How to ask customers for reviews in Squarespace?


The importance of customer reviews to businesses cannot be overemphasized. Having realized the immense relevance of customer reviews, businesses seek ways to make the most of reviews from their customers in order to boost their services.

How to ask customers for reviews in Squarespace?

However, the first point of call is to get reviews from customers. Studies show that most satisfied customers are reluctant when it comes to leaving reviews. In fact, a majority of your satisfied customers may not even bother leaving reviews on your service if you fail to ask them.

Interestingly, most organizations, even big organizations like Amazon, ask customers to leave reviews on their page. You can ask for customer reviews in many ways; the approach you use is entirely dependent on you but you need to make sure that you do not bug customers with review request and also you should ensure that you ask effectively.

In Squarespace, you can also easily ask for customer reviews by using Wiremo plugin for Squarespace. It is very easy to set up your page to request reviews from your customers just with a mouse click. An automated review request is one sure-fire way of getting reviews from your client.

How automated review request works

If you are running a commerce Squarespace website, then automated review request is not optional, it is essential. You can choose to implement automated review request in two major ways, namely, in-email or on-landing review request.

In-email review request involves asking customers to leave reviews directly in the email while on-landing review request involves redirecting your customers to a landing page where you ask them to leave reviews. The method you use depends entirely on what you want to achieve but you can easily incorporate both methods in Squarespace.

The process is super-easy. You can create a template for either in-email or on-landing in a breeze using Wiremo Automated Review Request. Then, you can set up the automated review request in your plugin and start collecting reviews.

Our plugin for Squarespace makes each of these processes easy. You can follow the step by step guide and create an effective and robust in-email or on-landing template. You can begin by choosing Review Request, then Automated Review Request and then choosing a New Template button. After choosing a New Template, you need to select the type of template you want. The templates are either in-email or on-landing. Next, you should customize or adjust your email template to suit your specification.

The rest of the processes are all easy. Follow this tutorial: How to set up Automated RR in Squarespace plugin. Once you're done, Wiremo will fetch all the fulfilled orders from the current day and will send review request emails. Further, the app will fetch every 2 hours all the new fulfilled orders and also will send review request email after the X days you specified in your automated review request template and at the same time customer made the purchase as we at Wiremo consider that this is the best time for the customer to leave a review.

Using the features provided by Wiremo, you can get your customers to leave reviews on your page for every fulfilled order. Unlike most other platforms, these feats are achieved with minimal efforts, all with the top-notch features made available by Wiremo.

How efficient is the automated review request?

Very! We can write a lot different sophisticated words but the most relevant would be a live example. Here is one of our customers and his story of how he raised up his customer reviews number by 581% - Barefut success story.


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