19 Yotpo Brands Providing Extraordinary Shopping Experiences


How many times have you booked a movie ticket or reserved a table at a restaurant because you were recommended by a friend or family?

You are more likely to trust the peer recommendations more than the glamourizing photos of the restaurant on their Instagram page. Plus, when it comes to purchasing products, you trust the reviews of the people who have already bought them. For instance, on Amazon, the first thing that you do after searching for a product is to look at the reviews. If the rating is more than three stars, you'll add it to the cart. 

This is because recommendations from friends and family are believed more than professionally written brand copies. Therefore, for sellers, good user reviews, ratings, and recommendations work as a free form of advertising and one that works more than paid ads. However, with so many platforms and channels, it might feel like a challenge to determine the best way to curate positive reviews. 

Worry not, Yotpo has provided the best solution for you by empowering several Yotpo brands in the e-commerce industry. 

What is Yotpo used for?

Launched in 2011, Yotpo is a user-generated reviews and content (UGC) marketing platform. Equipped with user-friendly technology and intuitive solution, Yotpo enables brands to engage consumers by integrating several unique features. 

yotpo brands

Source: Yotpo

Yotpo brands and marketing are allowed together, to manage and respond to the user content - whether it's a review, rating, feedback, or complaint - from a unified platform. With the integration of data science, Yotpo can easily generate 9 times more consumer reviews and content than any other UGC solution. 

Some of the popular tools that Yotpo uses are:


Yotpo SMS marketing Email marketing can sometimes fail because it's easy for the emails to get lost in the spam folder. This is why Yotpo opts for SMS marketing to ensure that the customers are keenly aware of the sales or deals.
Smart algorithm The algorithm accurately determines the right kind of products to request at the perfect time.
Data science When should I email the customers? Don't worry, with data science technology, Yotpo will do the job for you.
Algorithm-backed reminders This tool emails the consumers to leave a review at the perfect time

What does Yotpo cost?

Yotpo offers two plans to its customers: a free and a premium plan. 

The freemium plan offers only a few limited features including customization, content generation, moderation, and an analytics tool. More features can be availed by purchasing a premium plan that allows third-party integrations with popular social media platforms including Google, and Facebook, viral marketing strategies, and a manager for each client. 

Plus, you can avail of the SMS marketing tool with a premium plan. Yotpo has four premium packages. You can contact the sales for a demo and select the one that suits you the best. 

19 popular Yotpo brands!

Many Yotpo brands are international and they use it to market their businesses to clients globally. Some of the most famous Yotpo brands. 

Health & Beauty

Iconic London

Credited as one of the most popular Yotpo brands, Iconic London has been used by the most influential celebrities including Kim Kardashian, bloggers, and leading makeup artists in the industry. The brand has transitioned from a small business to being featured in the famous magazine Vogue. The popular beauty brand is not stocked in the leading departmental stores in the UK. 

Using Yotpo, Iconic London provides detailed customer reviews and photos on the website along with a Q&A feature. 

Plus, the brand's loyalty program has also made it easier for the customers to earn points at every purchase, write a product review, referral programs, and even by following the brand on various social platforms.



Source: Moroccanoil

Moroccanoil is a famous hair care brand popular among its cult following for providing a shiny and healthier look to the hair. Infused with argan oil, the products of this popular brand are sure to make your hair look spectacular just like the models from the magazine. 

Powered with Yotpo’s tools, Moroccanoil provides loyal customers with the most incredible seasonal campaigns, deals, and discounts. Moreover, the homepage features aesthetic shots from the Instagram page to direct the customers to the exact product. 

Another promising feature includes filterable reviews that allow users to find the exact product that they are looking for and browse through its reviews for a transparent purchase. 


Melvita is an organic skincare formula created only from natural products including honey, floral waters, and vegetable oil to give your skin a glowy and healthy look without the risk of any chemical harm.

Melvita does not only feature user-generated reviews but presents them aesthetically on the homepage in a form of an eye-catching and unique on-site gallery. 

Similar to Moroccanoil, the homepage of the website features a highly stunning visual gallery showcasing the photos of real shoppers on Instagram describing their experience with the skincare products. Plus, the website integrates a feature that allows customers to click on an ad-t-cart button on the photos that redirects them to the product page to make a purchase.


Erborian is part of the skincare Yotpo brands companies that integrate herbal essence with Korean technologies to present a line of skincare products that aim to beautify the skin of their customers. 

Being a part of the popular Yotpo brands, Erborian features a gallery of photos of the women who have used the products to give potential customers and clients a real look behind the products rather than posting photos from a skincare brand shoot. 

Moreover, these photos link back to the products to help customers make a purchase easily. The best part is: that Erborian encourages the customers to post photos along with textual reviews to ensure transparency among the community of customers. 

Plus, the brand also features an option of Q&A that enables users to post any questions they have regarding the product. This way, customers can easily connect and consult with the brand and eliminate any doubts and confusion regarding the products. 

