Reviews on the websites: can you trust them? Safety and honesty of Wiremo reviews


Customer reviews and feedback are a powerful marketing tool. Social proof plays an important role in shaping customers’ trust towards the brand. The more people note a high reputation of a company or brand, the more it attracts new customers.

Site owners who cannot achieve positive feedback from buyers may face a lack of sales.
One of the latest social surveys in the United States, in which more than 11,000 people aged 21 to 55 participated, confirmed that about 80% of shoppers read reviews before making a purchase.

The respondents were less focused on the experience of other buyers when choosing food or sports goods. While in the spheres of beauty and health, electronics, clothes and shoes, on the contrary, reviews played a decisive role.


How do people feel about the reviews on the sites?

Despite the fact that reviews today are an important tool to influence the decision of buyers, in eCommerce there is a decline in the new user's’ confidence. Only ten years ago, technical literacy was lower, so people could not assume that the feedback they see from other customers could be written by site owners or created to order.
Today, the absolute majority of consumers understand that if a review is posted on the company's website, then this company itself can post ten new reviews a day. For realism, it can dilute them with negative comments and imitate "author's spelling and punctuation." Large companies can even hire agencies that will shoot staged videos for them and arrange fake social studies.

These words are also confirmed by representatives of large marketing agencies that promote brands on the Internet: “We must bear in mind that 70% of all reviews in any industry are written to order. Paid reviews are present on any site where there is an opportunity to leave a comment, both on commercial sites and on information portals and media sites.” Marketers are trying to influence the opinions of people, so they create hundreds and even thousands of customized reviews that will form an opinion about brands. Naturally, a question arises whether the information is true: “How to distinguish truth from fiction?”


Earn customer loyalty

In order to increase user confidence in eCommerce sites, it is necessary to move away from standard forms with reviews and comments. Wiremo professional feedback collection platform was created for exactly these purposes.

The service gives the right to write a review only to those who actually bought the product from the store. Technically, it works like this: a customer places an order, pays for it. A few days later, he receives an email with the offer to leave a review. The feature is called - Automated Review Request.

At the same time anyone can leave a review but sign in in the widget, using email or a social media platform (FB, G+, Twitter); and it is also an important thing that provides the trustability. Because social accounts can be checked.

By clicking on the button, the client enters the feedback form, then, follows a standard procedure: writing a review and adding it to the site.

The main advantage of the Wiremo service is that it is an absolutely independent platform that is not interested in promoting any site or brand. That is why Wiremo plug-in is integrated into the site, but all technical support and service management is carried out by our specialists.

The site owners have absolutely no access to the internal resources of the plugin, so they can’t add positive feedback or hire experts who will write fake comments.
Technically it is possible. But each such customized review will be very expensive, therefore it is economically irrational.

But owners of eCommerce sites have the ability to manage feedback. We know that sharing good impressions about the purchase is not done eagerly because getting a quality product with timely delivery is exactly what the customer pays for - this is the standard.
But there are situations with dishonest customers or competitors who may try to ruin your reputation in the eyes of new users.

Therefore, Wiremo conducts a mandatory pre-moderation of all reviews. You cannot influence the number of stars, but you can avoid openly offensive comments or contact the buyer before the review is published and try to solve the problem.
In fact, the Wiremo platform is an independent intermediary between the buyer and eCommerce website owners. Both sides are interested in the fact that the reviews are honest, open, and the system adhered to the policy of personal opinion integrity of each person.

That is why our platform has high trust level and is a guarantee that your consumer will be as loyal as possible to the site and to the product, and will be confident in its reliability and quality.


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