Top 15 Inspiring Shopify Jewelry Stores


Looking for inspiration for your Shopify jewelry store? Want to know what works and what doesn't? You have come to the right place!

There have been a plethora of jewelry stores emerging lately with all kinds and styles of jewelry suitable for all styles and aesthetics.

In fact, with the pandemic, many jewelry stores have switched to an online store instead of a physical one which costs more in the long run, so online stores have proved to be more beneficial for all.

With the rise of eCommerce, it has increasingly become very simple to set up a store of your own, especially with Shopify.

Because of these reasons, Shopify is increasingly becoming the leading choice of online business owners. With over 800,000 stores being powered by Shopify in 2022, it is surely one of the best choices to start your Shopify jewelry store with. And in this article, we’re going to go through the top 15 inspiring Shopify jewelry stores.

Let’s start!

Is Shopify good for the jewelry business?

Let’s start with the most important question: is Shopify the right platform to launch your jewelry store?

Shopify is one of the best platforms available for creating an online store. Drop shippers and physical store owners use it to scale their business to greater heights.

Shopify is a hosted platform that provides everything necessary for building your online store from scratch and putting up your products for sale.

If you have been planning on opening your online jewelry store, Shopify is one of the best choices for your store. Shopify is a beginner-friendly website builder that consists of a variety of apps. Despite being very simple and easy to use, you can completely customize your store to your liking with dynamic eCommerce tools.

Shopify helps you grow your business and save costs while being efficient. It provides swift, scalable hosting with remarkable resources, which prove beneficial to jewelry stores on Shopify. 

If you don't want to commit fully to Shopify, try building a store with a 14-day free trial for which you don't even need a credit card. Shopify has various plans for all kinds of jewelry stores, so you can choose the plan that best suits you. 

The pricing plans with relevant features can range from $29 per month to $299 

Shopify allows users to include themes at $200 and integrations for apps for $50 per month. Low-level plans, free themes, and apps are also available for beginners. Additionally, Shopify provides web hosting for free and 24/7 supervision with updates from Shopify. 

As a result, you have plenty of time and resources to focus on running your business.

Shopify is easy to use

Brand recognition plays an essential role in growing your business in the jewelry market. As a result, Shopify lets you customize your online store to stick to your sui generis brand. 

Shopify provides jewelry store owners access to dashboards that don't require coding. 

The platform has completely changed the way small businesses operate online. Apart from that, Shopify's platform offers high-quality reporting with basic customizations.

Additionally, Shopify also helps sync inventory and data between online and physical stores thanks to integrations through the Shopify POS.

Consists of Dynamic Features

To top jewelry stores, Shopify attracts traders thanks to different payment options, fast shipping, and compelling dashboards. 

Shopify's high-quality and distinct apps can take sellers' stores to great heights. Furthermore, Shopify allows third-party apps so that jewelry stores can increase functionality to better customer experience. 

In addition, robust features from Shopify help store owners find quality solutions to increase efficiency.

Shopify's apps allow all business operations, from marketing to operations and finances, to work smoothly.

Shopify provides users integrations with Mailchimp, Quickbooks, Instagram, Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Due to that, Shopify jewelry store owners can analyze, evaluate operations, and then find viable solutions to improve them. 

Moreover, Shopify can bring several tools and systems together. 

With several platforms connecting actively with each other, Shopify allows your stores to sell through different sales channels smoothly.

That's why local brands to global enterprises worldwide choose Shopify over other platforms to run their stores. Sellers need an attractive venue for showcasing their products and ways to interact with clients. They can find the exact tool they want on the Shopify platform and in the Shopify App Store

It offers scalability

When creating a Shopify jewelry store from scratch, you have to consider the eCommerce platform's potential growth. If not, this can lead to stores that require a big investment for updates or migrations. 

Luckily, Shopify efficiently handles the requirement of growth and scalability.

Top jewelry stores such as Allbirds choose in their online business journey. They have saved a tonne of money by removing the fees for transactions. By owning jewelry stores on Shopify, you will have lesser worries and boost all business processes.

If you are seeking an eCommerce platform to build your own jewelry stores online, Shopify probably wins the game with a simple-to-use dashboard, easy reporting, low-cost plans, trusted integrations, simple scalability, and other great Shopify features.

Promotes notable SEO performance

The effectiveness of SEO on Shopify is a mixture of the flexibility of the software itself, together with the marketing and SEO knowledge of the person working on the site.

Shopify offers amazing SEO functions, allowing you to edit and add necessary tags, meta tags, products, and place collections and descriptions in an SEO-friendly way in the browser. 

Generally, Shopify gives the store owner a great way to optimize the store's content – but as mentioned, little understanding of SEO is required to get the most out of this.

How Do I Set Up a Jewelry Store on Shopify?

Now onto the next question on your mind, how do you set up a store online using Shopify? You can set up a working Jewelry store on Shopify in only a few hours.

  • Sign up for a free trial to play around with the features;
  • Choose a theme that adheres to your brand;
  • Create an about page and tell your story to the customers;
  • Add relevant apps from the Shopify app store;
  • Market and promote it.

