Online Customer Reviews for Dropshipping Business


Dropshipping business involves selling products without even seeing or handling the stocks. It is an innovative eCommerce business that has helped to explode the eCommerce industry. Several flagship eCommerce retailers such as Alibaba and even Amazon make use of the concept of dropshipping.

A dropshipper operates an online store and connects customers to the wholesalers, retailers, or manufacturers selling the products. The dropshipper is seen by the purchasers as the core merchant. The buyers have nothing to do with the retailers and wholesalers even though the retailers do the actual work of shipping the goods.

Dropshipping may sound easy but it is not very easy. It has its own pitfalls but it is a great way to operate eCommerce. The major work of the dropshipper is customer service. He also needs to have a seamless relationship with the wholesalers. With great customer service, a dropshipper can become a star eCommerce merchant.

Thus, customer reviews play an important and interesting role in dropshipping services. Here are some important notes on online customer reviews in dropshipping.


Influences Buying Decision

This is one of the most important benefits of online customer reviews. Online reviews can either increase or decrease buyers’ purchase decisions. In most cases, positive online customer reviews lead to positive buying decisions.


Encourages Excellent Customer Services

Without excellent customer service, the dropshipping business is as good as dead. Customers can easily let the world know that a dropshipper isn’t offering great services by leaving poor online customer reviews.

Thus, customer reviews make dropshippers to sit on their toes in rendering customer services. The merchant wouldn’t issue like delay in returning a defective product or refunding customers in case their demands are not met etc to affect his relationship with customers.

Due to the obvious benefits and ease of dropshipping, several merchants have delved into it. This has made dropshipping intensively competitive, especially for merchants dropshipping commonly used products. As a result, most merchants seek social proof to up their ante and establish trust with customers. Online customer reviews can provide the social proof most dropshipping businesses need and help to foster customer trust and loyalty and thereby promulgating the dropshipping services and products.

Dropshipping businesses can use several review platforms to get customers to review their services. However, Wiremo is one of the most efficient review platforms to use. Wiremo is not just a review platform, it includes a mix of efficient features for eCommerce, social media, and so forth.

This makes it super-easy to get as many reviews as possible by connecting and advertising your dropshipping business to customers far and wide and also sharing those reviews easily. Wiremo makes each of these services very easy and in fact, most can be done with just a few mouse clicks.


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