The Shopify Integration for Maximizing Your Reviews

The Shopify Integration for Maximizing Your Reviews WIREMO

Shopify has become a global leader when it comes to selling your products online. With its easy-to-use approach and great community support, anyone can launch a store on Shopify. However, there’s a difference between launching a store and launching a successful store. 

There are a number of third-party integrations on Shopify that can help with various aspects of your Shopify store. One of the most crucial aspects that many Shopify sellers take for granted is the reviews.

Reviews are the initial step in your journey of gaining your customers’ trust and selling your products. If we were to go just a decade back, we’d see that people used to talk to their neighbors about a product before buying it. They would process all pros and cons and make their decision based on that.

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People on the internet in general, and Shopify in particular, read the reviews. If there’s a positive trend in the reviews, people are more inclined to do business with you.

To be fair, it’s not that the sellers don’t care about reviews. The issue is with the approach. On Shopify, merchants solely rely on the native Shopify Product Review tool to get their reviews, which limits their reach. A number of tactics – they could’ve used to boost their sales or engagement – are left on the table because the users simply don’t know about them.

To help you get the best out of Shopify in terms of reviews, Wiremo has launched its Shopify integration. Wiremo, a Shopify Integration that helps with getting more reviews and thus sales, has been designed to get the best reviews without tech overload and extra effort. Let us take different scenarios and see how Wiremo helps you get the best of product AND seller reviews.

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Sending Review Request

Getting positive online reviews is like finding a planet where it rains diamonds. It’s not to say that it’s impossible; it just takes a lot of effort. There’s a saying that you don’t get anything unless you ask for it. The same goes for online reviews, with all the effort added in.

So how can you expect your customers to leave reviews on your products if you never asked? There’s no doubt that your product deserves all the accolades there are. However, without a small push, only a handful of your customers will leave a review.

Automated Review Request Shopify Wiremo

According to a survey, only under 5% of buyers actually leave a review. This shows the lost potential in terms of reviews and conversions.

Wiremo has a built-in feature to help you get more reviews by sending custom requests. In each request, you can customize the message sent to the buyer, so it relates to them and helps with the conversion.

There’s also an option of automatic review requests that you can use to send requests whenever a product is bought from your store. Overall, your products will be given genuine, heartfelt reviews without shady tactics.

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Triggers for a Better Response Rate

We all know that the early bird catches the worm. But how can we apply this to our Shopify store? We can respond to queries quickly to ensure that the customers know we’re interested in their business.

To give you some perspective, let’s take a rather absurd example. It’s 11 in the night, and you’re watching your favorite TV show, because why not. Your mom needs you to pick her up from the airport at 11:45, and the airport is a 30-minute drive from your home.

You remember that you need to pick your mother. But you don’t notice the time, and at 11:45, your mom calls you from the airport. To make matters worse, your mobile is on Silent, and you don’t answer the call. Your mom takes a cab in the middle of the night and reaches home. She’s disappointed in you. 

Now, if your mobile wasn’t silent, the situation would be way less complicated. You could’ve left home and picked up your mom and explained everything on your way home.

The point is that you need to add your Mom to your Favorite’s list in order to still get notifications. You might be wondering as to how this connects to the triggers in Shopify.

Well, it does. Let us explain. If someone sends a message on Shopify or leaves a review or buys a product, you want to be informed. If you don’t see the notification, you’ll miss it and maybe miss a sale too. You can’t be late here, or the customer will lose interest and go do other things.

To ensure that you don’t miss any of the notifications, we’ve built triggers that will help you stay up to date with your Shopify store, no matter where you are. This way, you won’t miss the worm.

Wiremo Triggers Shopify


Adding Images to Reviews

You might’ve heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. And that’s not false even in the case of online reviews.

Let’s imagine for a second that you’re shopping for shoes. One product has reviews that tell you how the shoes fit, how their color just pops, how comfy the shoes are. You’d be somewhat impressed. In fact, you might even buy those shoes based on those reviews. However, the competitor has reviews with images. The customers have bought the shoes, said nice words about the shoes, and even attached images to reinforce their words.

