How To Create Wix Website: Step-By-Step Tutorial


Creating a website should be easy with WordPress alternatives such as Wix in the picture. Wix website is a top builder that has brought flexibility to website building.

This powerful platform allows you to create your website in quick and easy steps that even beginners can follow. Better still, Wix scores a point for a website builder that uses an artificial intelligence generator to get your site up and running in a short time.

All these perks are free of charge or at a few dollars. Therefore, you can rely on Wix for a fully customized website you’ve always wanted.

So, are you thinking about using Wix to build your website? This guide has all the information that you'll need for setting up a fully functional website to start selling stuff or sharing information about your business.

A Detailed Step by Step To Creating A Wix Website

Follow these easy steps to create a Wix website of your choice:

#1.Create a WIX Account by Just Inserting your Email and Password

Similar to most online stuff, you have to secure an account before you start creating a website using Wix.  The sign-up process is straightforward as you only need to head to the homepage and click Get Started.


If not on the homepage, you can click on the CTA that implies creating an account. For instance, you can select “Create Yours Today” on the “Explore” page to get started.

Additionally, you also need to answer some questions regarding the site you’re creating though they are optional.


Answering these questions appropriately gives Wix an idea of the website you’re looking for. Therefore, you should seek to answer them in the best way possible.

These questions include:

The name of the website: Here you have to come up with your website name alongside the domain name.

You can always change the website name provided you haven’t published the site. Keep in mind that a serious site requires a premium domain name but not what Wix provides in its free version.

The theme of the website: This is the overall feel and looks of the website and how the visitors will perceive it. The theme goes down to what will go on in the minds of your visitors once they land on your page.

Who you’re creating the site for: Is it for yourself, the company you work for, your client, or other purposes?

The type of site you’re building: Are you creating an online store, beauty shop, boutique, health and wellness, events, accommodation, or beauty store?

After answering the above questions, you should proceed to either creating your website with Wix ADI or the Wix Editor. Read on to find out how each option works.

#2.Choose Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) to Create the Website for you

Before we dive into how this tool works, let’s discuss some of its features:

  • Elements: To customize any element, click on it and find the element's settings on the drop-down menu on the left-hand menu. Here, you can make any changes you want on images, writing text, buttons, among others;
  • Add page: Go to Pages >Add Page from the top menu bar. Make a selection of your preferred page types and pre-designed templates;
  • Design: On the top menu bar, click Design to alter your website’s theme, layout, color, and font.

Now, let’s learn how the ADI tool works.

If you have zero web design skills, the artificial design intelligence tool will create a website for you in a matter of minutes. However, you’ll have to cope with its restrictive templates and customization options compared to the Wix Editor choice.

So, by clicking “start now”, you allow ADI to design a website for you in a matter of seconds. Keep in mind that the answers you provide for the website determine the results.

Try as much as possible to answer the questions including the customization options and appealing designs that you want on your site.

#3.Select The Wix Website Template You Like

To proceed with the Wix Editor, you have to start by choosing a Wix template. On your Wix Editor tab, select Choose a template then proceed.

Since this site builder features tons of templates, be sure to filter the categories that suit your preferences.

You can even go the extra mile and view the template of your choice in demo mode to ensure it’s what you’re looking for. After finding the appropriate template, proceed to Edit.

#4.Use the Wix Editor to Customize your Website

Customizing your website on the Wix Editor tab is simple and straight to the point as you have the drag-and-drop option at your disposal.

The editing process starts by clicking the element to make changes on the settings, size, position, colors, and text, among others. All changes get implemented within minutes such that you finally get to view how your site will end up looking.

To proceed with the customizations, click the options on the left-hand side of the menu. Here you’ll find customizations such as:

Menus and Pages: This section contains all your site’s pages, therefore, you can easily customize them. You can add, rename, hide or delete, and even reorder the pages on this section.

Under the menus and pages section, you can also find the site’s Settings where some features appear:

  •     SEO: This option allows you to add Meta so that your pages are easily found by search engines;
  •     Social Share: You can use this option to include images and text that will be displayed on social media when your content is shared;
  •     Permissions: Determines who can view your pages and is achieved by setting restricted pages with members-only viewing.


In the background section, you can easily select an image, video, or color of your choice. Wix presents you with a wide range of media to use as your background. On a better note, you can upload your media.


You can easily add elements by dragging and dropping them in the right place. Select Add to choose an extensive selection of elements including forms, buttons, videos and music, slideshows, galleries

Blog Manager

Adding a blog to your website is easy as you only need to click Start Blogging. You then click Add Now to proceed with creating the Wix Blogging Manager app successfully.

