Why choose reputation marketing instead of reputation management


Reputation management is often associated with crisis management. A lot of business owners think reputation management is something they do when a problem already occurred. This definition of reputation management does not produce the highest level of reputation.  In fact, reputation management providers often instill fear into business owners just to come in as saviors to salvage the situation they caused.

To output the greatest reputation there should be a paradigm shift from reputation management to reputation marketing. This simply means that reputation management should not be thought as something to do to salvage the day but rather the reputation should be thought as a sort of competitive advantage, an asset, and an edge in the simmering competition in the industry.

Making a Shift from Reputation Management to Reputation Marketing

To make the most of your reputation, it is important to think of it the say way you think of marketing. However, reputation is not something you buy, will or control. It actually depends on what someone else says or do not say about you.

However, one place to start in reputation management is online reviews. Most customers rely on online reviews to make a purchase decision. No doubts, online reviews have remarkable influence over customer behavior and beliefs. Reviews even go a long way to affect the visibility of a brand in the search engine.

3 Keys to Effective Reputation Marketing

You can base your entire reputation marketing on customer reviews but that is not all there is to reputation marketing. You can also market your reputation in other platforms such as online forums, social media mentions, and even traditional press.

To market your reputation effectively, you need to consider three important things, namely, monitoring, acquisition, and amplification.

  • Monitoring Your Reputation

One of the most important things to do for effective reputation marketing is reputation monitoring. This involves keeping your tabs on your reputation or on the pulse of your customer reviews. Of course, if your business has a footprint across tons of online platforms, the task of reputation marketing might be herculean.

Reputation monitoring is extremely important. Having an oversight on your customer reviews can help you to respond to customer reviews both positive and negative ones. Every business needs to respond to all their customers’ comments and reviews because it shows that they actually care and it can go a long way to imply trustworthiness.

Businesses that have a footprint across several platforms may monitor their reputation through a centralized command point or via the alerts they get from the review sites. This makes the task a bit easier.

  • Reputation Acquisition

This literally implies getting more reviews. Ideally, a lot of satisfied customers will not bother to a review on your site after getting your service.

A cursory survey will show that most satisfied customers do not leave reviews because they probably feel that the process is stressful, too difficult, or they just forgot to do so. This means that you can actually get more customers to leave reviews on your product or service by asking them to do so, reminding and guiding them through the process. You can also try to make the process a bit easier for them by providing the prompt where they can easily see it.

As a matter of fact, you can achieve better result here by timing the review request. You stand a better chance of getting customers to leave reviews on your service if you ask them at the right time. It might be easier for you to ask for a review if you developed a strong relationship with the customers.

  • Amplify the Review

Reviews are not just for the viewing. Of course, they help customers to make a decision on whether to purchase a product or not but you can make a better use of them.  You can use your customer reviews in your marketing and sales funnels. Literally, your customer reviews could be a powerful social proof that reassures your customers that your product or brand is better than that of the competitors.

You can even embed your reviews in your conversion pages. This works well if you have sales and marketing funnel on the site and it will go a long way to enhance your conversion. Your positive reviews could even be used as social media posts and the results would definitely be astounding.

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