REN Clean Skincare

As the name suggests, Ren Clean Skincare is one of the Yotpo brands that does not compromise on the quality of the clean ingredients that are used to curate a natural skincare solution since it has been in the business for 20 years. 

The skincare line has a collection of chemical-free products to give your skin the best treatment. Yotpo enables customers to interact with the brand via the Q&A features. Therefore, engaging customers on feedback or product queries.

Plus, REN  has thousands of reviews, with the top reviews showcased on the product pages. This means that the customers can easily pick the type of products based on their needs and skin types.

Wander Beauty

Wander Beauty is the perfect beauty brand for people who are always on the go. With its multitasker and fewer products, you save so much time that would otherwise be spent on multiple products. The best part is that the beauty products are not only cruelty-free but also free of phthalates, parabens, mineral oil, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances. 

Being part of the Yotpo brands companies, Wander Beauty has launched its own loyalty program ‘Wanderess Miles Rewards’ that allows members to earn ‘miles. The members can earn these miles to eventually receive exclusive rewards and even become a VIP! 

Wander Beauty has more than a thousand reviews on its website. This means, that the shoppers have the freedom to browse through the reviews to satisfy any doubts and suspicions they have regarding the products. Plus, with a Q&A section, the brand can address any questions and queries of the shoppers. 


Who hasn't heard of the magic of Japanese skincare products? 

Tatcha provides just so! 

Tatcha is a popular Japanese skincare one of the most notable Yotpo brands that infuse traditional Japanese beauty practices with various ingredients to give your skin a radiant glow. 

Tatcha features a stunning visual gallery on its homepage featuring eye-capturing shots from their Instagram account, Influencers, and the normal shoppers who have bought and reviewed their products. 

Using Yotpo, Tatcha grabs the attention of the shoppers by featuring its best-selling products on the homepage of the site. Moreover, the skincare brand also provides the shoppers with average star ratings of the products along with reviews to build transparency. Plus, the brand has a feature to add the product to the cart right under the product display to make the purchase hassle-free. 

The website also has detailed reviews of the products on the product display. These reviews are filterable and are precise to the customer’s needs. For example, a customer can conduct research and find reviews based on their skin type. 


bulk™ is a European health and fitness product line that has an awe-inspiring story for everyone to feel inspired! 

The foundation of the brand began fifteen years ago when two university students were searching for a protein supplement to elevate their gym training results. However, the two students were unable to get an excess of the products in bulk or even were not able to find any information regarding the ingredients. This led to the students taking a dive into the health industry and creating industry-leading products of their own. 

Now, bulk™ doesn't only provide protein supplements but stocks a plethora of health and fitness products and sports equipment. Like other Yotpo brands companies, bulk™ has also collected an astounding number of more than 200,000 user-generated reviews across all the domains. This allows shoppers to precisely find the particular feedback that is relevant to them.

Moreover, the Yotpo brands also feature a visual gallery of pre and post-workout shots of athletes drinking the famous bulk™. This way, shoppers are provided a window to how the fitness products really work. 

Fashion & Accessories


Looking for chic, modern and sleek bags? 

Look no further, shortyLOVE is the best solution for those who want both aesthetics and functionality. 

Like other Yotpo brands, shortyLove maintains transparency with the shoppers by featuring filterable reviews. These reviews answer three major questions: favorite feature, usage, and if the shopper/reviewer would recommend others to make the purchase. 

The site also bridges communication between the brand and shoppers using a Q&A section, engaging customers and addressing their queries regarding products. The coolest part is: that the team directly responds to the questions so that there is no confusion in the air. Additionally, the brand also has a loyalty program that rewards the shoppers with shortyLove Rewards. 

Princess Polly


Source: Princess Polly

Princess Polly is a popular Australian brand with a wide range of chic, classy and modern apparel items. Similar to its other Yotpo brands competitors, Princess Polly has collected a staggering 95,000 reviews and showcased the most popular of them across multiple locations on the product pages. 

Furthermore, the brand also displays photos of satisfied customers posing in the apparel bought from Princess Polly. Plus, the brand knows the importance of marketing and has now moved towards different platforms including TikTok. 

Moreover, Princess Polly has a point-based VIP tier loyalty program famously called Princess Polly Rewards that offers exclusive rewards to the shoppers with every purchase, review, and by following the brand on various social media. 

Represent Clo

Represent Clo is luxury streetwear that combines comfort with style and creates comfy  T-shirts, sneakers, hoodies, and more. Like many Yotpo brands, Represent Clo opts for SMS marketing to notify its loyal customers of the newest products and an exclusive early-bird discount. 

This creates an air of exclusivity to the SMS subscribers of the news regarding sales and discounts before normal shoppers.

Home & Electronics



Source: Bonsoirs

Bonsoirs is a French company that provides high-quality and comfortable bedding including sheets, pillows, etc. The Yotpo brands have earned 5-star reviews with a community of loyal following. 

Like other Yotpo brands competitors, Bonsoirs showcases top-notch customer reviews on their homepage as well as product pages. A stunningly visual homepage captures the attention of the shoppers as soon as they open the website. 

