How to setup and use Wiremo plugin for WordPress


Welcome to Wiremo! Below we will explain to you how to setup and use Wiremo plugin for WordPress. Same as for our Wiremo plugin for WooCommerce, the whole process can be divided in 2 parts: Setup and Customization.

Submit your website in Wiremo Dashboard

Please note:Before start using Wiremo plugin for WordPress you should submit your website domain in Wiremo Dashboard -> Install Wiremo and click on the "Next" button.

Setup Wiremo plugin for WordPress

1. Go to your WP Dashboard and click on plugins then press Add New.

2. In the search box type WordPress reviews plugin by Wiremo.

3. Once you found it press Install Now and proceed.


4. Once it installed press Activate button

5. Now you need to connect with Wiremo. In case you already have a Wiremo account click on the "Connect your Wiremo account" button. If you don't have an account press on the "Create Wiremo account" button.


6. For those who choose to create a Wiremo account follow the next steps. Please make sure all inputs are filled out properly. In case everything is ok please press the "Yes, use this details" button. You'll bee connected with Wiremo automatically. If there are some details that would like to change press on the "No, I would like to change" button. Then update your details and press the "Sign in" button.


7. For those who already have a Wiremo account and try to connect, in the opened pop-up window enter your Wiremo Dashboard email and password and click login. Then wait until it's loaded.

Note:Please make sure that pop-ups are allowed. In case your Popup Blocker is enabled you'll get a notification as it is shown in the image below. Please add Wiremo to your exception list and repeat the connection process.


Wiremo plugin for WordPress settings

As you can see in the image below there are some main settings for Wiremo plugin.

  • Shortcode widget lite
  • Shortcode widget review
  • Hide stars when no review - by checking this box Wiremo will automatically hide stars for widget lite if you don't have reviews for the moment.
  • Sync Wiremo with WordPress (use once) - use this button only if you disabled/enabled Wiremo plugin.


How to show reviews in a page

Using classic WordPress editor

Once everything is done just go to your pages and open the page where you want to insert Wiremo widget.

In your task-bar find Wiremo and press on it. Now you need to choose what you want to insert in your page: Widget lite or Widget reviews. Depending on what you will click Wiremo will add a tag:

As you can see both tags the "source" element. By using it you can show you customer reviews from current page, from some pages or from the whole website. Here is how to do it:


Using Gutenberg WordPress editor

To add Widget lite or Widget reviews using Gutenberg editor open the desired page or create a new one and start adding a block to your page. Then in the search type "Wiremo widget" or "Wiremo widget lite" and choose the desired one.

By clicking you automatically will add a block with the Wiremo shortcode for Widget lite or Widget reviews.

To customize your Wiremo widget and make it look same as your website design just follow up our tutorial: How to customize Wiremo widget

Thank you for choosing Wiremo.