The Main Reasons Why an Online Business Needs a Customer Review Platform

main reasons

Nowadays, customer reviews are becoming more and more fundamental for businesses. A few years ago, they were mostly used only in e-commerce, and client testimonials in the B2B arena, but now it’s easy to see how every business can take advantage of them. It’s easy as pie. User reviews increase your conversion. People like to check other customers’ opinions and are 63% more likely to make a purchase from a website if it has customer reviews. Also, customer reviews are almost 12 times more trusted than a description that comes from the producers or website owners (eMarketer, February 2010).

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Choosing the best way to manage reviews

After you have decided that you want to showcase your customers’ opinions on your website, you should choose an option for how to do that.

Option1: Using customer review sites. Many people choose the largest ones, such as Amazon, Yelp, TrustPilot, or niche-specific customer review websites. Most people trust these sites since they have a large number of reviews and users. However, these sites are huge collections of customer reviews, where it’s easy to get lost. Also, they are fairly customizable.

Option2: You can pick a customer review software such as Wiremo. It’s more personalized and customizable to your business, also giving you the option to send out email requests to your consumers to get them to leave reviews


Why choose customer review software?

We won’t lie to you. We know that in most cases customer review platforms are a better choice than review sites. Why? Let’s see the list:

  • Like in your business, when you use review software, you are the owner and manager of your business’s customer feedback. What does it mean exactly? Of course, you can’t re-edit your buyers’ reviews, but you can arrange them, reply to them and influence your reviewers. So, basically, the wheel is in your hands. Meanwhile, on a big platform, you can hardly affect anyone and your possibilities of having a conversation with your customers are limited. Ah, one more thing about software: You can insert your reviews anywhere on your website, of course.
  • You will get more customer reviews. Using these software packages, generally, there is an option to send out emails to your customers to ask them to leave their feedback on your website. It’s also possible with Wiremo. Read this article if you are interested in why you should always ask for reviews. Long story short, when you ask, you shall receive (around 77% more!).
  • Did you think about your SEO? Customer reviews dramatically boost your rankings. One report pointed out a 50% rise in rankings over a three-month period. But this is only if you are the owner of your reviews. When another site owns them, such as Yelp, Google or Amazon, your reviews boost their ranks higher and not your website. I doubt you want that.

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  • When people visit third-party review sites, they see your competitors’ reviews simultaneously as well. It means they can skip to one of your competitors’ websites easily from there. When they are on your website reading your customer reviews, they don’t usually go to another website instantly.

The key point here is to own your customer reviews. Software packages such as Wiremo are the perfect solution for it, so you can get the aforementioned benefits and increase your website traffic and eventually your revenue.


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