The Best Discord Bots To Use In 2021 [Complete Guide]


Every great Discord server needs good Discord bots. The finest bots can enhance your platform with thousands of extra features, like polls, mod functions, games, music, games, rewards, and more! You'll need the finest bots if you plan to create one of the best Discord servers.

With that in mind, we've put together a review of the top 12 Discord bots for anybody to utilize. The greatest Discord bots may be found on Discord bots directly from their site or on top.gg.

What Are Discord Bots?

These are artificial intelligence (AI) applications that marketers and online business owners may use to automate a wide range of server-side tasks.

It's never simple to build a community, but doing it on Discord is a great method to give individuals a sense of exclusivity. This approach can help you if you already have a following.

In a safe and closed community atmosphere, you'll be able to share tips, create films, host lives, and teach people what you know. When individuals believe they are obtaining something unique, they are more likely to share it with others and, as a result, pay more for the knowledge.

Discord bots make it simple to create an active and engaged community. With them, you can welcome new users to your site, moderate member interactions, and ban rule-breakers.

You may utilize them to make your server more entertaining for your users by adding memes, music, games, and other interesting content.

It's critical to know which Discord bots to include. Some bots can help you improve your server and make it more inviting, encouraging visitors to remain and interact with you. The improper ones may turn people off, or the atmosphere may degrade.

12 Useful Discord Bots

1. MEE6

One of the best Discord bots you can use for moderations is MEE6 . This bot may check your server's forums for rule violations like spam, foul language, spoilers, and external links.

Also, you can use the MEE6 commands to quiet, kick, or even permanently ban users after they commit a certain number of offenses and for a specific period.

It's also simple to set up welcome messages and automate roles. Without having to do anything manually, you can welcome new members onto the server, assign them a role, and explain the server's rules with a few simple commands.

MEE6 will "level up" users and even play music in addition to moderation. With the premium MEE6 bot for Discord, users who have a higher server participation "level" give you access to exclusive server roles.

The premium MEE6 discord bot includes an audio recording, music quiz plugin, and can be integrated with several YouTube and Twitch channels. The premium version of MEE6 costs $11.95 per month, but to save money you can purchase one server for $79.90 for the rest of your life.

2. Dank Memer

The Dank Memer is the most effective and popular Discord bot. Its set of bot commands allows you to quickly find and add the killer meme appropriate for any chat.

Memes are a great way to boost engagement because people love humor, and the goal of Discord is to create a light-hearted community that is full of entertainment and fun. Memes are a quick and easy way to do just that.

Dank Memer is an excellent Discord bot thanks to its extensive command set. They can issue commands ranging from simple animal pictures to full-fledged games such as playing blackjack against the AI with real money coins.

It is an excellent Discord bot to use if you want to create a community where people can unwind, relax, and have fun.

The basic features of Dank Memer are all free however a small donation on their Patreon will unlock meme bot treats.

Select a monthly tier, ranging from $2 to $45/month, give you access to extra coins, more memes, and even unique server roles, plus support making this the best Discord bot for memes.

3. ProBot

ProBot is a bot that lets you set up automated welcome messages to welcome members every time someone joins the server. They use personalized greetings to reflect your personality.

With the application bot discord, you can quickly detect poor conduct using the auto-mode system and warn the individual not to repeat it, or throw them out if required.

You wouldn't want to offer someone a second opportunity if they posted anything vulgar, for example. ProBot can eject them from the conversation and keep them on track.

You may use the bot to create custom instructions with different levels to determine which acts warrant a swift kick and which need a harsh message.

The uptime of the best bots is a crucial factor for success. Because ProBot offers a 99.99 percent uptime, you rarely have to worry about the bot going down resulting in havoc to your server.

4. Helper.gg

One might say Helper.gg was designed for businesses. This is because the bot allows Discord users to create tickets.

The tickets are Discord-optimized, with writers being able to designate specific channels and even server responsibilities to route the problem to the relevant team. After that, team members may go through the tickets, respond to them, and close them.

All the above-mentioned features are free, however, a $3.50/month premium subscription is offered to give you access to additional ticket personalization and translation options. Helper.gg works great for teams who use Discord bots to interact with clients.

5. Voicy

Finding fresh and amusing methods to connect with your members can help you stand out from the crowd. And using Voicy can help you with this.

Keep in mind that you'll be competing with a lot of other individuals for the same users. You'll need to come up with original techniques to bring attention to yourself.

You may search through 's library of over 50,000 hilarious sound clips. They're always adding new sound effects to the platform, and you and your members may utilize the instructions to make it a more pleasurable and engaging atmosphere for everyone.