Caraway Home

Launched in 2019, Caraway Home creates high-quality, clean, non-toxic, and non-sticky cookware sets that are popular among the community of loyal customers. 

Caraway Home has a display of the most influential customer reviews on its product pages. In addition, the Yotpo brands also integrate the option of filterable reviews that enables customers to find exactly what they are looking for. Although the brand is fairly new on the market, it has generated more reviews than any other cookware set. 

PMT Online

PMT or Professional Music Technology is one of the most popular award-winning chains of musical instrument stores across the UK. The chain has 16 stores that are located in many cities in the United Kingdom. 

This means that the standard of the site must be higher than its Yotpo competitors. For instance, the reviews section is not a standard one. The reviews are detailed and specific to the instruments. This way, the shoppers can easily filter the topics to find the one that's relevant to them. 

Nectar Sleep

Nectar Sleep is a popular bedding brand that stocks the comfiest mattresses, bed frames, and bedding to give you the most comfortable sleep every night. Designed with cooling technology and gel memory foam, the mattresses are sure to provide you with the warmest and most cozy experience. 

Nectar Sleep probably wins the competition here by featuring millions of reviews on the homepage. Additionally, these reviews can also be found on a separate page solely dedicated to the reviews where the shoppers can filter the topics and choose the ones that they're looking for. Moreover, the filterable reviews allow shoppers to filter mattresses on the basis of sizes, sleeping positions, and more. 

Food & Beverage


Grenade is one of the most popular Yotpo brands and sports nutrition company that creates weight-loss products for its dedicated customers. Launched in 2010, Grenade is an award-winning brand that is available in more than 80 countries. 

Grenade's site builds transparency and trust between the brand and customers by enabling shoppers to see how the products work in real life through visual feedback from customers. In addition, Grenade has a supportive staff that is quick to respond to all the queries and customers' questions. 


Chomps is a family-owned snack brand that offers its customers the most scrumptious snacks that are rich in protein. The ingredients of these snacks are sourced directly from farms that integrate natural, healthy practices without subjecting animals to any cruelty. 

Chomps offer its customers a strategic loyalty program; Chompion Rewards. Program a love shoppers to earn points and rewards for special discounts and deals on new orders as well as subscription orders. Additionally, the brand offers a unique "Give $5, Get $5" incentive to the shoppers who refer the brand to their friends. 

Moreover, Chomps showcases thousands of reviews of each of the products. The products are filtered on the basis of key features. For instance, the 'Spiciness' of the food. Plus, the reviewers are encouraged to post photos in their reviews ever.

Mountain Dew Game Fuel

Source: Mountain Dew Game Fuel

As the name sounds, Mountain Dew Game Fuel is a beverage specially curated for gamers to boost their gameplay. The power juice claims to create a specific collection of beverages with only 90 calories, and a lid that can be sealed again. Some of the popular flavors include Cherry Burst, Berry Blast, Zero Sugar flavors, and Raspberry Lemonade. 

Just like other Yotpo brands, Game fuel also has an exclusive loyalty program called, Game Fuel Victory Pass Rewards. The program encourages games to  “level up” by buying more cases so that the higher the level, the higher the chances of rewards. 

Plus, Game Fuel has detailed user-generated reviews of their products that also include the games the consumers played and which team they played for. 

Sports & Outdoor

Googan Squad

You’ve surely heard of Googan Squad if fishing is a favorite hobby of yours!

Googan Squad creates products for fishing enthusiasts and markets them as, “products made for the everyday angler by the everyday angler.”

The homepage of the fishing brand is a captivating gallery of shots taken by the customers of Googan Squad. A lot of these photos are in-action pictures that the shoppers have captured while using the products, Moreover, clicking on these pictures will redirect you to the product’s website. 

The brand also has a loyalty program, Team Googan, that rewards points to the customers until they reach Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels to ultimately unlock some of the coolest Googan merchandise. 



Source: Mammut

Mammut is a popular Swiss premium outdoor brand that caters to mountaineers all over the world. The Swiss brand creates top-notch and innovative products that are appreciated by mountain sports enthusiasts globally. 

Similar to other Yotpo brands, Mammut also has a stunning visual gallery packed with inspirational shots of the products used by customers in outdoor settings. Moreover, the brand has a popup window of reviews that prevents the hassle of navigating around the site for reviews,

This way, potential shoppers can easily read the reviews of the ones who have tried and tested the products while also attaining usability information. 

Key Takeaways

Yotpo is a user-generated content marketing platform that bridges the communication between brands and customers. There are many popular Yotpo brands that have attained global popularity all thanks to the seamless communication provided by Yotpo. Some of these brands include Iconic London, Represent Clo, Moroccanoil, Caraway Home Melvita, and more. 

Besides integrating reviews and Q&A sections, Yotpo also enables brands to create exclusive loyalty programs and incentivize the users by rewarding them with points, and exclusive VIP accesses to new product launches. In only a few years, Yotpo has developed itself into one of the most commendable marketing platforms.

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