Now, which shoes would you buy? The ones with words or the ones with photo proof? We, humans, are inherently attracted to visual cues. This is because it’s easier to see something rather than imagining it based on someone else’s words.

So the problem with the first seller was that they were relying on the Shopify Product Reviews app. This app doesn’t have the option to add images to your reviews. Your customers might be willing to add images to the reviews, but the app doesn’t have that functionality. Any new customer might be discouraged by it because they don’t see the visual proof of what is being said.

The second seller might be using Wiremo and could simply ask their customers to leave a review with images. This visual proof is enough to persuade anyone because they clearly see what the product looks like, and they know what to expect. This simple addition made their business a lot of profit. We’re just scratching the surface when it comes to reviews on Shopify.

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Adding a Reviews Carousel

Continuing from our previous point, we also need to consider the visual appearance of your reviews.

To drive this point home, let’s take a scenario. You’re going to the mall to buy some hoodies for the winter. From where you’re standing, you can see two shops with the same hoodies. Even the price is the same. However, one of them is organized in a way that you can find what you’re looking for without much effort. The other one, although having everything that the other has, lacks the organization. Everything is just there. And you need to look hard to find what you came looking for.

Which one would you prefer to buy from?  The organized one? Or the one that literally forces you to work to buy?

In a similar sense, your Shopify Reviews can also make or break a deal. If they’re organized in a way that helps your customers find relevant reviews easily, they’d prefer you over your competition.

Shopify review carousel

How can you do that? With Review Carousel. It’ll help you organize your reviews in a slider. The customer can quickly scroll to find relevant reviews without having to fumble their way through everything.

To get a Review Carousel on the Shopify Reviews app, you’ll need some custom coding or buy premium themes. Even then, the carousel might not work smoothly.

Wiremo, on the other hand, has a built-in carousel that integrates with your Shopify product page seamlessly. In fact, your customers would appreciate how well the carousel matches your page’s overall aesthetics. This is because Wiremo gives you the opportunity to customize the carousel the way you like it. Everything from color to shading and size, you can customize it without paying anything extra.


Adding a Reply

Better engagement leads to better relationships. To ensure that you build a loyal relationship with your customers, you can reply to their reviews. This way, they’ll know that you value their input, and they’ll be encouraged to promote you to their friends and family.

Let’s take a peculiar example, which we’re sure you must’ve heard of.

Someone went on a blind date and met the person. The other person was very unresponsive and didn’t reply to any of the questions. To put it mildly, the other person was avoiding any type of relationship with the first person. Now, what would the first person do? 

Would they cling to the so-called date and keep talking? Or would they leave the conversation?

Auto reply shopify Wiremo

Let’s take another scenario where the same person went on another date. This time, the other person was very responsive. They talked about stuff and built a mutual connection on their first date. What kind of person would you like to be for your customers?

To do that, you need to interact with them. Reply to their queries and help them see things clearly.

Shopify’s Product Review app allows you to reply to the reviews. But it makes the process unnecessarily long and complicated.

On the other hand, Wiremo makes it super easy for you to reply to reviews. You can even categorize the reviews and generate automatic replies for each category. This way, your customers will feel connected while you’ll be managing your reviews hassle-free.


Import Reviews

Are you an experienced seller with tens of reviews outside Shopify, like reviews on Amazon, Facebook, Google, Etsy, etc? If yes, then you need to import your reviews on Shopify.

We don’t have a scenario or a story for this occasion as we’re you understand what we’re going for. To build trust, you need to have reviews. And it doesn’t matter whether they’re on Google or Facebook.

This feature is available on Shopify’s product Review app. However, you need to follow several steps before being able to import the reviews.

Wiremo, on the other hand, will help you import those reviews to your Shopify page easily so you can relax and enjoy the benefits that come along.

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Wiremo does more than what we’ve listed here. From sending customized emails to generating personalized coupons, Wiremo has everything that you need in a Shopify Review App or Plugin and then some. Like you can convert your very first clients or send invitations to new ones with custom deals.

The potential is limitless. All you need to do is try Wiremo and let it run its magic on your Shopify product pages.

So if you’re ready to take your reviews to the next level and boost your conversions, check out Wiremo’s 14-day free trial.


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