How One Unusual Review Can Increase Conversion on Your Website

Unusual review

On the popular network Reddit in 2018, a post in which the user shared a review of an unusual product on Amazon gained popularity.

It would seem that this is surprising. Every day, thousands of product reviews are left on the trading platforms. But this case was symbolic. After all, just one unusual review increased sales of goods by more than 3 times.


An unusual review

Reid Hamlin acquired a huge beach ball on Amazon. He hoped that he could have fun with his family. But it turned out that he could not handle such a huge ball. And here is what he wrote in the product review:

Unusual review2

The review has only 2 stars out of 5, which spoke of customer dissatisfaction. But he wrote it so remarkably and in an unusual way that Reddit users began to repost and share it on social networks.

Users reacted to the review with a sense of humor. “Not a single description of the product made me want this thing so badly,” one of the forum users wrote.

Another picked up the idea and added that he personally witnessed a huge ball. "I can confirm that this monster killed my family, destroyed my house and forced me to withdraw all the money from my bank account."

These comments amused the users of the forums so much that everyone wanted to personally buy a huge ball and try to handle it.

Many even shared their experiences after purchasing a product. In a comic form, they told how much damage and fun this ball brought.

Reid Hamlin was unlikely to have planned such a reaction and an increase in demand for the product. Surely, he wanted to say something else. But the review was written in such an interesting and unusual way that people could not pass by.

CTA blog 3


Emotions are the key

We have already said that the main trigger for making a purchase is emotions. After reading the review, users made an emotional decision and wanted to experience all the suffering of the buyer under the name Reid.

This once again proves that the presence of interesting, truthful and constantly updated reviews plays a high role in increasing the conversion on the website, but the most important thing is that reviews should be real. Such a huge interest in the product arose because the review was as natural as possible. Please note that the review has a very small rating. This means that the buyer did not like the product. But this did not stop an increase in sales. Therefore, do not always strive to receive positive feedback. 

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Sometimes, detailed and reasonable criticism shows other buyers all the pros and cons. And when a person understands what to expect from a product/service, it is easier for him to make a decision. After all, each person has their own motivation to make a purchase. And while for one something can be bad, but for the others, it will be good.

Now, owners of online stores are eager to buy or personally write reviews about their products. But they look artificial and such reviews are not trusted by 87% of buyers. The Wiremo platform was created to increase user confidence in your website and your products. You can encourage buyers to leave interesting and unusual reviews. To do this, we have developed many tools.

You should understand one thing: the more natural and credible a review is written, the more sales it will bring to you. It is much easier to do together with Wiremo. You do not need to invent anything. Just activate the widget on your website and after a while, interest in products will increase.


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