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Even if you are a novice Shopify user, you understand the importance of promoting an online store. The functionality of this platform provides plenty of opportunities to grow sales, marketing events, and customer service. The Wiremo team has prepared yet another tool that will help owners of stores on the Shopify platform to attract new customers and improve their customer service.

Today, Wiremo is one of the most convenient and functional reviews app for Shopify. Let us tell you why.


A few words about Shopify

Shopify - a leading e-commerce platform that allows entrepreneurs to create their own online stores. Shopify is easy to use, so you can create your own store even if you do not have the proper experience. According to statistics, more than 2.7 million websites are served by this system. It has a large number of internal tools for optimizing and promoting the website. However, many review platforms for Shopify have limited functionality. This primarily affects user factors. After all, the easier and more convenient it is for your client to read and share reviews, the better your sales will be.


Why use Wiremo for your Shopify website?

Understanding how important Wiremo functionality is for online stores on the Shopify platform, we have prepared a special app that can be installed in a few clicks. First of all, this is convenient because you do not need to look for programmers or spend time communicating with our support team. The plugin automatically integrates all the features of Wiremo with your website and you can customize it as you wish. But the main advantage of the Wiremo app is its ease of use and functionality.

  • First, you install an app that does not overload the website, does not affect the performance of Google Page Speed and loads quickly.
  • Second, you do not need to look for a programmer and add functions to the app. Wiremo already includes all the most necessary tools.
  • Third, you can not only gather and collect reviews but also improve the SEO on the website, get additional unique content, advance ranking in Google search results.

We objectively evaluate the capabilities of our product and rightly consider it one of the most promising review app for the Shopify platform.

You can find out even more in our installation and usage guide for Wiremo for Shopify.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) for your business

If we say that Wiremo is one of the most promising and functional reviews platform for your business, then it really is. We think about how to make life easier for our customers and regularly introduce new technologies. Recently, AI has been actively introduced into the business to optimize processes and increase the efficiency of user interaction.

The Wiremo team was one of the first in the niche to integrate AI into their product. Our app has learned to identify quality reviews and automatically adds them to the website. You do not need to spend time reading and checking every written comment. You only need to install Wiremo on Shopify, configure comment analysis, and set the necessary parameters. You will not miss a single review anymore and can spend more time on other activities.

Another of our innovations was a function for the analysis and search keywords in customer reviews. Using AI, your users will only receive comments on products that interest them. This is especially convenient in large online stores, where hundreds of new reviews appear daily. A visitor to your website can filter them by keyword and find what interests them.

The introduction of AI into the work of the app has increased its speed and usability. Nevertheless, we do not stop there and, in the near future, we are preparing to release a few more innovations for Shopify and other platforms.


Automatic user-generated content (UGC)

If you supply your website with unique reviews that your users will leave, you will notice how your positions in organic search results begin to grow noticeably.

To write professional content for all the goods in your online store, you need to spend a considerable amount of money and it is not even a fact that it will benefit you. Organic Google search places websites with the most natural organic queries at the top. Such keywords are contained in reviews of real users. In addition, Google ranks keywords in reviews much better. Therefore, by installing Wiremo app, you will automatically receive free, unique content for your products.


Keep in touch with your customers

When your clients write comments, you should give them an answer as soon as possible and show your interest. There are automatic replies to this. You do not have to be in touch every minute. Our app will undertake all the work. When you install Wiremo on Shopify, you only need to configure automatic responsesA smart reward system motivates your client not to pass this letter and be sure to share their opinion with others. The more user interaction, the more sales you will have. 


Flexible configuration and adaptation for any template

When developing the app for Shopify, we paid special attention to the possibilities of customization. You can customize it the way you need it. Wiremo easily adapts to any template you have downloaded and installed on Shopify. Display reviews anywhere on your website using the Carousel feature, change the color of the block with reviews, adjust the size and format of the reviews to your liking. We have done all the main work, and you just have to install and configure the app as you like. 



Shopify - a great solution to open your own business in e-commerce. The system is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to launch their own online store without any hassle and high financial costs.  You can do it without a team of developers, designers, and marketing specialists. However, you cannot do without effective and smart tools like Wiremo.


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