Now let's look at some great Shopify Jewelry stores and get inspired.


One of the top Shopify stores, Vrai, sells fine jewelry, from basic pieces to engagement and wedding bands. You can see right away that this website was made with the needs of its visitors in mind when you visit it.

Shopify Jewelry Stores

The website for Vrai can manage a lot of material while still performing effectively and loading quickly. It aids in accelerating page speed by delaying the loading of the images until you scroll to them. Without a doubt, loading time is important to any online them. If a website takes longer than two seconds to load, more than half of the visitors will click away.

For clients to comprehend the items and make the best decision, Vrai tries to provide useful information. Contrarily, information removes clients' reservations. Because of this, Vrai offers helpful information to potential clients. Vrai uses professionally taken images to highlight its products. Despite many high-quality photographs on their website, it loads quickly.

2. Vivian Frank

Vivien Frank is one of the top Shopify jewelry stores selling handmade items. The layout of the website is similar to that of a magazine. They will feel like they are reading a magazine as you scroll down. With such a flawless design, it offers a premium experience.

With 9k followers, Vivien Frank is extremely successful on social media. They also create blogs to offer their readers useful information.


Rings by Qualo are fashionable and comfortable, making them appealing to anybody. People that lead active lifestyles are very drawn to their exceptional items. Top Shopify jewelry store Qalo specializes in selling silicone rings.

Along with drawing people in with their unique items, their website plays a significant role in their success. The website for Qalo is straightforward and features striking pictures of their rings. Their logo features a sporty font and a simple style. They are able to attract their target audience as a result actively. 

Qalo runs a 220k-follower Instagram account. Additionally, they frequently post photographs and stories to keep their devoted fans informed about new products.

4. Missoma

Missoma is high on this list since it is currently one of the most popular Shopify jewelry store worldwide. Missoma focuses particularly on creating the ideal jewelry for your everyday wear. Missoma also offers distinctive, delicate jewelry with semi-precious gemstones that exude elegance to its consumers.

Missoma's Shopify jewelry store is a great source of creativity and inspiration for new jewelry businesses. The design of Missoma is built on grace and simplicity. The Shopify-powered website for Missoma features a chic interface that gives users the impression that they are reading a magazine. 

Additionally, Missoma draws in a sizable following on social media.

No matter where they are located, this jewelry company's consumers have many delivery possibilities.

5. By Charlotte

One of the top jewelry companies on Shopify is By Charlotte, which attracts customers with a simple design devoid of distracting features. The By Charlotte website is thoughtfully designed to make it simple to understand the content. They worked hard to make every detail on their website as beautiful as possible, so each one completely complements the main design concept. 

By Charlotte can draw visitors' attention immediately and keep them there longer because of a bar at the top stating that shipping is free. Since it is believed that 85% of chatters eventually become customers, their live chat is also a smart strategy.

The "Shop Instagram" feature of By Charlotte's website can boost sales and increase output.

They strive to make shopping the best experience it can be. The "Shop Now" button displays when you click on a jewelry image you like. When you hover over the button, the name of the highlighted item appears in a pop-up. The product description can then be read by clicking the button. If you see something you like, you can decide whether to buy it right away or put it in your shopping basket.

6. King Ice

The jewelry and accessory business is handled by the hip-hop and streetwear brand King Ice. King Ice has been the top jewelry retailer in terms of creating fine wearable art and fostering a close relationship with each customer. 

Additionally, King Ice wants to provide customers with the finest shopping experience possible. King Ice is renowned as one of the greatest Shopify jewelry store in particular for its bold concepts, premium products, and marketing strategy partnered with the entertainment industry.

Hip-hop jewelry from this Shopify jewelry company includes sparkling rings and pendants on chains made of silver or gold. You can also visit King Ice's hip-hop-themed, bold, and gold website.

King Ice's website has generated a lot of leads because of its engaging web design, which has drawn a lot of visitors. Their distinctive logo features a lion in the center. The images in their highlighted collection are typical of contemporary rap music videos. 

Their decision to reject minimalism is appropriate for their target audience because everything revolves around luxury and wealth. King Ice acquired popularity on Instagram as well, where they currently have about 400k followers.

Customers are often concerned about delivery policies when they shop online.

Up to five domestic shipping options and two international delivery options are offered by King Ice. The terms are clearly specified as well. This is a fantastic tip that your Shopify jewelry store should take note of.


Ana Luisa, a well-known French brand, stands out among the best Shopify jewelry store due to its successful eCommerce platform. They use diamonds that are grown sustainably and 100% recycled gold to make their jewelry. 

As a result, they create a stunning website with outstanding components for enhanced performance.

Banners on the homepage from Ana Luisa's team alert visitors to coming deals and discounts. In fact, this creates a sense of urgency that encourages people to purchase things at a discount. Furthermore, a countdown timer at the top of their eCommerce site encourages users to purchase goods before they run out of stock. A pop-up will alert you to a limited-time deal, free shipping, or a 25% discount as you browse the items section.

