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If you have a store on the Squarespace platform and you don't know how to start promoting it, try Wiremo. Today is the easiest settable service that has easy integration into Squarespace and many features.

We analyzed the market and did not find a Wiremo analog that would fit this platform so well. Today, we will try to tell you how you can use our service and what it will give to your online store.


A few words about Squarespace

Squarespace is one of the most famous platforms for quick creation of eCommerce websites. According to official data, this platform serves more than 2 million websites. Most of them are online stores.

The advantages of this system include the ability to customize the website, add products there and start working without the help of a programmer. Stunning website templates and user-friendly settings will always be at your fingertips.

Squarespace has one of the most beautiful templates among all CMS for eCommerce. You can see a lot of effort and experience put into it.

But experts point out Squarespace’s flaws:

  •         The platform is quite heavy, which slows down the downloading of websites
  •         Few widgets and additions to improve the functionality of websites

We studied this CMS closely and can say that there are great difficulties with posting reviews on websites. And this is very much necessary in the online store. Therefore, our team optimized Wiremo for Squarespace as much as possible.


Connecting Wiremo: what will this give to your website?

Let's start with the fact that the connection of our service is done in a few clicks. We developed a dedicated plugin that quickly integrates all Wiremo functions inside Squarespace. You do not need to look for a programmer, go into the code and manipulate the templates.

Also, you do not need to write a personal plugin or look for options on the internet. As a rule, all third-party resources are rather bulky and heavy. This will make your website even slower. Wiremo plugin for Squarespace does not create additional load and does not decrease the website’s loading speed because the plugin works as standalone and loads asynchronously. We took care of this.

Therefore, you will not have problems with the installation and configuration. We even developed a Wiremo installation guide for Squarespace. And now let's talk about the advantages of our system:


Automatic user-generated content (UGC)

Many online stores lack unique content on the pages. Some website owners do not even understand what needs to be done in order for their website to occupy a leading position in search engines.

Wiremo is not a professional SEO plugin but performs many functions. First of all, after connecting the system to Squarespace, you can get additional content. It will include organic keywords that people use to navigate from search engines.

Secondly, Wiremo is an excellent reputation tool. Now, every customer reads reviews before buying. And if there are a lot of reviews on your website, new clients will come to you.

We conducted many tests and it turned out that after installing Wiremo on Squarespace, the number of low-frequency queries on the website increases by 17-19%, and the traffic grows by 4-6%.


Communication with users and prompt response

Built-in reviews platforms do not have a quick response feature or user activity tracking. Due to this, website owners miss up to 30% of the comments.

With Wiremo, there will be no such problem. You can set up automatic responses and receive alerts when someone has left a review. This is facilitated by a user-friendly dashboard. When you log in, you see all the reviews and can manage them.

Also, Automated Review Request is integrated into the plugin for Squarespace. This is a function that will remind your customer that it would be nice to leave a review. For user activity, you can award them with bonuses and discounts.

Wiremo has many opportunities to communicate with your customers. And without this plugin, you can miss a lot of important questions.

For example, as you can see from the screenshot below, it's a search result of one of our clients' reviews. Every element of the review is indexed and shown:

  • The general rating is shown in the search result.
  • The review text was indexed by search engines.
  • The stars, general rating, and the number of reviews are displayed in the search results. This is the most important for your customer loyalty.


Flexible configuration and adaptation for any template

We tried to make our system as flexible and convenient as possible. You can post reviews where you most need them. If you install regular plugins, they are always located in one place. Some users need to scroll the entire page to find at least 1 comment.

Wiremo Carousel can be placed anywhere on your website. You can display specific reviews on each of the pages. These settings are almost limitless.

In addition, we tried to customize the appearance of our plugin. You can choose the color scheme, font and many other details to match the style of your website. This is very convenient because everything will look coherent.



In fact, we only talked about three important, in our opinion, Wiremo functions for Squarespace, but there are many more advantages of our reviews system. We never stop working and always improve the functionality of the plugin.

We have a lot of Squarespace customers who are grateful for having such a convenient and functional system. This motivates us to work even better and in the near future, we will present many more opportunities for Squarespace. With our plugin, your websites will become much more productive and will bring even more profit.



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