25 Best WooCommerce Themes To Build Online Store In 2021


In order to build a fully functional online store, you need of course to choose the best theme. Surely, one of the most popular creators of such themes is the WooCommerce platform.

As a powerful builder, WooCommerce seek to give you the most fantastic themes to create your online store. These themes come also packed with features that simplify the process.

However, you might be spoilt for choice with the many types of themes available. Bearing that in mind, it’s good to have a checklist of what you’re looking for in a theme. After that, you can compare and contrast the offers and go for the best.

Fortunately, there are free and premium versions to help with this. Moreover, testing these themes before settling for one will save you time and resources. In this review, we’ll go through the 25 best WooCommerce themes you can use to build your site in 2021.

How To Choose  WooCommerce Themes

It’s never easy to choose the right theme for your online store. You need to take time to come up with the best choice out of many WooCommerce themes that were specially designed for your shop.

There are many factors you’ll have to consider, not only products you intend to sell, but also the target audience.

Factoring all these aspects leads to the successful creation of a reliable online store where you'll sell your merchandise. So, how do you arrive at your preferred WooCommerce themes? Read on for ideas.

But first, here are some tips you can use when selecting the best WooCommerce themes:

  • Go for a theme with both free and premium versions;

Let's consider that you have no idea what a given theme offers. In such a case, it’s good to sign up for the free plan first. This helps you to try out the free version to establish whether it offers you what you want.

If it does, you can go ahead and upgrade to the premium version. In case it’s not what you’re looking for, you can certainly test another theme.

  • Choose a WooCommerce themes that features several demos;

A WooCommerce theme that offers a variety of demos is a perfect option. Before making a decision, ensure that you check if the theme contains various demos.

Doing so, would help even spot your specialized niche, making things a lot easier. Finding your industry-related demos goes a long way in enabling you to create an online store within a short period of time.

  • Always opt for a site that is compatible with live notifications;

You want a theme that facilitates the display of live product pages on your online store. Therefore, go for a theme that support live notifications. This way, it’s easier to incorporate live sales notifications in your store.

  • A good eCommerce theme should have a pretty fast speed;

In ecommerce, faster speeds and performance clearly facilitate excellent business. Ensure that you go for a theme that’s optimized for faster speed and performance.

Of course consider getting a theme with a faster load time. Doing so indeed helps you to build a store with reliable performance.

  • Select WooCommerce themes with customizable drag-and-drop capabilities;

As long as you run your online business, you have to take your online shop to the next level. A good WooCommerce theme should have the drag-and-drop customization option.

As a result, it would be easier for you to add as many pages as you want with the help of custom page builder integration.

  • Choose a theme that has excellent mobile responsiveness;

Most of your potential customers evidently use their phones to find ecommerce stores to buy their preferred products.

For this reason, you must choose a theme that’s responsive to mobile and different screen sizes. As a result, your store clicks, visits, and sales will skyrocket.

  • Ensure that your theme supports WooCommerce add ons and extensions;

The compatibility with WooCommerce plugins makes it easier to integrate extra features on your site if needed. It also makes it easier to create a reliable online shop with the best features.

  • Good WooCommerce themes should be SEO-optimized.

Considering the SEO optimization of your chosen theme is non-negotiable. Undoubtedly choose a theme that’s optimized for SEO.

This way, the online store receives more visibility which, in turn, is converted into more sales. You should seek to use a theme that’s SEO-friendly to boost your search rankings on search engines.

  • Make sure that you opt for a theme that supports extra extensions and add ons;

A theme that is compatible with WooCommerce plugins and extensions goes a long way in building a fully functional online store. Ensure that the chosen theme supports extensions for your store.

  • Use one of the WooCommerce themes that is easy to navigate and offers flexibility;

The bottom line offers easy navigation and flexibility. Therefore, your given theme has to be friendly even for beginners. This means that you will need minimum time and effort to get your site running.

How Do You Build A WooCommerce WordPress Site?

As a world-class eCommerce platform, WooCommerce provides online store-building solutions to businesses of all sizes. Therefore, creating your online store on a WooCommerce WordPress website would be a great idea.

Remember, WooCommerce is on WordPress, one of the most popular website builders in the world. WordPress.org is the best option for your WooCommerce site.

WordPress.org exposes all the WooCommerce features you’d ever want to use. In addition, it allows you to customize your website however you want.

To build your WooCommerce WordPress website, you need to have the essentials. That is a domain name, SSL certificate, and a WooCommerce hosting plan.

