How Ratings And Reviews Affect Conversion Rates in eCommerce


The ability to quickly share your opinion with others and even with strangers on the Internet has drastically changed our lives, especially the lives of people involved in eCommerce.

According to the results of marketing research in 2010, only 31% of buyers paid attention to comments and reviews about products on the site before they bought something. A similar survey in 2017 showed that over 80% of customers pay attention to reviews and comments about products.

The consumer trusts reviews because they are looking for a real user experience. Therefore, goods and marketplaces where there is a sufficient number of real reviews, of course, are more popular.

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Practice shows that a large eCommerce site with a large number of visitors may have a lower conversion rate compared to a new site that has a small number of visitors and a couple of dozen reviews. Our internal research has shown that low conversion rate is one of the main reasons why eCommerce users come for Wiremo services.


Sales or beneficial actions

As soon as visitors appear on the site, we must turn them into buyers or incline to beneficial action. One of the oldest and proven methods to detain a visitor on the site is called “social proof”. This method consists in providing new visitors of online stores with free access to the previous customers’ user experience.

Reviews directly affect the sale of goods, especially when the product has just appeared on the market. If a product is new and there are no reviews about it on our site, then people first compare the characteristics and prices and then look for product evaluations or reviews about it on the Internet.

If the site does not have product reviews, visitors will definitely return to Google and will continue to search. As a result, they can find reviews on other sites where they will make a purchase, as they will be more loyal to the new site.

Thus, the conversion at the first site will decrease, and at the second, it will go up. The customer will already be warmed up with information about the product from the first site and will only need a trigger for making a purchase, which will be the user experience of other people.

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Negative reviews are also helpful

There is a misconception that negative feedback reduces conversion and it’s better not to allow such comments on your site. But this is a big mistake.

Exceptionally positive feedback from customers causes no less suspicion than its absence

The probability of making a purchase in accordance with the number of positive reviews:

  • The highest probability of buying from online stores is with the number of positive reviews from 80 to 95%
  • More than 95% of reviews raise doubts among online stores’ visitors.

You need to work with negative reviews. Apologize, specify the details, thank for the opportunity to improve your service, compensate for dissatisfaction and tell about it. With Wiremo, you can quickly respond to customer dissatisfaction and resolve any conflict situations. If the conflict has been resolved, use Triggers and offer the buyer a discount or bonus on a repeat purchase.

According to statistics, on sites with negative reviews, the conversion is 14% higher than on sites where only positive reviews are published. After all, there are no ideal situations and there are too many factors that can affect your relationship with a client. Others should know about this to understand that you are not abandoning people with negative user experience and meet halfway when solving conflicts.

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Your buyer is interested in reviews not only about the product but also about you

If your company is not mentioned in the network, there are no reviews on the site about your work, then the buyer will most likely prefer more “well-known” competitors.

Company reviews are a reliable indicator of your reputation. Using all the functions of Wiremo, you can contact the buyer and ask him to tell not only about the product, but also about the work of the website. Thus, you will receive an invaluable reputation and will be able to correct possible shortcomings that your visitors will point out.

Now, the user experience and ratings of the company on the Internet even changed the classic sales funnel. Between going to the site and ordering, visitors pay attention to the reviews and compare you with competitors.

You can have a unique assortment, a bright website design and even lower prices, but your conversion will be minimal if you do not give visitors more than just access to goods.


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