These clever strategies might encourage website users to make purchases. Most importantly, Ana Luisa values the client experience and works hard to add value continually.

8. Ring to Perfection

Ring to Perfection is unquestionably among the top Shopify jewelry store. By posting blogs, this website takes a novel approach to attracting visitors. Regular blog postings on various jewelry-related topics are written by Ring to Perfection. 

To increase organic traffic, they concentrate on creating SEO-friendly content. It's thought that blogs with interesting and high-quality material account for 35 percent of Ring to Perfection's website traffic.

On the other hand, Ring to Perfection also fully utilizes Facebook advertisements to attract additional clients. When they visit their websites, potential buyers will be guided to the exact things the store sells, not the homepage. Ring to Perfection offers consumers the option to pay in other currencies. To pay for your cart, you can select your preferred currency. 

Additionally, pricing can be shown in your currency. You can, therefore, quickly decide before making a purchase. Without a doubt, it is a feature that international players must include on their websites.


Body Candy gets consideration when it comes to the best Shopify jewelry store.  The best body jewelry comes from this brand, which is well-known for it.

Body Candy's pop-up "Mystery Offer" wheel draws customers in immediately. When you spin it, your special deal becomes available. Additionally, they provide free shipping or a 20% discount to keep potential buyers on the website.

This wheel also helps Body Candy's email customer list grow by asking for their emails frequently. The website for Body Candy has a helpful live search. Giving each customer good options is beneficial. All recommendations also include prices and pictures.


SHASHI is one of the top 25 most lucrative Shopify businesses worldwide, along with businesses catering to various niches besides just jewelry. There must be a reason for their success, as it's a pretty simple store that has managed to rise to the top.

Technically speaking, they sell a wide variety of accessories, from necklaces to bracelets. Therefore their items are not specific. However, you may find two primary color schemes in their shop: rose gold and rainbows. Their bracelets are vibrantly colored, while the majority of their metal jewelry, which includes rings, necklaces, and bracelets, is rose gold.

Their store is quite simple, and one of their great features is that the price of a certain item won't show until you move your mouse over it. Additionally, when you click on a product, you can select the color and size and locate all the necessary information.

11. Rebel Nell

The mission of Rebel Nell is to empower, educate, and employ women. It was established in 2013 to assist women who are encountering employment hurdles. That implies that you have influenced someone else's life by each product you purchase from them.

Their designers have mastered the skill of creating one-of-a-kind, wearable works of art from graffiti layers. On Instagram, they have acquired over 10,000 followers. It's not much, but with their aim and drive, that number will undoubtedly increase quickly.

12. Gwen Delicious

This jewelry shop on Shopify was started by a stay-at-home mother, Gwen Delicious. When Bonnie, the founder, was a young girl, she used to watch her father make jewelry as a hobby. Bonnie and her husband later turned that interest into a full-time business.

Gwen Delicious reached the list despite not being a generally profitable company because of its distinctive eccentric jewelry designs.

You can view a selection of necklaces with pendants that resemble wax seals by visiting her web store. Bonnie's love of adventure as a child was the main inspiration for her work. However, she does produce pieces that appear more contemporary.

13. Miansai

Michael Saiger established the popular brand Miansai, which has established its flagship locations in New York City's Soho and Venice Beach. Additionally, it is among the top 500 Shopify stores.

High-end jewelry composed of precious metals like 14k gold or 18k gold is their area of expertise.

The design of the popular Shopify jewelry store is outstanding. Over 30 talented craftsmen and artisans individually handcraft each and every item for them. They also sell jewelry for both men and women, which is another pro for diversity. While keeping it simple, it is easy to browse and navigate.

With more than 124k Instagram followers, they are doing fairly well on social media. They are also active on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


PDPAOLA, a business that wants to empower women and provide them with the opportunity to express themselves in the truest sense possible, is also among the best Shopify stores.

Their promotion rather than their products is what gives them their USP. As a company that prioritizes women's empowerment, they choose models who may not always meet conventional notions of beauty. Flaws? No, it's just a stunning woman doing what she does best. 

They use large, spectacular original photographs to make their homepage stand out. It is what you expect in a fashion catalog: basic yet attractive.

They are on five different platforms, including Spotify, and have 1.3 million followers on Instagram!

15. Clocks and Colours

Frontier North America was the setting for the founding of Clocks and Colors. The breathtaking nature influences their designs in the area and the rough backroads that cross it. 

The finished pieces almost seem rebellious. To ensure great quality, each sterling silver ring, pendant, and bracelet is handcrafted in Toronto, Canada, then hand-carved by skilled silversmiths in Bali.

One of the few companies to choose for an all-black theme, this one stands out. The brand also uses grayscale photos, with the exception of the pattern on the rings. This makes their artwork more distinctive. It's quite creative and a great way to grab a visitor's attention.

Key Takeaway

Hopefully, after seeing all this inspiration, you have become motivated and inspired to create a unique Shopify jewelry store of your own.

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