A domain name is simply your chosen site name. For instance, you can choose thestyler.com, while hosting is your preferred storage for your website files.

You have tons of options for hosting, but WooCommerce recommends Bluehost. Check it out to learn more about all the plans that Bluehost offers.

Top 25 WooCommerce Themes in 2021

The best WooCommerce themes are reliable in setting up any type of online store. With tons of WooCommerce themes available, it’s difficult to choose the needed one for your store.

However, looking at the features gives you an idea of what’s the best option for you. Next, we’ll look at some of the best WooCommerce themes you could use to build your site.

1.   Astra

Astra is a good-looking WooCommerce theme with over a million of downloads and 150 templates. This theme is created with top page builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder and Gutenberg.

This theme cuts across different categories including Fashion & Design, Ecommerce, Fitness industries, to name a few. Additionally, it's a free theme featuring market ribbons and an appealing design that offers a modern look.

This unique theme also has a checkout to avoid cart abandonment.

Features such as:

  •     Customized checkout to avoid cart abandonment;
  •     Unlimited scrolling;
  •     Dropdown menu;
  •     Quick View option;
  •     SEO optimization on products;
  •     Receptive design;
  •     Advanced performance;
  •     Highly formatted pages;
  •     Optimized font options;
  •     Equipped for WooCommerce;
  •     Plenty of versatile beginner sites.

2. Ocean WP

Ocean WP is a free and versatile WordPress theme from WooCommerce. It features customizable templates and a drag and drop page builder to effectively create your online store.

Ocean WP stands out from the crowd as it’s SEO-optimized. Thus, using this theme for your online store assures you higher ranks on search engines such as Google.

Features such as:

  •     SEO optimized product listings;
  •     Conversion ready;
  •     Compatible with page builders;
  •     Unlimited scrolling;
  •     Versatile and convertible design;
  •     Availability of 13 different demos.

3. Neve

Neve is a free WooCommerce theme offered by Theme Isle. It gives regular updates and reliable customer support.

This fantastic theme comes with versatility and tons of starter sites to help you set up your desired ecommerce store. Furthermore, Neve is compatible with premium page builders such as Beaver Builder and Elementor.

Features such as:

  •     Fast loading times;
  •     Compatible with mobile and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages);
  •     Supports WPML plug-in and RTL languages;
  •     Infinite scroll;
  •     Supports drag-and-drop page builders;
  •     Integrates WooCommerce demos among others;
  •     SEO optimized.

4. Shoptimizer

Shoptimizer is a premium WooCommerce theme from CommerceGurus. It costs $49 per year for a package comprising real-time support and regular updates.

The theme comes with customizable theme settings such that you can tailor-make your online store. Additionally, you have a product search feature to let your customers perform quick searches for your products.

Create your online store with Shoptimizer to enjoy beautiful templates that make your store attractive.

Features such as:

  •     Product search feature;
  •     Appealing page templates;
  •     Theme settings available in the WordPress customizer;
  •     Trust badges at strategic points of the purchase process;
  •     An online stock calculator to boost sales;
  •     Quick checkout;
  •     Product description section.

5. Presence

Presence is a multipurpose theme for ecommerce businesses from WooCommerce. It features various starter sites, more so a WooCommerce ready store that you can easily customize.

This magnificent theme has 6 color schemes and numerous blog layouts. You can, therefore, come up with a fully functional online store using this theme.

Presence is your go-to theme when creating a fully functional online store.

Features such as:

  •     Social buttons;
  •     Integrated events calendar;
  •     Personalized widgets;
  •     Presence of testimonials.

6. Indigo

Indigo is a modern theme designed with modules making it easy to drag and drop page modules. The fantastic WooCommerce theme support mobile devices and works excellently with WordPress block editor.

You can also rely on drag-and-drop page builders to create a super customized online store. Indigo boasts of appealing online shop templates to help you design the exact online store you had in mind.

Features such as:

  •     Drag and drop page builders;
  •     Beautiful templates;
  •     Mobile responsiveness;
  •     Compatible with WordPress block editor;
  •     Availability of modules.

7. eStore

eStore is a free and powerful WooCommerce WordPress theme offered by ThemeGrill. This excellent theme features premium version features and customized widgets.

It fully supports WooCommerce extensions as it comes when WooCommerce-ready. eStore allows for integration with WooCommerce and YITH WooCommerce Wishlist plug in.

Besides, eStore features RTL language support functionality to enable you to use a personalized logo. Use this feature-packed theme to create a reliable online store to sell your products.

