What Is Microsoft Rewards Program And Why You Should Join It

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Having a Microsoft account will grant you access to the Microsoft Rewards program. This rewards program features discounts on the Microsoft Store and prizes coupled with other personal benefits.

There is no financial cost associated with the reward program, but there’s a huge cost regarding your data and privacy. However, joining the Microsoft Rewards program will depend on your preference.

What Is the Microsoft Rewards Program?

The Microsoft Rewards program is a data collection system from a company’s perspective. Microsoft collects data on services or products consumed by their customers by tracking what they search on Bing and other websites.

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They collect data on when and how often they visit a particular site to model customer behavior. From a consumer point of view, the Microsoft Rewards program is a loyalty program that you join free of charge when you use Microsoft products and services.

Once you have enough Microsoft Points, you’ll gain access to Game passes, sweepstakes entries, gift cards, movie rentals, and even charitable donations.

Here’s how to sign up for Microsoft Rewards:

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  • You will be directed to log in to your Microsoft account. If you do not have one, you can create a new one. You can use your Xbox Live account if you have one;
  • Answer the questions that follow about your preference for Microsoft products and rewards.

Once done with the questions, you are good to go.

How You Can Earn Microsoft Points

There are several ways you can earn Microsoft Rewards Points. They include:

#1.Shopping At The Microsoft Store

You will get Microsoft Reward points every time you buy anything from the Microsoft Store. It would be best if you had signed up with your Microsoft account when making the purchase.

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Level 1 members get a Microsoft point every time they spend a dollar on the store. Level 2 members, on the other hand, get 10-points every time they spend a dollar. If you are a Level 2 member with Xbox Live Gold, you will get ten more points for every dollar spent.

#2.Search With Microsoft Search Engines

You can easily earn Microsoft points by changing your default search engine to Bing. However, Bing points are capped to daily and monthly. You can earn a limited amount of Bing points through searching.

Other Microsoft search engines you can use include:

#3.Complete Surveys and Quizzes

The Microsoft Rewards dashboard is full of quizzes and surveys that you can complete earning Microsoft points.

The surveys and quizzes have 30 to 40 points each. They cover topics such as pop culture, history, and current events.

With the trivia, you will receive your points even if you get the questions wrong. All you need is to complete the surveys or questions to earn your Microsoft Reward points.

#4.Viewing Microsoft Promotional Materials

Microsoft offers incentives to read specific articles on its blogs, watch some featured videos, and engage with its promotional content.

This means you’ll need to look up to these materials on the Microsoft Rewards homepage. Most of these materials will earn you 10 to 20 points, but you get them just by clicking on them.

These materials make a great way to accumulate points since they require little investment of time.

What Is The Difference Between Level 1 And Level 2 Rewards?

The first time you sign up for the Microsoft Rewards program, you will be at Level 1. To get level 2 rewards, you will have to get 500 points in one month. You remain at level 2 if you continue getting 500 or more Microsoft points.

The main difference between Level 1 and Level 2 is how fast you accumulate your Microsoft points.

If you are a Level 1 user, you can easily earn 50 points in a day for searching on Bing. You get 5 Bing points per search, but you are limited to 10 searches per day.

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A Level 2 user, on the other hand, has a higher limit of searches on Bing. They get 50 searches per day, 20 on mobile and 30 on desktop, meaning they can earn 250 points in a day.

The same applies to earning points when purchasing on the Microsoft Store. Level 1 users get the point for every dollar spent, while Level 2 users get 10 points for each dollar they spend.

This is why we recommend Level 1 users to get to Level 2 before going for Bing rewards or purchase points. There are multiple ways to accumulate points on the Microsoft Rewards dashboard.

What Are The Types Of Rewards You Get With The Microsoft Rewards Program?

The most prestigious reward of the Microsoft Rewards Program is 12 months of Xbox Live Gold. Other fun prizes that cost less than 29,000 points include:

  • Enter to win 12 months of Game Pass Ultimate and an Xbox One X console – 200 points;
  • Donate to girls who code – 1000 points per dollar;
  • Enter to win a Surface Pro 7 bundle- 200points;
  • Branded Xbox mug- 5,000 points.

How Do You Make The Most Out Of The Microsoft Rewards Program?

When you have the right level of commitment, you stand a chance to accumulate a boatload of Microsoft reward points. You can redeem the points for actual money in the form of gift cards.

Here are simple steps you can take to ensure that you get the most out of the Microsoft Rewards Program:

  • Search via the Bing app on your mobile phone and the desktop. You can search on Edge every day to make sure that you rack up your points;


  • Start by checking the daily sets offered for bonus points and track your streaks on the Microsoft Rewards dashboard;
  • Make sure you join the Xbox Game Pass and get the Microsoft Rewards app to earn bonus points on the Xbox app;

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  • Purchase from Microsoft’s store to rack up on points and visit Bing Rebates and take advantage of cashback rewards.

What is Bing Rewards?

Microsoft rebranded Bing Rewards to Microsoft Rewards. Microsoft Rewards is a way to earn reward points from making purchases from the Windows store and using Microsoft Edge and Bing.

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Bing Rewards credits were changed to Microsoft Reward points. The Microsoft points work the same as credits. However, 1 Bing Rewards Credit is equivalent to 10 Microsoft Rewards points.

They multiplied the Bing rewards credit balance by 10 to change them to Microsoft Reward points. So if you had 800 Bing Rewards credits, these changed to 7,000 Microsoft Reward points.

How much are the Microsoft reward points worth?

It is important to note that the reward points have no cash value. However, if you do your conversions right, 1 point from the reward program is $0.001. This means that if you have 10,000 points, it is equivalent to $10 worth of rewards.


The best way to make sure that you earn your rewards is to make sure that you keep track of your points and know when you can redeem them.

It is important to remember that unredeemed points will expire if they are not earned or redeemed within 18 months. The Microsoft Rewards program operates on the use it or loses it policy. But, if you use your points regularly, you will easily negate this problem.

Why should you join the Microsoft rewards program?

The Microsoft rewards program is a great opportunity for you if you like leaving your GPS chip on. If you are the type of person who doesn't mind answering questionnaires with no hesitations, or you have no problem installing third-party collectors on your browser.

Before you join, you have to know that the Microsoft rewards program is just another data collection service, and you should only join if you are comfortable with that.

In my opinion, you lose nothing by joining. It's free, and you get to earn points for some of the mundane things you do daily, like using the search engine and purchasing products online.

The only downside is you will need to invest some time of your day to make sure that you participate in the activities on the Microsoft dashboard. Other than that, the program is worth your time and energy.

The program allows you to get great prizes while still giving the chance to donate to charity organizations such as girls who code. The program allows you to donate to such noble causes by making Bing searches.

Is The Microsoft Rewards Program For You?

The Microsoft rewards program is quite beneficial to a regular user of Microsoft products. The program is designed to enhance its product ecosystem while maintaining customer loyalty.

With the earned points, you can easily access many products for free or at a discounted price. You also qualify for third-party gift cards. In short, you get paid to use their products.

This program is a great way to earn passive income while opening you to some entertainment options.

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