React to Negative Reviews in Squarespace


It is no longer news that online reviews carry great potency to attract customers to your page. Sadly, it can equally dissuade customers from your page and from purchasing your product. Studies show that up to 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from their best friends.

A similar review also indicates that 80% of people may decide to go elsewhere if they read bad reviews on your business online. Furthermore, customers who had a negative experience are twice or thrice more likely to leave an angry review than customers who had a positive experience to leave a good review.

However, it should be noted that a single negative review can cost you up to 30 new customers if it is not countered by positive reviews and it will take up to 12 positive reviews to counter the effects of a single negative review.

These truisms as it relates to positive and negative review should suggest to you that negative reviews are very potent and should put you on an edge in doing everything it takes to counter the effect of negative reviews.

How to deal with negative reviews in Squarespace

There are many ways to deal with negative reviews. The sure-fire way is avoiding it. To avoid negative reviews, you need to do everything it takes to provide great service. However, providing a great service or offering great products can only fetch you as many positive reviews as possible but since human wants are unlimited, some customers are bound to be unhappy.

It is okay to have a few negative reviews and a lot of positive reviews. No one expects a perfect whitewash positive review and in fact, a lot of customers become skeptical if a page has a perfect review.

However, it is also bad to have a lot of negative reviews, it simply indicates incompetence. Besides, providing a great service, you can turn the tide by reacting properly to negative reviews

How to react to negative reviews in Squarespace

Before you ever think of responding or reacting to a negative review, you need to organize your response. In fact, your response should be organized even before your reviews come in.

Most people think that the ultimate way to appease customers is by giving them compensations. While giving compensations may work with some customers and some situations, it may not work in every situation.

You need to understand what the customer actually wants and respond appropriately. It is also important to respond quickly to a negative review. Customers who leave reviews want a fast answer. In fact, most customers want an answer within one hour. This means that you or your customer service team should be up and do in responding to reviews.

The situation involved should suggest to you the action you should take. Customers do not just expect you to respond to their reviews, they expect you to take an action. After responding to the review and assuring your customers your commitment to excellent service, you need to make sure you resolve the issue.

Wiremo provides interesting features for you to make the most of the power of customer reviews. Some of the features like the pop-up trigger and private conversation can help you to react to negative reviews in Squarespace and respond to customer complaints and comments immediately. These are great ways to react to negative reviews.


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