Features such as:

  •     Various fonts and colors to choose from;
  •     Consists of unique templates;
  •     Responsive design makes it easy to purchase on smaller screens such as mobile phones;
  •     More than 10 widget areas with 10 customized widgets to use for designing your store;
  •     Speed optimization, WPML, and an excellent slider.

8. Storefront

Storefront is a free WordPress WooCommerce theme suitable to build your online store. This theme integrates with third-party plugins making it easy to customize your online store.

It’s also compatible with popular WooCommerce extensions making it easier to build an online store within a short period of time.

It's homepage layout that aims at e-commerce is what you need to build a reliable shop. Choose Storefront for building a fully functional online store.

Features such as:

  •     Customized layout and color choices;
  •     Various widget areas to customize your store;
  •     Demo data importer;
  •     Live theme customizer support;
  •     Supports WordPress plugins;
  •     Includes contact form;
  •     Homepage focusing on ecommerce;
  •     Faster customization.

9. Shop Isle

Shop Isle is an interactive Free WordPress theme from ThemeIsle designed for WooCommerce stores. It works seamlessly with other plugins making it pretty easy to use while building an online store.

Additionally, Shop Isle offers a great customer support to solve any problems. The appealing product images on the homepage are perfect for grabbing your customers’ attention.


Shop Isle is compatible with popular page builders such as Beaver Builder, SiteOrigin, and Divi. In other words, it’s possible to build a feature-packed online store.

Features such as:

  •     Availability of a WordPress customizer;
  •     Live customizer for drag and drop option;
  •     Infinite scroll;
  •     Dedicated customer support;
  •     Conversion buttons;
  •     Customized backdrop;
  •     Ultra-fine animations.

10. Velure

Velure is a stylish fashion and lifestyle WooCommerce theme. Moreover, it was specially designed for selling clothing, lifestyle products, and jewelry.

The theme strategically places Instagram photos on the top of the homepage so to grab the buyer’s attention. As an example, with its mobile-friendly feature, you can certainly shop from any screen size and device.

Also, Velure features a variety of widgets to help you create a customized online store for your fashion products.

Features such as:

  •     Diverse widgets;
  •     Visual customizer;
  •     Social buttons;
  •     Displayed product slider;
  •     Appealing photos;
  •     Mobile friendliness.

11. Shopstar

Shopstar is a stylish WooCommerce theme you should consider to build your online store. This fantastic theme is surely great for lifestyle, clothing, and fashion stores.

Additionally, it features an essential design setting to make your site attractive. It’s also easy to use when building your online store, therefore, flexible to all your customers.


The product's visuals are so appealing that customers certainly won’t resist them. For example, Shopstar comes with custom designs such that you’re ready to get your shop running instantly.

Features such as:

  •     2 navigation menus;
  •     Appealing product pages;
  •     A distinct blog page;
  •     Compatible with famous page builders such as Elementor Pro;
  •     Minimalist design settings;
  •     WooCommerce-ready;
  •     Integration with other plugins such as SiteOrigin’s Page Builder and Contact Form 7.

12. Homestore

Homestore is an elegant WooCommerce theme. It's specially designed for home décor, household items, furniture, kitchen, and department store websites.

This theme comes with a neat and spacious design to make your product stand out. Homestore is also pre-designed such that you need no coding to set up your online store. With the drag-and-drop capability, you can place any content wherever you wish.

Furthermore, it's compatible with the Storefront Extensions pack which is a functionality that brings more helpful features onboard.

Features such as:

  •     Smart Cart;
  •     Product reviews section;
  •     Many columns;
  •     Social buttons;
  •     Fonts;
  •     Custom design;
  •     Customized headers;
  •     Numerous mega menus;
  •     Color and font choices;
  •     Quick View option;
  •     Instagram Gallery;
  •     Visual page builder.

13. Divi

Divi is a customizable WordPress theme with smart visual options and inbuilt components. For instance, it gives you hundreds of WooCommerce layouts to set up your online store.

As revealed by, this theme comes with predesigned settings such that building an online store won’t be a challenge. Instead, you’ll use drag-and-drop page builders to place the content wherever you want.

On top of this, the fantastic theme applies tons of design options to uniquely design your store.

Features such as:

  •     Ability to style font and text;
  •     Ultra-modern code editing;
  •     Product search filters;
  •     Backdrop image controls;
  •     Pre-set designs;
  •     In-line text editing;
  •     WordPress editor functionality;
  •     Super responsive;
  •     Enhanced visual editing;
  •     Drag & drop capability.

