The 21st century generation: how to work with consumer


ХХI century in marketing is rightfully considered to be the consumer century. All business participants are forced to think about the client above all. It is not enough to think about what needs customers have and what desires they want to satisfy with the goods they purchase.

First of all, the business and, in particular, the owners of the eCommerce sites, should think about what the consumer experiences when entering into contact with the seller. It is very important to build such a relationship with the consumer where impressions from communication with the seller or from interaction with the site evoke positive emotions and the client would want to recommend the store to other people.

It is necessary to understand that there are more and more offers on the global market, but the difference in their quality is being erased. That is, the number of goods’ and products’ properties that would allow buyers to make a clear choice decreases. As a result, product positioning, promotion and, of course, customer service become important to the consumer.

The client service, in the classical sense, is a set of rules that must be followed in order to evoke different emotions in the consumer. Most companies use direct customer service and provide advice through live chat or by phone. Support staff must be good psychologists and follow all the rules in place to win over the client.

But it is necessary to attract a buyer long before he turns to customer support and the main tool in this task is the Wiremo widget.

What functions does Wiremo widget carry out?

As we have said, the main trigger for making a purchase today is client’s emotions. Stop thinking about the fact that your product has excellent characteristics and you can hook a customer with a unique description or a full set of product properties.

The consumer of the 21st century is well aware of many characteristics of the goods he is looking for. He has Youtube, sites with product reviews and official manufacturer websites for this. About 34% of consumers look through reviews and read product specifications before making a purchase.

Coming to the eCommerce website, the client needs to confirm that the product on this site meets high quality standards and the customer service works flawlessly. And for this, he needs honest, detailed reviews.

By showing a Wiremo Carousel of reviews, you give the client the emotions he wants to receive. After all, reviews are the user experience of other customers who have already made purchases on your site and used your product. Reading the reviews, the client receives exactly those expectations that he came for.

The 21st century generation does not just want to get the goods, but wants to get emotions, moreover, emotions during all stages of the acquisition: starting with the study of the goods and ending with their daily use.

What will help to strengthen the client's emotional attachment?

We have identified several working theses to enhance the client’s emotional attachment and implemented them in the Wiremo service:

Customer engagement in discussion

Buyers are more likely to react and feel that they are valuable when they receive an official invitation letter to discuss product. Thus, they quickly become attached to the store and even return to the site to check if someone thanked them for their review. With the help of Wiremo, you can set up automatic involvement of customers in discussion and even create serious discussions between customers.

Prompt responses to customers and thanking for the reviews

Do not leave client’s review unanswered if you want to increase emotional attachment. With Wiremo, you will always be aware of all the latest events on the site and will be able to respond promptly to customers and thank them for their feedback. And even if it is a negative review, you can quickly change the client's emotion from a negative to a positive one.

Rewarding regular customers

What could be more pleasant than a successful purchase? Right, a personal gift from the store. Wiremo Triggers is a universal tool that will give you the opportunity to reward customers not only with the word “Thank you”, but also with an action, such as a discount bonus code.

Of course, it would be wrong to say that the consumer of the 21st century is controlled only by emotions. But market relationships over the past 15 years have shown that trends toward increased emotional attachment to a brand, a store, product category are growing. And a well-constructed strategy of enhancing emotional attachment will help the business to have more sales, even with an objective reduction in the quality of goods.


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