To create a new post, click Create New Post under My blog. Viewing and managing the posts that you have made doesn’t have to be hard as you just click My Blog > Manage Posts.

Top Menu: The top menu bar contains several valuable options including Page, Desktop/ Mobile, Settings, Save / Preview / Publish.

Always make sure that you save any changes you make on your website. You can then preview to see how the site appears before publishing it.

#5.Optimize Your Site for Mobile View

Before you finish setting your site, it's important to check how your site looks when viewed from a mobile device. Ensuring that it's optimized for mobile devices and tablets is key in making a complete website.

Keep in mind that mobile technology accounts for 52% of website traffic, so optimizing your site for mobile does your site some justice.

To optimize the mobile view on Wix, click the mobile icon that appears on top of the screen. Doing so allows automatic mobile editing for your content.

You can also perform mobile edits on the content and the changes appear automatically so you can confirm if you like it.

#6.Connect Your Domain Name

You don’t want your website to appear in its default domain name as per Wix settings.

So, to connect the domain name you need to go to the dashboard and select Connect domain.

Usually, the domain name would be yourusername.wixsite.com/mysite. Wix allows you to change the “mysite” part to what you wish for free.

Wix comes with a domain name that you can use when designing your site. But if you want to add a professional feel to your brand, you can either use the paid plan or seek a domain name provider.

Additionally, you can choose a domain name you already own. This way, you have a professional name that puts credibility on your business.

#7.Leverage the Use of Wix Apps on your Site

Wix offers you both free and paid apps to enhance your website. You can access these apps from the Wix App Marketplace by clicking the Apps icon. After that, you can navigate the apps till you find the one that interests you.

Some of the popular apps available on Wix App Marketplace include:

Online Store: This allows you to transform your website into an E-commerce store;

Wix Events: With this, you can create and manage your Wix online events;

Instagram Feed: Through it, you can easily show Instagram stories, photos, and videos;

Installing a free app requires you to only go to the app’s page then click add to the site.

#8.Publish Your Wix Website

The final step involves publishing your Wix website for your visitors to access. To do so, click on the Publish icon on the top menu.

Once it’s published, your website has public access and everyone can find it. So, you can proceed to sell your products online and monitor your website traffic once this step is done.

7 Stunning Examples of Sites Using Wix

We’ve put together some examples of stunning sites made using Wix. This way you’ll see what other webmasters have created with the same tools you’ll be using.

Cuts & Bruises

The Cuts & Bruises barbershop created their Wix site using a design that goes with their unusual yet creative brand. The homepage uses a hero image to display their logo, with two round-shaped CTA buttons below.

With a one-page layout, this site showcases all the crucial information customers would wish to know. The shopping cart and live chat widgets feature a distinct color which makes them visible instantly each time a new visitor gets on the page.

French Knot Studios

The French Knot Studios site features everything from color to elegance, with a unique image slideshow with several quotes included at the bottom to interest visitors in the company.

At the top of the site, there are social media buttons with a portfolio that's structured to display information about the photos below the thumbnails.

Animal Music

The Animal Music presents more impressive portfolios, considering the whole portfolio occupies much of the homepage. Since there’s no space for text, you have to click on the large thumbnails to access different types of posts like images, videos, and more.

Also, you'll find the social media buttons on the left, so visitors can follow you at any time.

Sonja van Duelmen

The Sonja van Duelmen example presents a portfolio that’s packed with projects. It shows you how you can use Wix to display dozens or even hundreds of items on a portfolio.

The site has an impressive contact form at the bottom of the page featuring an image of About information, articles, and a form for visitors to contact you.

Valeria Monis

The Valeria Monis site is a two-tone design with a blue text overlay on a white background thus complementing Valeria's blue hue everyday tableware.

At the top of this page, you have centered navigation that's simple yet intuitive. This allows visitors to easily browse the many products on sale. The gallery page stands out thanks to its full screen layout with bold imagery.

Invert Gallery

Invert Gallery is Syno Key’s personal blog. It uses a unique design that shows you the different directions you could take when using Wix.

Arbeitskleidung Augsburg

The Arbeitskleidung Augsburg online shop is powered by Wix. It’s a great Wix example that shows how Wix can be used to power eCommerce stores.

Power Your Business Website For Increased Visibility with Wix

Creating a Wix site doesn’t have to be a complicated process. You’ll need to follow the steps outlined above to come up with your site of choice.

However, you should be extra careful when choosing a domain name as the Wix one doesn’t appear too credible.

The options are upgrading your Wix membership or providing your domain name to add professionalism to your site.

So, if you’ve been looking forward to creating your Wix website, it’s time you do that easily, thanks to the detailed guide above.

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