14. Ultra

Ultra is a versatile WooCommerce theme designed with flexible options and ultra-modern design. For instance, it comes with ready starter sites you can download with one click.

Among these sites, there is an ecommerce site, which requires you to replace its content with your own. Ultra's customizable layout makes it easier to set up shop pages, product pages, product categories.

In addition, its demo capability lets you import the original settings to your new online store. Having the settings, content, menus, galleries, widgets, and more on your store within seconds is something to look forward to with Ultra.

Features such as:

  •     Multiple photo galleries;
  •     Contact form option;
  •     Numerous headers options;
  •     Pricing tables;
  •     Pre-designed layouts;
  •     Themify builder;
  •     In-built extensions;
  •     Section by section browsing;
  •     Multiple menus;
  •     Multiple widgets.

15. Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro is a free WordPress theme designed for WooCommerce. As interactive as it is, this theme is suitable for shops and online stores.

As an example, it comes with an impressive interface and a great user experience for customers. Hestia Pro is suitable for creative people, firms, portfolios and freelancers, thanks to its high performance.

Besides this, the fantastic theme features many premium WordPress options such as hundreds of customizable options. Through them, it’s easier to come up with a super amazing online store for your business.

For instance, Hestia Pro has an extensive WooCommerce layout design to set up your online store.

Features such as:

  •     Instant shopping cart;
  •     Infinite colors;
  •     Numerous layouts;
  •     A highly editable header;
  •     Social media buttons;
  •     Many navigations tabs;
  •     Easy to use- one-page website;
  •     Fully customizable;
  •     Stand-alone blog page;
  •     Video header ribbons;
  •     Front-page options;
  •     WooCommerce and Page builders compatibility.

16. Sabino

Sabino is an all-purpose and innovative WooCommerce theme. For example, this feature-packed theme is suitable to build health, fashion, clothing, beauty and wellness stores.

If you want access to customizable page builders and WooCommerce live customizer options, choose Sabino. You’ll enjoy building a shop with the custom design you like as the theme is WooCommerce-compatible.

The WordPress Customizer option lets you re-do, undo or edit your content during the building process. Download this theme today to get your online shop up and running.

Features such as:

  •     Integration with WordPress plugins;
  •     3 Footer styles;
  •     Header options;
  •     e-commerce theme characteristics;
  •     Various page templates;
  •     4 blog layouts;
  •     Several page templates;
  •     WordPress customizer;
  •     Drag & drop page builder.

17. Neto

Neto is an excellent WordPress theme designed for WooCommerce stores. It comes with a product slider section in addition to a neat homepage layout so that it let you display your products nicely.

This theme features a handful of short codes and custom widgets. It’s also compatible with custom logo upload to give your online store a personal touch.

Finally, the Neto theme supports the WooCommerce plugin and its extensions to give you a fully customizable online store.

Features such as:

  •     Plenty of color options;
  •     Custom widgets;
  •     Social media buttons;
  •     A layout of high customization;
  •     Visual Composer compatibility;
  •     High-quality theme options;
  •     SEO optimized.

18. Shoppe

Shoppe is a versatile WooCommerce theme designed to create your online store in a few clicks. It comes with several pre-designed eCommerce helpful layouts, so you can create the store very fast.

Shoppe features handy demo content that lets you migrate the theme's details to your store within a few clicks. With this innovative theme, rest assured of a super reliable store that comes with all the necessary features.

Shoppe also boasts theme skins you can use to transform your store’s outlook. Choose the right skin for your site and download Shoppe today for dedicated online store building.

Features such as:

  •     Plenty of layout settings;
  •     Ajax quick search;
  •     Ajax cart;
  •     Product sharing capability;
  •     Quick view option;
  •     Photo galleries section;
  •     Wish list and smart cart options;
  •     Image zoom section.

19. Digital Pro

Digital Pro is a WordPress theme designed to facilitate the sale of digital goods. For instance, it comes with WooCommerce integration and easy-to-use features.

Most of its homepage is white space and contains an appealing featured image to grab people's attention. Digital Pro is mobile-compatible such that it loads perfectly on all screen types.

This good-looking theme is optimized for quality WordPress speed and performance, due to the features below:

  •     Pre-designed templates;
  •     3 widget areas;
  •     Highly customized header;
  •     Page templates;
  •     Custom theme options page;
  •     WordPress live customizer support;
  •     HTML language;
  •     Landing page;
  •     Customizable header;
  •     Mobile responsive design.

