How to get more reviews with Wiremo

How to get more reviews with Wiremo

Many sellers agree that the importance of reviews in eCommerce becomes more relevant and obvious. But the problem is that customers simply do not want to participate in the life of online stores. According to estimates of various experts, reviews are left by 7 to 17% of online stores’ customers.

The modern consumer has many important tasks and problems to solve on daily basis. After making a purchase today, the customer will forget about it tomorrow and will return to the usual life. But if you know how to properly interest the buyer and ask him questions, then you can get a large amount of user experience on your website and strengthen your position among competitors.

In fact, your customers are ready to write reviews and share their customer experience, you just ask them wrong.

Throughout the year, we conducted an analysis of our customers and their strategy for gaining user experience and made a guide with a collection of the most important tips.

Working strategy for getting reviews with Wiremo

To get more reviews and help new customers gain confidence in your products, you need to follow just 5 rules that will help increase sales growth and improve SEO performance.  

1. Just ask your customers

Just ask your customers

This may seem strange, but most sellers do nothing to get reviews from customers. They wait for the buyers to take steps on their own and write comments about the goods. But this will not happen.

Remind your customers about the completed purchase and that they can leave feedback. Wiremo allows you to set up letters to be automatically sent to the buyer’s email a few days after the purchase. You do not need to do it manually. Just follow the recommended settings.

But do not make the main mistake - persistence and spam. If the buyer has not responded to your first letter, you do not need to overwhelm him with new letters. Do it after some time by offering a special discount or bonus in your store.

2. Contact your customers at the right time

Our data shows that it is very important to choose the moment when the buyer is still in a state of emotional uplift from the completed purchase. We found that it is best to contact customers 7 to 14 days after purchase, but no later than 30 days.

  • If a letter with a proposal to leave a review will be sent after 3-5 days from the date of purchase, the chance to get feedback is more than 60%
  • If you send a letter in 10-14 days, the chance to get feedback is less than 30%

A person should not lose the feeling of satisfaction with the purchase made, otherwise, with already so many tasks on his to-do list, he will simply skip your letter.

3. Make it simple and easily accessible

Make it simple and easily accessible

The trick of the Wiremo widget is that it's very easy for customers to write reviews and respond to your requests, no matter which device they check their email from and what they are doing at the moment.

If you do all the work yourself, customers will be happy to share their comments. No need to make them think about how to leave a review. No need to complicate their way and take from one page to another. The simpler the whole process is, the more willing people will be to share their reviews.

Think how a review can be left in just 1 or 2 steps. The customer may lose motivation or forget about what was originally in his head, if the path to leaving a review is difficult and long.

4. Stimulate reviews on products with low demand

Stimulate reviews on products with low demand

It is very important that the reviews on the site are distributed evenly. If most of the reviews will focus on the best-selling products, customers who have come for other products may not see them.

  • First, it will affect the overall conversion, since 90% of the products will not be sold
  • Secondly, you will not be able to develop your store and after some time, you will encounter regression.

You need to have customer reviews coming in constantly and be present on all pages of the catalog. It is true that it is not so easy. Familiarize yourself with the possibilities of Wiremo and consider how you can use the service for this purpose. And if you feel that you are not handling the task as desired and there are products that do not receive feedback, it’s time to take decisive action and change the strategy for getting reviews on products with low demand.

5. Give reward for a review

Anyone needs an incentive to keep in touch with the store. We saw that discount coupons or words of appreciation have a positive effect on customer response and increase the number of reviews.

Thanks to your reward, you can not only get the attention of the customer and add a review, but also get a repeat purchase. After the second purchase, they will write another review and can become your loyal customers.

Only 5 steps and you can change the activity of customers on your site. Of course, this is not as easy as it seems, but it should not be easy. Most vendors do these steps manually, and Wiremo will allow you to automate every step and beat your competitors in the battle for the voice of the customer.


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