of the most competitive areas in digital marketing. If you are promoting an online store, in order to beat the competition, you will have to work on a number of factors.

All companies are trying to build the perfect branding strategy and enhance the reputation of the company or product. Yet, they forget that more than 70% of purchases begin with the search for products in search networks.

The main task of any eCommerce project is to find tools for the simultaneous promotion of the site in search results and improvement of the site or product reputation.

Direct advertising fulfills only a part of the tasks, as it indirectly affects the reputation and practically does not affect the search results, and instead helps to increase sales in eCommerce here and now.

In our opinion, the impact of reviews on the promotion of eCommerce websites is somewhat underestimated.

After all, with the help of reviews, you can effectively promote your site in search engines and enhance the brand’s reputation. This is a universal tool that is suitable for projects with any focus and size.


3 reasons in favor of reviews for search engine optimization (SEO)

1. Traffic for low-frequency queries

If you want to attract targeted traffic to the site, you need to focus on low-frequency queries. People are looking for a specific product, and here your customers are your best help. By adding their product reviews, they naturally make the site more relevant to low-frequency queries.

2. Unique content

If you do not have a unique product, then it is extremely difficult to come up with completely unique descriptions of goods on the site because their technical characteristics are unchangeable. The unique content, generated by your customers, will increase the relevance of the pages and will increase the position in the search results.

3. Reduce the number of rejections

In one of our articles, we already wrote ( How ratings and reviews affect conversion rates in eCommerce ) that customers are likely to leave your site if there are no reviews on it. They will search for them on other sites. Give people the opportunity to stay on your website, read product reviews and make a purchase.

Implementation of a site feedback system will help you to increase conversion and increase your website’s position in search results. With the help of just one tool, you will be able to solve several problems, which owners of eCommerce projects with no specialist in their staff face, in one fell swoop.

But with the help of Wiremo, you can not only solve the problem of SEO website optimization and attract new traffic, but also improve brand reputation.


3 reasons in favor of reviews for marketing

1. Improve brand/site/product reputation

We can count a review as an advertisement. Good or bad, that's another question. The main thing is that with the help of reviews, you can create an information field around your company or your product. And it is always good.

2. Reduce time for making purchasing decisions

The less the customer is involved in the comparison of goods, the faster he will make a purchase. Customer reviews will help to quickly assess the benefits of the product and distract from the comparison. A person must make a purchase deliberately, but at the peak of an emotional state. Then, the pleasure from buying will be higher. This is exactly what positive feedback about your product can give.

3. Reduce advertising costs

If your product is talked about, you will not need to invest a lot of money in direct advertising. Remember that “word of mouth” is the best way to promote products in eCommerce project.

SEO is a part of internet marketing and solves certain problems in promoting a site or product. Now, many people forget about the need to promote eCommerce websites in search results and this is a huge plus for you. By implementing the Wiremo review system, you can gain advantages over your competitors and get an additional stream of regular customers to your site.

After all, unlike paid advertising, search marketing will attract customers to your site even when you stop investing money in advertising. Feedback from buyers will automatically enhance the reputation of your company and promote the site on key queries, without involving additional investments.


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