20. Hugo

Hugo is a premium WooCommerce theme designed with advanced features for your online store. This super beautiful theme comes with a clean homepage layout, which clearly catches the attention of your visitors.

Hugo contains one widget area, thus allowing you to display your products using these widgets.

With its WooCommerce-ready feature, you can easily come up with a fantastic online store to sell your products.

Features such as:

  •     SEO-optimized to make you rank higher on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo;
  •     Unique layout to let your images stand out;
  •     Highly optimized widgets to give more functionality;
  •     A variety of color schemes and image galleries;
  •     Availability of a slider on the home page.

21. Altitude Pro

Altitude Pro is a fantastic WooCommerce theme designed to help you build your online store. It comes with parallax effects and a beautiful interface that will evidently help you to custom the design of your online store.

Altitude Pro is a one-page theme, but full of attention-grabbing images to make you stand out to your audience. This excellent theme is reliable in that custom making your store is straightforward certanly, thanks to its outstanding features.

The live demo option lets you import the theme’s settings to your store, thus saving on time and resources.

Features such as:

  •     Customizable theme;
  •     Custom headers and footers;
  •     Mobile responsive;
  •     Highly optimized homepage widget areas;
  •     Ecommerce ready site;
  •     Powerful photography;
  •     One-page focused theme.

22. Mesmerize

Mesmerize is an all-purpose and super-flexible WooCommerce theme. It helps you create a functional online store with the premade designs.

The theme comes with unique custom-made settings that you can easily navigate of course. Mesmerize features customizable pages to ensure that your online store looks like no other.

With the mobile responsive feature, your online store will load seamlessly on any screen size and type.

Features such as:

  •     Mobile friendly and mobile responsive;
  •     Premade designs to suit your preferences;
  •     Live customizer;
  •     WooCommerce ready;
  •     Multiple backdrops- slideshows, videos, images;
  •     Content blocks;
  •     Video and slideshows options;
  •     Pricing tables;
  •     Multiple language functionality;
  •     Beautiful typography.

23. The Styler

The Styler is a gorgeous WooCommerce theme designed by industry leaders to help you integrate surely all your fashion ideas into an online store. To show that, the themes comes with customizable headers and footers to help you create a unique online store.

Moreover, it also comes with a pre-built newsletter subscription so that your audience can receive real-time offers on your products.

Furthermore, The Styler loads perfectly on any device, screen size, and mobile phone type. This way, no customer will be left out in regards to your product updates.

Through the appealing fonts and photography on the homepage, visitors will click on your page countless times.

The Styler comes with drag & drop page builders to help you custom design your online store. Additionally, it comes with social buttons and content blocks to guide you in creating a fully functional e-shop.

Features such as:

  •     Website slider on the homepage;
  •     Elementor drag-and-drop options;
  •     WooCommerce ready features;
  •     Customizable headers and footers;
  •     Mobile friendly and responsive;
  •     Pre-built newsletter subscription;
  •     Social options;
  •     JetElemens plugins.

24. Wellness Pro

Wellness Pro is a super responsive and versatile WordPress theme from WooCommerce. This good-looking theme is designed to create your new online store real quick.

It's a Health, Fitness, and Wellness theme suitable for wellness websites. Wellness Pro comes with an appealing homepage with the parallax browsing option.

This way, you can upload three different background images. On top of this, your content moves when you scroll while the background image remains constant. You can choose to use the predesigned templates and layouts to build your e-shop.

Features such as:

  •     Ultra-modern typography;
  •     Customizable sections;
  •     Mobile responsiveness;
  •     Homepage with widget areas;
  •     3 templates and 3 layouts;
  •     2 navigation menus;
  •     Woo-commerce ready.

25. Legenda

Legenda is an extra-responsive and all-purpose WooCommerce theme suitable for creating your new online store. It comes with custom designs to allow you to tailor-make your shop.

Its clean homepage layout lets you create an online store that grabs attention within a few clicks. Legenda is WooCommerce-ready such that it supports any extensions and add-ons on your online shop.

On top of this, this innovative theme has a responsive design in that it loads seamlessly from any device or screen size.

Features such as:

  •     Mobile compatibility;
  •     Custom headers and footers;
  •     Fully compatible with WooCommerce;
  •     Responsive design;
  •     Parallax effects.

Why You Need to Choose a Good WooCommerce For Your Online Store

Choosing a WooCommerce theme for your online store is no mean feat. With tons of themes available, you may wonder which the best option is.

Finally, a good WooCommerce theme for your online store should have the features mentioned above. Additionally, it should be something that helps you to create your online store without any hitches.


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