What makes the consumer do shopping. Part 1


If you want consumers to forget about your competitors and go for shopping on your website, you must learn to understand how they make purchasing decisions.

For most entrepreneurs, the criterion for assessing demand is:

·         High quality goods;

·         Appropriate price for client categories;

·         Good service.

Indeed, all of these criteria are fundamental to the consumer, when choosing a seller. But this is only the tip of the iceberg and there are many hidden nuances that help to better understand the consumer and increase sales. After all, your competitors also care about the high quality of the product and try to give customers the lowest possible price.

Nowadays, non-price competition is the main way to get around opponents and give a start to sales of your product.

People often do not know what they want

The first thing that people, interested in buying any product, do is they go to google. Many of them complete a real online research to compare different product characteristics.

Many people do not know what exactly they are looking for and try to select 2-3 products that have the best characteristics using an exclusion method. According to statistics, about 71% of purchases begin with search engines and the study of various characteristics of the product.

User experience of previous customers is also included in these characteristics. The more information a potential consumer finds, the easier it will be to make a decision. Reviews about the product or the seller play an important role. This your key to influencing the purchase decision. The one who has no reviews will always lose this fight.

And as an entrepreneur, your task is to give people the opportunity to post reviews on your website and encourage them to share their user experiences. Wiremo tools allow you to automate this process and a few days after making a purchase, the client receives an email which invites them to leave a review. The client does not need to remember that he made a purchase because you can remind him about it.

Due to the fact that each individual will talk about your product and will describe various subjective characteristics, consumers will be able to better understand its merits and put it higher in the list of things they want to buy.

Crowd theory

The behavior of modern man is dictated by social norms. Even if the consumer does not know what he wants, he will always choose what dozens and even hundreds of people have already bought.

Crowd theory works in all niches and is a working marketing tool that will help you better understand what drives consumers to make purchases.

Very bright example:

In blind tastings, Heinz ketchup is very often not among the first in taste and texture. The consumer does not know which ketchup he is trying and cannot be guided by social opinion.

But in practice, we see that in its segment, Heinz ketchup is one of the top sellers. Whyit happen?

The fact is that millions of consumers see the advertisement of the product and a certain opinion, with which many people are afraid to disagree, is imposed on them. And if your neighbor tells you that he only buys Heinz ketchup, you also want to try this ketchup. It may not be the most delicious, but then you can also tell someone that you are using this popular ketchup and show your involvement in this product.

In fact, you just want to be on top of things and keep up with your friends, relatives and neighbors.

Now imagine this marketing tool that works on your website. You install the Wiremo reviews widget and give thousands of people the opportunity to share their opinions.

·  1st category of people, those who have made a purchase, will want to be involved in your product and show that they use it

·  2nd category of people, those who have not yet made a purchase, do not want to lag behind social norms and want to have the same product at home and be in the "trend".

This is how marketing worked 50 years ago and how it works now. Social norms do not change because this is psychology. You do not have to invent anything, just give people a tool so that they can manage their social norms themselves.

Having understood what one person wants, you will understand what his whole surrounding wants and will be able to attract 10 times more clients with the help of reviews.

To be continued…


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