6. Arcane

Arcane is a Discord leveling and moderating bot that encourages new members to participate in the server. You may tweak the leveling system to adjust the amount of XP and prizes you receive.

Members may level up while conversing with the Arcane bot, which also supports voice leveling. Auto-moderation can keep track of who joins and leaves the group, filter out spam and swear phrases, and warn, mute, kick, or ban infringers.

Influencers will benefit from arcane. It can send alerts from YouTube to Discord, letting your fans know when a new video is out.

For $5 per month for two servers, you get more XP settings, unlimited roles, lengthier message logging, and YouTube alerts.

7. Musibeth

Discord users may use Musibeth to directly play YouTube videos. There are a couple of benefits to doing so. To begin, you might send members movies that give context or extra information about something you want them to know.

You may also set up automated instructions to generate videos for commonly asked questions so that you can spend more time growing the community and less time addressing the same question.

If you have your own YouTube channel, you can utilize the Musibeth Discord bot to promote it and gain more views while also educating users about whatever they're interested in. However, avoid spamming your channel with irrelevant YouTube videos.

The bot may be used to play music. Playing music on the server is a great approach to bring people together and create a friendly environment.

8. IdleRPG

As one of the most fun Discord game bots out there, IdleRPG adds the excitement of text-based role-playing games to a server.

You may create your character to complete tasks, buy and sell items, join guilds, battle, communicate with Gods, or even get married to other people.

Create your tale and even interact with the RPG's larger environment using numerous bot commands.

You can use all of IdleRPG's commands for free after you've installed it to your server, but by donating the bot’s Patreon, you’ll unlock more in-game treats.

9. Community Hubs Beta

The goal of Community Hubs Discord bot is to make it easier for us to communicate with one another across a variety of servers and platforms. It connects a Discord channel to a Hub room where other channels may share information.

This may be a fantastic way to bring two groups together if you have followers from different genres. Assume you have an SEO server and an Influencer Marketing server.

You may bring the two together utilizing Hubs to watch the live stream together and benefit from the knowledge if you want to do a live broadcast to both audiences since the subject matter is important to both. The Hubs bot also enables communication between the two channels.

Not only are there direct, immediate benefits, but there are also long-term benefits. Someone could, for example, choose to be a part of both groups.

10. Octave

Octave is one of Discord's most popular music bots. This music bot allows you to use your vocal channels to play any song from YouTube or Soundcloud.

You can make playlists and add music to them, as well as the replay, pause, and queue tracks. You may even request that Octave display a song's lyrics.

With a premium subscription, you can get filter options, track length and get longer queues, as well as infinite custom playlists, volume, and bass-boost. You may have access to Octave's Patreon premium features by giving $5 or $10 each month.

11. Quillbot

Quillbot is a unique Discord bot that will paraphrase what someone else has said. Using the commands will rewrite written text for you automatically. This is highly useful for your content marketing and writing.

Let's say you're interviewing someone who knows a lot about a specific topic. They respond to you using text from an article they wrote or a feature they had on their website.

You can't use those words directly. Quillbot will paraphrase their words so you can use them in your article.

If you're simply having fun with the bot, there are some more relaxed uses for it that you may experiment with. For example, if you use the word flip as a modifier, the phrase will be changed to include as many synonyms as feasible.

12. Apollo

When it comes to finding the best Discord bot for scheduling, then Apollo is your go-to discord bot. From inside Discord, you may create events, and attendees can confirm their presence by clicking the checkmark, x button, and even the question mark.

You may delete your event posts at any time or schedule them for deletion at a later date. Apollo might also send guests personalized messages as a reminder of the event. Also, it can generate recurrent events for you so that you don't have to create them manually every time.

Other than the checkmark, x button, and question mark, Apollo Premium allows customized signup choices. Premium members are also the first to see new features. The Premium version costs $5 per month for a single server, three servers go for $10 per month and $15 per month for five servers.

How to Add a Bot to Discord

You can find Discord bots using an online bot list or a simple Google search once you've determined which ones you want to add to your channel.

Then look for the invite or add button and choose the server to which the bot should be added. Keep in mind that you can only do this if you are an administrator or moderator on the server.

You should be able to utilize the bot with a sequence of commands as soon as it has finished uploading to the server. By right-clicking on a bot in the server member list, you can kick or ban it.

Why Add Discord Bot To Your Server

Discord bots are handy as they make moderation easy.  Plus, they're a must-have if you’re planning to grow your Discord server.

They are a powerful strategy for leveling up your marketing. This is especially important if you have a subscription or membership-based business.

Discord bots let you create engaging and yet fun stuff for subscribers thus keeping them interested in what you have to say and on your brand.

The list of cool Discord bots is endless, while searching for the best one, do exercise caution and review each bot thoroughly.


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