How photos in reviews affect purchase decision


Your customers have great power because they can manage not only the rating of the product but also your company. Thus, if you give your client the opportunity to leave feedback with photos, it will receive a positive response and increase the credibility of your site.

Reviews consisting only of text are a thing of the past. Now, the buyer must fully ensure that the product matches the declared image.

Photos in reviews perform two functions at once:

With photos, a person takes less time to make a decision about a purchase. He can run his eyes through several reviews, find an image that meets his expectations and proceed to checkout.


Why do photos in reviews play such an important role?

To show why this is important, we will give an example of a social experiment:

Scientists gathered a group of people and gave them the task: to arrange the tastes of jam in a certain order. In the first position - the tastiest, in the last - the most tasteless.

Another group of people had the same task, only they needed to explain why a particular taste took a certain position. When scientists compared the test results, it turned out that they were opposite in both groups. What the first group considered tasty, another recognized as the worst. And vice versa.

Why did this happen? The fact is that when we see in front of us an image that we like, the decision is made based on intuition and subconsciousness. Due to this, a person makes a decision instantly. But when a person turns on rational thinking to comprehend the choice and explain to oneself the advantages of a product, his opinion can change dramatically.

When a person begins to read reviews and ponders over the opinion of another person, he forms his own opinion on the product, begins to look for flaws, tries to understand what the product will give him.

Therefore, do not trust a person who is ready to explain why he is ready to make a purchase or not. It may be that he himself does not know what he wants. If a person does not make a decision instantly, he begins to doubt. Catch the moment and clear the doubts by providing the opportunity to view photos in reviews.

With Wiremo, customers can complement their feedback with photos and share the best experiences on your site.

“In the early stages of introducing the possibility to upload photos in reviews and photos gallery from reviews to the Wiremo platform, we received positive results. Our partners reported an increase in conversion, an average of 9.2%. Now, interest in the products of our partners has increased by 48%, including a decrease in decision-making time by 25%.”


Vivid impressions and help in decision making

Photos in reviews not only help to make a faster decision but also help to get bright impressions.

It is very important to show the product. It's one thing when customers write how cool your products are and completely another thing when they show it. Looking through these images, a potential client sees the final result of the purchase and imagines himself in the place of the heroes of these photos. A very competent way to present your product is when a client sees a product in action. Thus, the client makes a purchase at the peak of his emotional arousal.

Accordingly, your site will be associated with these positive emotions and the customer will definitely come back for a new purchase or recommend your site to his friends. But at the same time, the images will help in making the right decisions. Feedback may be positive because the product is fully suitable in its characteristics to the buyer. But the photo shows that this product may not be appropriate for the client.

A great example: Shops with clothes. Since the body composition and form of each person is different, the same product may look differently on a particular buyer. The response may be positive, but the client will see that this item will not work on his complexion. Thus, he does not make a rash purchase and will not receive a negative user experience.

With the help of this simple method, the site can protect itself from dissatisfied customers who have chosen the wrong product that was not appropriate for them. Buyers will appreciate your help in making decisions and reward you with high trust and reputation.


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