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Search engine optimization is very important to businesses that want to rank high in the search engine, and Squarespace users are a huge part of them. With the advance in technology and artificial intelligence, Google has ramped up its search algorithm, making it more robust, less predictable and more reliable. This has even made SEO more serious and businesses need to relearn their SEO practices to stay relevant in the intensely competitive online market.

Squarespace SEO page for reviews and Wiremo

Wiremo is designed to help you improve your SEO ranking. One of the easiest ways is via your customer reviews. You may not know it, customer reviews are very important in SEO. For one, customer reviews are organically or naturally generated. This favors SEO adequately because it shapes your SEO attributes naturally.

The success of SEO hinges on user-generated contents. The more unique user-generated contents you have, the higher you will rank. Interestingly, customer reviews are user-generated. They are written by customers and are also relevant, helpful and unique. In addition, a lot of customers read customer reviews, this makes customer reviews to be generated continuously and therefore scores well in search engine ranking.

Customer reviews are also a great way to improve your social outreach, add to your social interactions and therefore become popular. Reviews give you authority and social proof. When organized properly, especially in the way that Google favors, reviews can improve your ranking tremendously. As a matter of fact, customer reviews singlehandedly accounts for 9.8% of Google’s total ranking factor. In other words, once you get the review system in place, you are on your way to a high ranking in the search engine.

How to Ensure that the Review Scores a Point

It is important to organize customers’ reviews in a way that Google favors in order for the review to score a point.

First off, the customer review should be unique. Uniqueness in this sense implies that the customer review should not have a duplicate elsewhere on the internet. Google strives to make the internet richly engaging and duplicating contents will not serve that interest.

Moreover, the relevance of the review is also of utmost importance. The customer review should be helpful and should be able to serve people’s purposes. This also implies that the customer review should be valuable.

In addition, the review should offer a great user experience. The review system for any platform should be able to adapt well with mobile devices as well as other devices in order for people to easily access them. The review should be shareable. Of course, a relevant review that has the aforementioned features is likely to be shared.

A review that has the aforementioned features would serve the purpose of SEO adequately. You can improve your search engine organic traffic by over 50% by using customer reviews. The most interesting thing is that customers are always readily available to leave reviews on your products and services, especially if they had a great or wonderful experience with your offerings.

You can transform such data into traffic and build your business. Wiremo is the go-to platform for earning customer reviews and create your Squarespace SEO page for reviews. With Squarespace automated review request, you can make review requests on current and past orders seamlessly.


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