The Ratio of People Who Write Reviews to Those Who Just Read Them


Have you heard about the person who once met with someone who knew a story about somebody who saw an individual who wrote a review? We think you get the point already… While almost 90% of customers read reviews, only a few write them, and when they do, the reason is mostly frustration.

While the average consumer is considered quite lazy about doing something that is only beneficial for others, there are some people who just want to spread the word about their opinions.

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The Writers

There are some personality types we can mention who usually write reviews, but they do it with different motivations. Hopefully they all bought the product or used the service they are writing about, but you can never be sure about it.

  • The Celeb: You know that type, the one who always wants to be under the spotlight and who does everything for it. This person just wants attention, and wants to have his or her opinion to be everywhere and about everything. Always.
  • The Invisible Man: They are the ghostwriters of reviews. You can tell by their reviews, which make no sense, that they are hired to write those kind words about a service or product they’ve never had a chance to use. Before you jump on the unethical train, this solution is legal but just not really nice. Most people have an eye for these and ignore those reviews.
  • The Man Involved: We know about whom we are talking about. The person who hides something in her or his reviews about their products or services in a way you have to check the link. The review itself might be correct and honest, but it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.
  • The Funny One: He or she is the one who actually bought the product or used the service, but found something they can’t cope with. So, they write those mostly funny but rather long reviews about their experience that are making the rounds on social media. Once or twice they help the seller’s case.
  • The Good Samaritan: They read reviews, they get the complete picture, and they give back to the community by also writing them. One shouldn’t mix them up with the Celebs mentioned above, but they are also somewhat committed to that case since they write about everything.
  • The Punisher: It might be a bad experience in their childhood, a stolen boyfriend or girlfriend, or an unsuccessful enterprise that caused the Punisher to strike down with all his or her hatred on a product or a service. They usually make their moves on multiple channels in the hopes of total destruction.

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The Readers

There are only two types of readers as we know it, the Believers and the Doubters. The main difference between those two is their faith (or the lack of it) in the honesty of reviews. While they both can be potential customers after reading the reviews about a specific product or service, they are reading them for a different purpose. The Doubters usually already know which one will they choose, while the Believers need a ton of reinforcement even about the smallest decisions.



But now let’s get to the ratio of writers to readers. According to various studies, before 100 purchases, 82 Readers (Believers or Doubters) enter the stage. How many Writers, you might ask? If you are lucky enough, you will get exactly one review at the end of the day. And you can just hope that it won’t be the Punisher writing it…


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