Quiz Commerce: 3 Simple Ways to Drive Big Holiday Results

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Quiz Commerce: 3 simple ways to drive big holiday results

Tom Coburn is the Co-Founder and CEO of Jebbit. Jebbit is a platform that enables anyone to quickly build beautiful interactive experiences that capture first party, declared data. From simple lead forms or surveys to more robust experiences like product matches and personality quizzes, the Jebbit platform drives high engagement by providing consumers with immediate value in exchange for relevant information about their motivations, interests and preferences.

This is a transcription from the session that Tom presented at Wiremo’s Ecommerce Summit in 2020.

Check out full video recording of the session here:

In this session I will be talking about how you can leverage a quiz to drive more sales in the moment this holiday season. To make it very practical we will look at Express which is a brand we have been working with for a few years. On the left hand side you will see a standard landing page for Express Jeans that they might be running before working with Jebbit and on the right hand side is a quiz they created to help a woman find the right jeans for her.


Quiz Commerce




The obvious point is if you land on the page maybe through a Facebook Ad or if you come to the website by yourself, it will be a less engaging and more difficult consumer experience especially if you are on the phone, this is coupled with the short attention spans people have these days.

On the right hand side after you have answered four or five simple questions about yourself then you will get matched with the perfect jeans that suits you which you can add to cart and checkout. Sometimes you might ask for an email before matching the customer with the right product if lead capture is important to you.


There are different kinds of experiences you can build on the Jebbit platform.


The Express quiz we just examined is a product match quiz. Bliss ran a knowledge test where they were quizzing people about how much they know about the ingredients in their products.

The first step in implementing these strategies is thinking through the actual experience you want to build that will be engaging for your customer.

The second step is thinking about where you want to put this experience, is it something you want embedded on your homepage for all the traffic that gets there, is it something that you want to email out to your existing audience or do you want to drive traffic to it through paid media such as  Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads.

Everyone feels that they have an attention problem especially around Black Friday or other holidays because people are so busy however the core of the problem is about value and are you giving genuine value to the customer.

The question the consumer asks consciously or unconsciously from any brand they engage with is what is in it for me.


Many brands when they start working with us think that if they want to do a quiz or any type of interactive experience, they have to offer something in exchange monetarily. They think they need to offer a discount or sweepstakes and a chance to win or anything like that. After working with hundreds of brands and running thousands of experiences, I can definitely tell you that it is not compulsory to offer monetary incentives.

Every Jebbit experience is designed to make sure you offer deliver genuine value to your customer and we have broken them down to six types of genuine value.


The Express jeans example that we examined earlier saves the consumer time and it is giving a recommendation which is very valuable. The Bliss cosmetic example is testing your knowledge and teaching you something.

You can make the user unlock some piece of content in exchange for engaging so there are lots of ways you can play around with these values.

We have averaged close to 90% completion rate on every job experience across all the verticals and all the brands we work with. In the last 8 years we have gathered a ton of data on what makes a consumer engaged and what makes a great interactive experience that will get consumers to complete it at the highest rate.

Our Black Friday won’t be filled with people rushing in to malls and stores rather it will be filled with boxes piling up at our front door with all the things we have bought for all our friends, family and loved ones.


The key things you need to think about doing this holiday season and some steps you need to make based on your brand and the problems you are facing are highlighted below


A lot of e-commerce brands we work with love Jebbit because it enables them to offer an experience that is more than a buy now button. When I go to the folder of promotional messages I am getting, most of the messages I get is about this sale or this discount. To deliver something like a quiz into someone’s inbox is a really nice break that enables them you to just engage them and have a conversation but still drive them to buy in the end.


Challenge 1


A product finder quiz with Boden is highlighted below:

They asked if you are new to Boden, they asked if you are buying for yourself or someone else, they asked for price point you are looking for, they provided a lead capture and they provided an outcome for you with a discount code. This enables you to have the same type of conversation you would have with a consumer who walked in off the street into your store digitally.



We will examine this example from Hidden Valley Ranch

Hidden Valley ran this experience with Pinterest which is one of our partners. You will see a recipe finder and as you swipe up on the Pinterest post, it leads you into an interactive Jebbit experience which contains a lot of fun questions to get you engaged, there are also data gathering questions such as How would you describe your cooking skills?
Who are you normally cooking with?

After you have concluded the quiz it will generate a custom board with recipes from Hidden Valley Ranch based on how you answered the questions.



We will be examining the lookbook that Express did, the lookbook is a great way to showcase all your products rather than hoping that someone will scroll through everything. It allows you to quickly scroll through the products just like you would if you were walking by the store and kind of window shopping.

At the end of the lookbook you might insert a lead capture or you can ask a question such as Which of these looks did you like best?


The data we have attained from running these quizzes.
87% is our running average across every brand, looking at the data over the last year.
If you want to, you can insert a lead capture at the end, which depends on where you are running this. If you are deploying this to email then you don’t have the need for lead capture but if it is on your website or it is something coming through a Facebook Ad, you are probably going to do lead capture in there, 55% of consumers when you ask for a lead will give you their lead information.

There is a lot we recommend around where you put your lead capture. We recommend you to put it at the end of the experience after the consumer has answered the questions, you then have the option of do you want to give them their outcome of here is the right product for you then you ask for the lead capture or would you prefer to ask for a lead capture and then give them their product.

The main takeaway is if you can engage someone in a conversation and get them hooked on one of these experiences you are going to get a high rate of lead capture just because you have been able to build that trust with them and hopefully learn about them while teaching them about your brand.

46% of people that complete the quiz will redirect to the product page to add to cart. This is an important stat we are going to be measuring especially if you are using this as a way to drive more sales on Black Friday.

On average our experiences capture three attributes per person that you might want to use for future personalization.

Case Study of Pour Moi

Pour Moi is a skincare brand that we have been working with for a couple of years. If you go their homepage, you will find out that the quiz is embedded right within the website. A quote from their president and founder Ulli Haslacher is stated. 16% of sales across the website are coming through the quiz which is higher than what she anticipated will come via the quiz.

85% of the people that finish the quiz go ahead and buy. An important point to make is that this case study result is higher than the average but this is incredible results. She is seeing that for almost nine out of every ten people that go through the quiz end up making a purchase. Educating consumers on how her skincare products are different from the normal ones out there is a really important point for her and that is often hard to do when someone just lands on the page because they might bounce. The average order value is 163% compared to those who don’t buy through the quiz, so not only is she driving more sales with the quiz on the site, she is also seeing a higher order return value. A cool stat that is not displayed here is that she has had almost zero returns after people go through the quiz and she attributed this to the fact that the quiz has obviously helped her match people to the right product for them.


If any of these things interesting to you, you can still have this live by Black Friday. You can go to our website, browse through the template gallery for the different experiences we have talked about, pick a template, upload your own branding and create a filter which you can layer on top of the template.


If you scan this QR code, it will take you to a place where you can try out our platform completely free for the rest of 2020. You can also feel free to shoot me an email or if you have more questions and you want to talk to a specialist on our team because you don’t want to figure it out for yourself, I am happy to direct you to the right member of our team.


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