What an Ideal Review Platform Should be

Ideal review Platform

In eCommerce, factors such as website UX, an interesting business model, popular products, optimal prices, a convenient checkout and much more are of great importance. However, in the pursuit of planning and designing businesses, we often forget about the technical aspects. eCommerce in today's market requires automation and flexibility of technical solutions. With their help, you can reduce the influence of the human factor, increase profits and improve the user experience.

Technical innovations in eCommerce are what consumers face daily. They cannot imagine shopping without these opportunities. Therefore, in recent years, smart review platforms have been actively developing. They meet modern market requirements and are an essential technical solution on any website. While developing the Wiremo reviews platform, we studied the market well, learned what users want to see and what other similar add-ons do not have. As a result, we understood what the ideal review system should look like for an eCommerce website, and today we will tell you about it. 

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Key Features 

Remember that users trust people’s reviews and personal recommendations. The more recommendations they receive, the faster and easier they will make a purchasing decision. Without a complete, convenient and independent review system, this is not possible. To get the most out of the review system on the website, you need it to have the following features.


Easy integration into modern eCommerce platforms

According to existing statistics, more than 65% of online stores are built on Shopify, Squarespace, and WooCommerce platforms. If you have just started your journey in eCommerce, most likely you are also planning to use one of these systems to build an online store. An ideal review plugin or app should easily integrate into one of these platforms and have all the necessary functionality for customization. 

If you want to switch from one platform to another, you should not face the difficulties of importing/exporting reviews. In our opinion, this is the first thing you should pay attention to. We worked a lot on Wiremo and developed unique plugins for Squarespace, WooCommerce, and app for Shopify. You can integrate Wiremo in just a few clicks. It will work flawlessly in any online store.


Review snippet

Micro marking is a special format by which other systems, such as search engines, understand and display data in a certain way. Here, we are talking about the micro marking of reviews on schema.org. In Google, it looks like pretty stars that reflect the current rating. Here is an example:

barefut stars


A good review platform should automatically support Google indexing. If this feature is not available, you will lose a lot of organic traffic. The current generation is more competent in using organic Google search results. When choosing between two websites with and without ratings, they will choose the first. Using Wiremo, you can forget about the complicated setup of saving reviews to a local database or manipulating with Apache (Nginx) to pull up external HTML code. Everything is configured automatically when installing the reviews add-on on the website.

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Spam Protection

This is an important part of any good reviews platform. First of all, it is a protection against competitors who decide to ruin your reputation and leave several hundred thoughtless reviews. Spam should be filtered automatically and should not appear on your website. In addition, this is a good defense against people who want to add links to their websites in your reviews. Surely you saw instances when over 90 out of 100 product reviews on a page are spam. The basic widgets that Shopify, Squarespace, WooCommerce offer you cannot guarantee 100% spam protection. Therefore, it is better to use a third-party service.


Import reviews from social networks 

Social networks allow you to open a business in the commerce sphere without having your own website. You will get a lot of feedback and recommendations from your customers and should be able to transfer this to the website. Reviews from social networks have the highest level of trust among users. Any good review platform for an online store should integrate these reviews from Facebook. This way you will immediately receive a large number of recommendations on the website.

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Post-purchase email automation

This is probably the most valuable feature in feedback automation. If you do not want to miss a single review, you should be one step ahead and remind your customers about it. Within a few days after the purchase, the system should automatically send emails with a reminder that it would be nice to leave a review about the product and user experience on your website. You should not think about what to write and when. An automatic system should do everything for you. If you do not have such a function, then you are missing out on unique content and real reviews for your website  

We have taken all these possibilities into account and Wiremo meets the highest demands of our customers. We have many advantages that will help your business grow faster and you will always be aware of what your consumers think.  In our opinion, an ideal review system is distinguished by regular updates. The capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) are developing exponentially and now every system must implement AI elements in its functionality. We have already experimented and implemented two very useful features: 

  1. Analyze review sentiment using Artificial Intelligence
  2. Enable Review Keywords and Search in Reviews using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With them, your business will be one step ahead and you will receive even more useful comments from your visitors and will be able to promote your products more effectively.


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