The Positive Effect of Social Proof on Your Business


The buzz around social proof has put virtually every business on its toe to obtain substantial validation from its customers. It is well-known that customers wield the absolute power in the business world today. Social proof gives businesses great leverage and makes them stand out. However, in some cases, the real positive effects of social proofs are not known. Here are some important effects of social proof you might really desire for your business.


Social proofs distinguish you

Most industries have ever-increasing competition. New entrants are devising novel ways to outmatch established firms and rivals are doing their best to outdo their competitors. However, with social proof, you can establish yourself as an authority and the best in the industry.


Building Credibility

Another important benefit of social proof is that it will help to build credibility on your brand and business. You really need this to take your business to a greater pedestal, unless you are already established. Social proofs make customers, both potential and already existing ones, to see you in a new way and therefore increase your salability.

According to a study conducted by BrightLocal, about 74% of customers say that positive reviews on businesses make them trust the business the more. As a matter of fact, a lot of studies also conducted by BrightLocal point hands to the fact that most customers use customer reviews left by other customers as a yardstick to make a purchase decision. Thus, customers are remarkably influenced by your social proof and customer reviews.

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Improve your chances of success

Studies on customer behavior reveal some interesting facts. Customers mostly do what other customers are doing. People like to share what others are sharing and watch what others are watching. Thus, with social proofs, you can easily go viral and increase the chances of your business success. This will make it very easy for people to find you and for you to grow your business.


Fine-tunes buyers’ purchase decisions to you

In a BrightLocal study, over 80% of customers say that the reviews left by past customers influence their purchase decisions. Social proof is all about using social means to fine-tune the image of a company. It is proof that a business is top-class. Social proof by celebrities, as well as proofs by other customers in the form of customer reviews, go a long way to influence potential customers to make purchase decisions. Customers want to know that they are getting the best value for their money and one of the best ways to know this is to listen to what some other people say. Celebrities serve as a voice to reckon with and most customers would rather listen to them before putting down their money for a product or service.

Wiremo provides an efficient platform to aid the customer in reviewing businesses. You can easily set up a social profile, get reviews, and share your reviews. In other words, you can get the social proof you need on your brand on Wiremo, especially as it relates to customer reviews.


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